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Natural Nutrition for Canine Sensitivities
  • Limited ingredient, grain free diet
  • Created for skin, stomach & environmental sensitivities
  • Prebiotic & Probiotics for gut health

Healthy Weight

Naturally boosts canine metabolism
  • Boosts canine metabolism
  • Rich in nutrients and flavor to curb hunger
  • A holistic solution to canine weight control

Canine Health

Miracle Dog Food
  • Best for kidney health
  • Low-protein, low phosphorus
  • Control quality and quantity of protein


A Green Superfood Pre-Mix
  • Best for dogs with diabetes or cancer
  • Low-carb, low glycemic and low sugar
  • Keto friendly

Raw Vibrance

A Grain-Free Foundation for Raw Diets
  • Helps balance Raw Food Diets. No guesswork, hassle or mess.
  • Grain-Free and Holistic blend of 24 incredible whole foods
  • Add your choice of quality protein

Veg-To-Bowl Fine Ground

Dehydrated Vegetable Pre-Mix for Dogs
  • Best for small & toy dogs, picky eaters or older dogs
  • Allows complete control of quantity and quality of protein
  • Grain-free dog food pre-mix


Grain-Free Dog Food Premix
  • Lower calorie, highly nutritious
  • Helps with digestive and kidney issues
  • Control the quantity and quality of protein

Oracle Grain-Free

Freeze-Dried Raw Complete Diet for Dogs
  • Best for puppies and active adult dogs
  • Contains no salt, added sugar or soy
  • Meat is ingredient #1
Base mix

Base Mix

You control their nutrition - Just add water, protein and oil.
The foundation for a balanced meal
No Dyes, Chemicals or Preservatives
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Complete mix

Complete Mix

Meat is #1 Ingredient
Just add water - Contains Protein and Oil
No Dyes, Chemicals or Preservatives
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