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What People Are Saying

Find Out Why Thousands Will Only Use Dr. Harvey’s

What we say about ourselves isn’t nearly as important as what our customers say about us. For 30 years we’ve helped thousand of guardians care for their companion animals. Here are just a few of things they want you to know about us.

Let Us Know Your Experiences

Many times a letter or email from a happy, relieved and thankful customer will provide the “ah hah” moment that someone else needs to find the answer for their own companion. We enjoy sharing these communications with you.

Dear Dr. Harvey’s,

Sir Liam, my Rhodesian Ridgeback , absolutely loves the Power Patties. We never miss a day. Helps his digestion and he simply goes nuts for them. You can count on me and Royal Hound as a loyal customers for life!


– Joe Koepnick Phoenix, AZ

I’ve never sent a testamonial or personal thank you to any company I’ve ever used.

However, I sit here feeling obligated to write this (before I’ve even had my coffee) after the night I just had. This may be a little lengthy, but I really want you all to know what this means to us.

Last November

we had to have our 18 month old Basset Hound euthanized due to a severe seizure disorder that stumps to this day our vet as well as the University of Tennessee Vet School who tried so hard to save him. During the few months we were trying to save him we tried everything and spent ludacris amounts of money. We had even tried acupuncture from a holistic vet who was just beginning to teach us about nutrition playing such a vital role in these types of disorders. Sadly, however, before we could truly explore that with Pete, he had a round of non-stoppable, debilitating seizures that eventually ended his young life. We were devastated but decided that * when we got another puppy we would find the best food* to start with (as well as for our other dog and 3 cats).

In early March we adopted Henry

He was a 12 week old shihtzu. He had been living with a family with several dogs and children, eating Alpo, and couldn’t get enough attention. I had already done much research into holistic dog foods, raw foods, etc. and had come across Dr. Harvey’s and decided it seemed the best overall. So I had it on hand when we brought Henry home and at that time switched our other 8 yr old shihtzu/maltese mix to the Canine Health. She had no trouble changing food from Science Diet. No irritated stomach, diarrhea, nothing. And she loved it! Same for Henry, he ate it like he’d never eaten, with no side effects. Even our 18 (yes, 18) year old cat took to the Canine Health. (Side note: We tried switching her to Veg to Bowl, but she loves the other. She’s even gained weight which is something we’ve been trying to do for a couple years.) Everyone was healthy and happy. Until yesterday when I stupidly ran out.

In a Panic

I bought the most expensive, supposedly fresh, supposedly healthy dog and cat food I could find locally. Only “slightly processed” the package says. It was even in a refrigerator so I thought that was surely a good sign. Since I never intended to take them off Dr. Harvey’s I thought this was surely a good enough food for a few days until it got here. They had 2 servings yesterday, morning and afternoon. I noticed Henry not quite being his spunky self and began thinking it may be the change in food. *Then he had some horrible, smelly diarrhea. * He hasn’t had any digestive trouble since we brought him home, not once. We didn’t feed him a third time like we usually do because of this. The first time we woke up in the middle of the night was to the sound of the 18 yr old cat vomiting up her food (I purchased the same version of cat food for her). A couple hours later we woke again to Henry vomiting. And a third time to the cat once more. Fortunately our order for more Dr Harvey’s had already been placed and will hopefully arrive soon.

This morning everyone seemed OK, wanting food which is a good sign. Of course they didn’t get the other “health” food. I prepared for them a mix based on Dr Harvey’s with oats, veggies, and protein I had here, which made me appreciate the ease of Dr Harvey’s food! We’ll never go back to any other food.

We’ll be customers for life

We couldn’t thank you enough for make such a wonderful product!

– Emily, Eric, Isabella, Henry, Boots, Yoda, and Oscar

Dear Dr. Harvey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with getting a diet put together for my yorkie Elvis. He was diagnosed with renal disease as a puppy and had been on 3 different types of prescription dog food. About 2 months ago he was hospitalized because his condition had got worse. I didn’t understand why the food wasn’t working. He started vomiting daily, lost 3lbs (which is a lot when he only weighed 7lbs) and was very depressed. He was in the hospital for over a week. I was so worried! I didn’t want to lose him. I started researching this disease as well as different types of dog food. I found your website and decided to order your Miracle Dog Food. He’s been on it since he came home. I couldn’t be happier with the results I have seen. He’s put weight back on, he acts like a puppy again, his coat is shiny and beautiful and most important his blood work came back perfect! And he loves it!! I have seen such a dramatic change in him. Thank you soooo much!!!

