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Meet the #DrHarveysDogs and Hear Their Testimonials - Part 2

November 13, 2023 - 5 minute read by Alexis McCagh

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Welcome back to our series featuring the remarkable #drharveysdogs! These dogs continue to inspire us with their unwavering loyalty and the transformative effects our products have had on their lives. We wanted to continue this series to share more stories about how Dr. Harvey’s has played a pivotal role in their health and happiness. From newfound vitality to improved mobility, these dogs have truly embraced the benefits of our brand. Join us once again as we celebrate these incredible canine companions and their extraordinary journeys to well-being!

Meet Sinatra & Dory

A dog and a cat

We’re in the southeast Wisconsin area and my old man, Sinatra, is the reason we were introduced to raw. In 2020, he was going through bouts of sickness pretty frequently, but after a couple vet visits of switching to another kibble and being told he’s just old with indigestion, we were left to figure things out on our own. Being 2020, our vet visits were extremely hands off as I waited in the car. I wasn’t willing to accept that my 9yr old dog was just old with indigestion, and after a particularly bad bout of sickness and just starting to look like he’s miserable - we started our journey of fresh feeding! Since going raw, my old man has not thrown up! He’s now 13 and running around like his younger self. He’s thriving on Raw Vibrance and a rotation of proteins and added probiotics. His younger sister, Dory, didn’t have health issues - but she’s also jumped straight into Dr. Harvey’s as well. I do grab some Dr. Harvey’s Beef and Garden Veggies (Grain Free) when we’re going to be traveling, and keep some on hand at home in case life gets away from me and we forget to thaw meat for meals. Neither of them need any transition time and can jump from raw vibrance with raw meat to Beef and Garden Veggies (Grain Free) without any digestive upset.

Meet Theo & Penny

Two dogs sitting on grass

Theo is 14 and will be 15 in Dec. Penny is 3.5 We use Raw Vibrance and Veg to Bowl base mixes everyday in addition to rotating the Fish Oil and Salmon & Krill Oil. When traveling our go to is the Garden Veggies for an easy way to continue feeding fresh. We love all the single ingredient Freeze Dried Treats (Rabbit and Salmon Bites and Chicken Hearts) for enrichment activities and snacks! Theo and Penny are both foodies, love to go on walks and explore new places, and get booty scratches!

Theo has had complete repairs on both of his ACL’s and a fresh food diet has allowed him to remain active and mobile as he ages. He loves to play with Penny and take sniffaris. Penny is a survivor of extreme animal abuse that led her to becoming a tripawd. She is now a certified Therapy Dog that goes into schools to spread love and hope to students. She is an advocate for stricter animal abuse laws where she attended an animal action day at her state Capitol to share her story. She loves to chase squirrels, lounge in the sunshine, and meet new people!

Meet Buster & Ella (@busterandellasheilds)

Two dogs sitting on a couch

Ella is our 9 year old GSD mix and she absolutely loves Dr Harvey’s Canine Health! Historically she hasn’t been the biggest eater, but since starting DH she hasn’t turned down a meal yet! Buster is our 9 year old malamute mix. He is also in the trenches on his cancer journey. He was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with mast cell cancer. While doing research on his cancer I kept seeing people say to feed him Paradigm by Dr. Harvey's. I didn’t know anything about Dr. Harvey's at the time, but after looking into and doing research myself I couldn’t have found a better food for him on his journey. Dr. Harvey's has quite literally been our saving grace.

Meet Reggiano & Mozzarella (@thecheesydoodles)

Two dogs wearing red and white sweaters

Reggiano is 3 and his fav is Canine Health! Mozzarella is 2 and her favorite is whatever is in the bowl.

Reggie and Mozzie are biological siblings and are absolutely inseparable. We all enjoy hiking together as a family as often as possible. We are all super active and Dr. Harvey's helps us to keep the dogs properly fueled. We love bringing the Chicken Hearts on every adventure with us to use as a high value nutritious treat. The Garden Veggies Complete Meals help us to feed our dogs on our somewhat frequent & long camping trips when we don't have access to a refrigerator.

About The Author

Alexis McCagh

Alexis McCagh, who holds a Masters of Science in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, passionately fulfills the role of Dr. Harvey’s Influencer/Community Manager. Alexis holds Pet Food Nutrition and Canine Nutrition certifications from the Feed Real Institute and dedicates herself to enlightening others about animal nutrition. Through her insightful blog, Love + Tail Wags, she shares a wealth of knowledge to foster a community nurtured with understanding and love for animal wellbeing. Visit Love + Tail Wags!

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