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A Message From Dr. Harvey

A man with a beard

It’s my sincere pleasure to personally welcome you to Dr. Harvey’s “home on the web.” On behalf of our team, thank you for stopping by!

People often ask what drives me and my family to care so much about the quality of food that we create for companion animals. And my frank and honest answer is: don’t they deserve it? I’m sure you agree.

But for so many years, loving guardians like you couldn’t find the healthy and natural products you wanted (read all about that here). And even today, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, pet food companies continue to use dangerous chemicals and the worst ingredients, just to make more money, with seemingly no regard for the health of the animals they’re feeding. Nor do they seem to care how devastated pet parents will feel when their animals get sick or suffer negative health effects caused by poor nutrition.

My family and I set out to change that – and thanks to the support of countless loyal customers, we have! That’s why today, over 30 years after our humble beginnings, we’re an industry leader in producing the finest all-natural, organic and wholesome foods, treats, herbal supplements and herbal grooming aids for dogs, cats and birds. And on top of this, we maintain our unwavering commitment to educating pet guardians on how to care for the animals they love.

Our way of feeding may take a few extra minutes of preparation beyond just dumping kibble into a bowl, but compare that small extra effort to the overwhelming benefits. Think of the gains in health, happiness and energy, not to mention the appreciative look in their eyes when you serve them a fresh, delicious homemade meal. We consider it a labor of love, just like everything we do here at Dr. Harvey’s, and we’re honored that so many of you trust us with the wellbeing of your beloved fur friends.

Thank you very much for visiting with us today.

Yours in health,

Dr. Harvey