– Tyla Mann...and Elvis too

Dear Folks at Dr. Harvey’s-

Our Yellow Labrador, Tycho McCoy, is now 9-1/2 years old, and has

been loving Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Formula since he was 3. He is in excellent health, with a body and vitality that amazes all who meet him.

Tycho’s veterinarian was skeptical at first, particularly about our feeding him raw meats, and especially raw chicken with bones, but now he is amazed every time we visit, which is only for checkups and vaccinations. He’s proclaimed Tycho to be the healthiest dog in his practice, and tells others all about him when they ask about holistic diets for their pets.

We’ve made a believer out of our vet, and we want you and everybody

to know how amazed we and others are about the health, vitality, and beauty of our excellent Labrador as he ages. We hope and expect to keep him healthy with Dr. Harvey’s products for years to come.

Thank you!

–  Dave Mermelstein and Margie Price Yardville, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Harvey,

Lakota our 11 year old chocolate English Blockhead lab was diagnosed with cancer last year, but he beat it with herbal mushrooms and going on a great diet Canine Health and Omega Capsules. Canine Health improved his entire body, digestion, coat and skin allergy problems. We had semi-cooked meat. He knows where we keep the package and he will sit by it about 10 minutes before he eats dinner like a kid in a toy store knowing something exciting is going to happen. He knows how long it takes to make the food. I tell him 4 minutes left and he wait patiently. The timer went off and I was not in the kitchen, he came and told me by barking that it was “time to eat”. He is awesome and thanks to your excellent products he is a new dog.

Lakota say thanks for the yummy nutritious food! My mommy and daddy spoil me!

– Tere and Jim Patterson Maui, Hawaii


Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food

“After 11 months of pure hell and concern dealing with almost daily soft stools with mucous and intermittent diarrhea; Bernie (my 14 month old Bernese Mountain Dog) immediately improved with discontinuing the commercial dry kibble products. I now prepare the protein source (chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, etc. on a rotating basis) to Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Canine Health Food, adding as recommended: oil, FAGE natural Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese (in lieu of cottage cheese as it has less sodium).

Overnight Improvement

For the first time since she was 3 months old, Bernie barks to be fed, gobbles up her food instead of walking away from it, has NORMAL FORMED STOOLS from the 1st day following the food change, and displays much more energy. Everyone at work has noted the difference in her and actually think that she has grown a little more. All this in the past 10-days since starting this new “home-cooked” human-grade product (no fillers, no by-products, no preservatives, no chemicals…period). I didn’t even transition Bernie to the new food.

Bernie Will Never Eat Kibble Again

She will not be served commercial kibble ever again. I have recommended this to two other friends having similar problems with their dogs. They have called me so excited with the results. Something is rotten in Denmark with the commercial foods…at least for some dogs.

Advice From A Stranger

A stranger mentioned this product to me in passing…I won’t be able to thank him…but I can thank Dr. Harvey Cohen for his knowledge of nutrition and common sense. Trust me, I have little free time…this is not hard to prepare. The results are well worth the cost and effort. In the long run, Bernie is healthy and growing stronger.

Thank You Dr. Harvey!

Anything this good deserves to have kudoos! I only hope it will convince someone sitting on the fence to give it a try. I jokingly tell friends that this must have Imodium or glue in the mix!!! I still can’t believe that Bernie’s stools became formed overnight. I only wish I knew of this during the months of rapid growth when she needed to absorb good nutrition. Anyway, she is still a puppy and it’s never too late to eat well. After all, we are all what we eat.

We are Happy and Relieved

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I have become thanks to this preparation. Bernie’s meal-times are now pure joy! Gratefully,"

– Patricia A. McLaughlin, MD (& hubby David H. Haight, MD) and Bernie

“Dear Dr. Harvey,

After sharing Donny’s story I can’t believe I forgot to share the story of my other Italian Greyhound, Booker!

