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Our Story

A woman feeding a dog a cake

The pet food industry was broken

Over three decades ago – long before most people had even thought of feeding their pets all natural foods – Dr. Harvey Cohen realized that the pet food industry was broken. And more shocking, no one cared enough to fix it.

A lifelong animal lover and successful nutritionist, Dr. Harvey was appalled at the blatantly unhealthy food choices pet parents had to feed their dogs, cats and birds. Pet food makers were putting profit over product quality, manufacturing so-called foods that contained all kinds of dangerous dyes, preservatives, chemicals, coloring agents and more! And these toxic ingredients were making animals very ill, lowering their quality of life, and in some cases, greatly decreasing their lifespan.

A person wearing a santa hat next to a bowl of food

Dr. Harvey’s set out to fix it

Determined to do better for the animals he loved, Dr. Harvey started researching and discovered that, just as with people, “Health begins in the kitchen” for animals too. He saw that the foods we feed our pets is a key to their health, and that feeding them chemically-laden and inferior quality ingredients was (and remains) the #1 reason for the rise in degenerative diseases.

But this was the early 1980s, and the very idea of all-natural foods for pets was laughable to some, incomprehensible to others, and even dangerous and threatening to those who wanted to keep things status quo. But like all stories that are driven by the truth and not some “marketing hype machine,” news of Dr. Harvey’s ideas began to spread, and spread and spread.

Suddenly, the “eccentric doctor” who had the audacity to tell people that companion animals need natural food suddenly had everyone’s ear, because what he said made sense! But that was only half the challenge –

The natural, healthy, preservative and chemical free pet food that Dr. Harvey proposed did not exist. And so he did what any good “eccentric doctor” would do: he created it.

Without compromising on a single ingredient or cutting a corner in the name of “profit” or “productivity,” Dr. Harvey determined that every ingredient in his new food for dogs, and in his new line of avian foods for birds, would contain human grade ingredients only —no “seconds” or fillers and absolutely no preservatives or chemicals. He also insisted that it be made fresh, with fresh protein added daily.

Canine Health was born

In 1980 this was truly a revolutionary idea, but clearly its time had come because Canine Health soon amassed a huge following. Letters to Dr. Harvey poured in saying, “Thanks to your food, my dog is better. It’s a miracle,” and loyal customers began calling it the Miracle Dog Food. Since then, we’ve heard from countless pet parents who credit Dr. Harvey’s for transforming the health and wellness of their beloved fur friends (just read some of our testimonials.)

Over the years Dr. Harvey kept innovating, expanding his family run business to include new recipes that address a range of dietary needs, plus healthy single ingredient treats, all natural supplements and also chemical free grooming products. Since his company’s creation, our world has changed but Dr. Harvey’s commitment remains the same: to create the highest quality pet products made from the best ingredients. All with one goal. To help the animals we love live longer, healthier lives.

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