You Have to See Him Before and After

Dr. Harveys food actually saved this old dog’s life! even his toenails are bright white once again! You have to see his entire photostory to get the jist of what THIS poor dog went through. He loves Dr Harvey’s food! I have photos here of him before and after your food!

Booker’s Unbearable Suffering

The owner was not making sure he ate his meals! It is hard for him to get food INTO his mouth since his bottom jaw does not work! Because of this his mouth doesn’t close and his tongue hangs out.

Booker’s teeth rotted horribly and painfully out of his mouth. at one point, the vet’s said that the stench was unreal. His head swelled from infection until they all fell out. He was made to stay in that condition for years.salivary gland tumor that was removed after his life was saved.

I did not take this photo…i wanted everyone to see where this little guy came from

This photo was taken the day before his scheduled death..

Booker Gets a Forever Home

Brothers rescued—-only a day before death at the shelter.

We rescued him from Wisconsin in December and within the 6 months I have now had him he has gotten so much better. He is a miracle dog! I use the Ortho-Flex Powdered Supplement from Dr. Harvey and *Booker does not limp anymore on his old crooked legs! I have videos of this little old guy RUNNING and playing! Booker was so abused the first 10 years of his life, it is unbelievable!"

Look At Our Baby Booker Now

We love him so much. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you Dr. Harvey!

– Christina Linsalata

"Hi, This is Christina Linsalata and I contacted Dr Harvey via phone a few weeks ago. I spoke to him about my two Italian Greyhounds that both have cancer.

Everything is Getting Better

I just want to tell him that after speaking to him, I went and bought the Ester C and the CoQ10 and bought his Immune Boost Powder. Everything is well with us!

Donny Suffered Severe Burns from Radiation

My dog, Donny, had gone through radiation and got severely burned from it…the doctors never saw a case like it before.

Burns Begin Healing

I had bought the Healing Cream many months before, just to keep in the house for emergency issues…

Improvement Finally

Donny is still sick with burns, but is getting better, thanks to meds AND the Healing Cream.

Dr. Harvey’s Healing Cream Helps

Dr. Harvey’s Healing Cream is the only cream he will tolerate without having “fits”.

Everyone On the Road to Recovery

The other dog went through radical surgery to remove HIS tumor and he is doing fine.

This has been a complete nightmare for our famly, but I think we are now on the road to recovery…

Thank You!

Thank you thank you for all the care and support you give to us dog owners…..

– Christina Linsalata

"I wanted you to know Forrest Gump is doing so great now. A few days after Thanksgiving he suddenly could not use his back legs. He was pulling himself around and could not get up to relieve himself which caused a lot of stress. He looked sad, anxious, sick and weak.

So We Called Dr. Harvey

The first thing we did however was get in touch with you folks at Dr. Harveys. Gump was put on a clean, Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health diet and he took the recommended supplements which included: Ester C, fish oils, flaxseed oil, glucosamine chondroitin & CoQ10.

Putting Him Down Was Not an Option

Our traditional vet did not give a good prognosis and said that we would have to consider putting him down. Forrest Gump is 11 and had just lost his sister Baby. We figured some of his problem was depression. We had adopted a baby sister for him who may have contributed to his trauma with her very playful nature. Putting him down was out of the question.

h3. Acupuncture, Good Food and Supplements

We took him to see a veterinary chiropractor, Donna Gigliotti, who said that unfortunately she could not help him with the problem he was having. He had some spinal spurs causing neurological damage that would even be difficult to deal with surgically. She recommended acupuncture and Forrest Gump started seeing Lee Pickett in Bernville, PA. This has been fabulous. He is just doing fantastically. Walking at a fast trot with his sister and cousins in the fields. He seems to like a soft bed or cushioned surface now and we supervise his play with his sister Roxy so he doesn’t get body slammed.

Thank You So Much

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Forrest Gump couldn’t have made it without you!"

– Kalipini Banks

June 23, 2009

“Dear Dr. Harvey and Wendy, Thank you for the yummy food you make- I am so happy I don’t have to eat commercial kibbles! Also, thank you for helping to make my eyes feel better- that Allium Cepa really helped and my eyes don’t water anymore. I also love the Kefir… Wow, the food I get, I just love it. My big “sister”, Penny, is also very happy to enjoy your food every day. I’m told that ever since she started eating your Canine Health food, her eyes are perfect! Before, when she ate the commercial food (even though it was supposed to be natural) the hair around her eyes was falling out. They tried everything, and nothing helped until we discovered your food. Again, thank you for being there. Sincerely, Lily the Rat Terrier

P.S. Please enjoy these Ultimate Brownies-my mom makes them, I’m told they’re excellent, but she never gives me any… something abut chocolate not being good for me."

– Lily and Diana Dumitru

" Dr. Harvey, I had to write and to thank you and to tell you about my dog Luther who is a 13 year old yellow lab that has a large tumor growing in the bottom of his mouth. Most of his bottom teeth have fallen out or they are so loose they don’t function, so he can not chew to eat regular dog food. I was feeding Luther baby food, oatmeal, yogurt, shredded chicken and anything I could think of that he could lick up with his tongue, but he was still loosing weight. A friend told me about your food so I thought I would try it. I give him 4 scoops in the morning and 4 scoops at night and a whole chicken breast graded on top of each meal.

He just loves it!

He stands there patiently while it cools off, and if I give it to him too soon, he is smart enough to wait so it does not burn his tongue, then gobbles it up like it was candy. He is not fat, but looks terrific! If he did not have this big tumor in his mouth, you would never know anything was wrong with him. Thank you!"

– Karen Arkenau Cerri

“Thank you for the great service and product! Our 13 year old Pit Bull/Lab mix, who has a tumor the size of a foot ball on her back, was fading. It was found to be inoperable due to the extensive blood supply that had developed. About 3 weeks after the unsuccessful surgery we started her on the Multi-Vitamin Mineral and Herbal Supplement, and in about a week she was acting like she was 2 again! The tumor has not grown any larger to this day. Maybe it is even smaller. At any rate her quality of life is great! She runs, hops, or jumps everywhere she goes, and I swear her hearing and sight are better!

Thanks again!"

– Tanya Bradham

“Hi, I thought I would tell you a funny story that happened the other day. My Senegal parrot was having a tantrum at her food dish squawking and throwing all of her food out of the dish. My husband said what is wrong with her? I said she wants this and I picked up the bag of Dr Harvey’s Parrot food. I opened it and told him to smell it, he said no wonder she wants that, it smells great. I went over to her dish and put a handful of the parrot food in it and she was a very happy bird.”

– Liz Fuehr

“I have a 10+ year old German Shepard. Last week he was really sore and reluctant to leave the house. I know this sounds really corny, but I started him on your Coenzyme Q10 and Health and Shine – he, within a couple of days after starting your products, is chasing the ball…You have a believer… Thank you for this great product.”

– Tamra Pauly

“Hello Dr. Harvey, Our 8yr old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with lymphoma about 6 weeks ago by our local vet. In proceeding with treatment for Rocky, we expressed to our vet that we were interested in treating his disease with diet and supplements. He was very much in favor of this approach and contacted Dr. Bob Goldstein for us. He sent us supplements for Rocky and suggested your Canine Health premix to which we add organic protein. Almost immediately we saw a difference in energy level. He sits with anticipation while we prepare his meals. In fact, if we lose track of time, he reminds us that it’s time to get busy in the kitchen! I do believe also that participating in the preparation of his food is not only good for Rocky, but is a good therapy for us as well. We have recently been told that Rocky is now in remission. We are thrilled to say the least, and want to do what we can to continue to keep him healthy, happy and have a good quality of life. For that reason, we are researching as to what we should do at this point. Rocky has been following a chemo protocol and from what our vet is telling us this procedure is for a total of up to 3 years. My husband and I are not comfortable with the thought of giving Rocky chemicals that may cause other problems. It makes more sense to us to keep his immune system strong with good food and supplements as we are doing now and address problems should they surface later. We realize that the decision to stop chemical treatments is a very personal one that we must decide on. What we are asking of you is any advice, or perhaps situations that you have experienced in similar situations that may give us more information to work with so we can make the best decisions for ourselves. We really want to thank you for the wonderful products you provide. When there is an opportunity to tell people about your food, we tell them how pleased we are with it and what a difference it has made for Rocky.”

– Michele Atkinson

I started to use Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin Mineral & Herbal Formula a few months ago. I purchased it originally for my 8-year-old Boxer who had terrible doggie breath. I had previously tried everything on the market including natural products with no luck. I was a little skeptical thinking that this was probably not going to work either, but within a matter of mere days her bad breath was completely gone! This is an issue we had struggled with for 6 years and we finally found a natural product that works great. It is very easy to give and she licks her bowl clean when we put it in her food. She even looks up afterwards like she wants more. Since seeing this amazing improvement, I make sure every one of my dogs gets their daily scoops of Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin and Herbal Formula. We have never had any issue with any of them not wanting it. I am also part of Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Illinois and we have used this product now on every single dog comes into my home to be fostered. One of the most severe cases was Bella an 11-month-old Boxer. She was very emaciated and weighed only 32 pounds when we rescued her. She was loaded with intestinal worms and also diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur. As soon as we got Bella, we started her on this formula along with an all-raw meat diet. What a difference it made! The worms are now all cleared up; she has gained 17 pounds and has grown so much!

Bella Before and After

She’s now full of energy and doing great. Even her heart murmur went down to a grade 2, which is much better. I cannot say that this formula cured her, but it definitely did help and she is so healthy and happy now. We have since adopted her ourselves and what a miracle this product is! I have also seen great results with our 1 1/2 year old Boxer, London, who is our “problem child.” She is very rambunctious and gets nippy sometimes. Within a week of using this product with her she was so much calmer and does not get nippy any longer. Personally, I think she had such a severe vitamin/mineral deficiency, and now that she is back to good health she is a more balanced doggy. I know for sure in her case that it was definitely this formula from Dr. Harvey’s, because if we miss giving it to her a couple days in a row she starts acting nippy once again! Others in our rescue have also used this product with many different breeds and they swear by it too. Unfortunately, there are many cases that we get in through our rescue, BUT once being on this product for one week we notice a huge difference! I have to say that I will never stop using this product and I know that all the doggies thank me for it everyday. Thank you Dr. Harvey, it really is a miracle product in our house and in our rescue.

Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Multi to the Rescue

Thank you, Dr Harvey for being able to have a place where we can purchase good, worthwhile products. We really don’t know what we would have done without it. It means so much for us to be able to find something so good and from someone who actually cares enough to speak with you on the phone. It really is a miracle for us. Thanks again and always. Woof Woof!!! All the dogs thank you too!"

– Gina & Chris Bartucci "Save a boxer today, They will love you for life"

"I wanted to tell you more of our story (mine and Ojito’s). Early in her life, Ojito had corrective surgery on both hips due to hip dysplasia. The surgeries worked wonders, and Ojito spent many years hiking and going on daily walks averaging 2 or 3 miles. She’s a chow-aussie mix, about 43 lbs. A happy girl. The vet told me to keep her on low-fat food, so that’s what I fed her (a very good brand, mind you).

For many years, Ojito skipped breakfast 3 or 4 days a week. I figured she just wasn’t that into it, and since her weight was good and her activity was great … so be it. But several years ago, I happened to try Dr. Harvey’s. Ojito has never skipped a meal since then. Not once. And I had to come to terms with the fact that she had been skipping meals because I was feeding her something she didn’t really like!!!

By the way, she is now almost 16 years old. Still quite active – and I tell everyone it’s because of the wonderful food she eats. And I mean it. I am completely convinced the Dr. Harvey’s food has been enormously responsible for her good health. I’m grateful to have gotten to spend all this time with her, and so, so happy she loves her food!

Thank you for sharing this with Dr. Harvey. If I ever got a chance to cross paths with him, he’d have a big hug coming his way. The change in her eating habits and health has been nothing short of remarkable. Even the vet thinks so!

So … thanks to all of you there in a whole other way!"

– Elizabeth and Ojito

“This order is for our 5 yo Shih Tzu “Misty”. Her nutrition & quality of life have been enriched beyond belief this past month courtesy of my weekly phone calls with Dr. Harvey. We are trying the Power Patties & Barkotti ~ Misty will be awaiting her order! Thanks so very much."

– Marilyn West

“Dear Dr. Harvey,

I have a Siberian Huskey who will turn 13 on Wednesday. He weighs 62 pounds. He is a very good weight for his size and the vet is very pleased with his health. I did run into some feeding problems with him. I used to feed dry dog food to Meeshka, but he stopped eating it. I switched to canned dog food and he got diarrhea. So I went to the moist pouches which he sometimes eats, but most of the time ignores.

So…I did a little research and found out about all the dog food recalls along with the low ratings of the commercial foods. I then sent away for a free sample of your Canine Health Miracle Dog. That is exactly what it is – a miracle! I put some out for my dog and he polished it off in about 5 minutes (I’m working on slowing him down). Today, I drove 30 miles to purchase a 10 pound bag. I needed more and couldn’t wait for it to arrive via UPS!

Thank you for your time and love of animals." UPDATE on Meeshka: “Meeshka has now been on Canine Health for two months. He eats every day and is so excited to get his food. He now asks for it by standing in front of me and barking and running back and forth to the refrigerator.

I went on vacation and left him for my daughter to take care of and had to make his food for 8 days. We froze his meals and this worked very well. My daughter only needed to take the next days meal out the day before and leave it in the refrigerator. She then warmed it. He ate well every day. This is the first time we have arrived back after being gone that he didn’t appear agitated. My next purchase will be for Barkotti. He loves to chew and this is so much healthier than commercial products.

Thank you for your help.


– Cindy Amend

“Dr. Harvey,

I am so happy that I found your web page and discovered your products. I have a seven yr. old Yorkie and she has been on this food for less than a week and she loves it, she can’t get enough! She has been having a lot of problems with alergies and I can already tell the difference in her!! She feels better and has a lot more energy. I also ordered the power patties and she loves them! I am so relieved that I have finally found a product that is going to help my Dixie live a long and happier life!! Thank you so much!"

– Stephanie and Dixie Lynn

“Hi Dr. Harvey,

I want to let anyone out there that has a dog suffering from allergies, should feed their friends your food. My seven year old German Shepherd has been plagued for years with itchy, scaly and uncomfortable skin. We tried everything the vets told us, (and we tried many vets). None of them were able to provide relief to our sweet girl, until I just decided to dump all the food they kept recommending; various forms and brands of kibble.

After 8 weeks on veg-to-bowl mixed with raw meat, she is doing great!!! Hot spots are gone, itching is gone and her energy level is way up!!!! I encourage anyone that really loves their animals to please try Dr. Harvey’s products. Also he is delightful to speak with on the phone, as well as a wealth of information! Thanks sooo much for your great products!

–  !(left)/images/image_server/web_image/69/100.jpg(Image Description)! Donna Madden My German Shepherds are my Co-Pilots"

“This is a thank you note for your amazing product, *”Veg to Bowl"*. I started using your product when my five year old Newfoundland weighed in at 127 pounds in August 2008. I relpaced half of her daily meal with “Veg to Bowl”, organic chicken stock and organic chicken breast meat. She now weighs a leaner and healthier 105 pounds! I plan to keep her on “Veg to Bowl” for the rest of her life. I have been spreading the word about your product to all the caregivers the overweight dogs in my family and in my neighborhood. Thank you for this life altering and life saving product!"

– Sincerely, L. Maija Earl and Nellie the Newfoundland

“Oh and by the way, I thought there was exaggerations about the Power Pattys , but I have to tell you my dog LOVES them! He’s like a crazy dog when I take them out. I really DO have to hide them from him, lol. Thanks again!”

– Kate, Shih Tzu Mom

“We tried your food on our 2 Akitas and they love it! Thank you! We wanted to test it on our oldest because we read that a vet was able to control or slow Degenerative myelopathy using diet. While we tried the suggested diet, our dog’s response was not good- she bacame weaker. When we switched to Dr. Harvey’s, the quality of her life greatly improved. Here is my question: Since degenerative myelopathy is an autoimmune disease, which supplement would you suggest we use? She is 13 years old.

Our other Akita has Pemphigus and is 10 years old. His pemphigus has greatly improved because of your canine diet.

– Jessica Marlowe

“Hi there – we absolutely LOVE your product! Our French Bulldog was having all sorts of allergy problems when a friend turned us onto this mix. We switched her food to Canine Health and there are no more problems. She goes crazy when we give her this because she loves it so much.”

– Paul Parker

“I received my samples and I have never seen my puppy eat so well. Thank you for a wonderful product. Of course I have ordered several products. Thank you.”

– Renea Wright and Nea Nea(Malti-Pom)8 months old

“Hi Dr. Harvey,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my elderly Jack Russell, Winston. He, and my other 2 dogs, love your food! They are so happy since I switched to your feeding program. Winston is very frail at 16.5 years old, and has a host of medical conditions, including Cushings Disease, which has caused him to have EXTREME itchiness and skin problems. His itchiness has only been able to be controlled minimally with steriods and antihistamines, but since switching to your food I have noticed a significant decrease in his discomfort and itching. You have given him great relief! His favorite time of day is when he eats his Dr. Harvey’s meals, particularly when I make a fresh batch and it is still a little warm. I am heading to get the additional supplements for him you recommended today, the COQ10, psyllium, and sesame oil. Thank you again."

– Simone Healey, NJ on behalf of Winston, Mikey, and Emma!

“I received the samples on Monday and I have to share with you how great your product is. I have tried every type of organic and healthy puppy food I could find and my little Miki puppy would not eat them without me spoon feeding her. I have had to force feed her 100% of her meals since I brought her home in April.

Just last weekend alone I tested 4 different flavors and brands of wet food and of course she ate NONE.

So very apprehensively I opened your package Monday night and prepared her meal. I really didn’t expect any but I am still in shock at what happened. She devoured her food! Not just ate her food but licked the bowl clean and begged for more!!

I thought maybe it was an isolated incident but that is not the case. She has eaten every one of her meals since Monday night with the same excitement as the first time she tried it. I can’t thank you enough for your product. My local pet store sells all your products so I am returning all my cans of unused pet food and only buying your food from this day on!

Thanks so much for such an amazing product."

– Lisa A. Perri

“I spoke with Dr. Harvey a few weeks ago regarding my 7 month old kitten who developed loose stool after his neuter. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I have started “Wally” on Veg to Bowl, combined with beef, and sometimes pork. His stool improved immediately and is now normal. He takes no medications and loves the food. He cries to be fed and knows that when the tea kettle goes on the stove, he will be fed. So, when I attempted to make myself a cup of tea, he was right there crying and jumping. Thank you so much for your kind and caring advise and for taking the time to speak with me. Sincerely, I work as a vet tech and struggled with Wally’s problem for nearly 4 months, first trying to rule out illness or parasites before concluding it was a food intolerance. I have studied the basics of nutrition and refused to put Wally on a food marketed as hypo-allergenic, that contained ingredients I could not, in good faith feed my loved ones. I never believed in canned food and only fed an ultra premium food containing chicory root, which has kept my diabetic’s glucose very well controlled. I am greatful to Dr Harvey for his help."

– Lisa Ricci

“Enclosed is a picture of our two Labrodoodles, Montecore and Morgan aged 3 1/2 and 1 1/2. In June, we started making Canine Health for them. Montecore weighed 78 lbs and Morgan weighed 80 lbs. Our vet told us they both needed to get back down to 70 lbs. By fall they reached their goal! My husband had also started walking them for 45 minutes a day. We did not put them on Canine Health to lose weight, but to be healthier. Our vet thinks they look great now, and was impressed with the ingredients listed on the Canine Health package.

When Montecore and Morgan hear us take out the bowl of prepared Canine Health, they come running. It is obvious they both love the taste. Thank you for developing such a great line of products that is nutritious for dogs (man’s best friend. Keep up the good work."

– Sandy and Dennis Bragelman, Illinois

"I want to let Dr Harvey know that he helped my Gilda so much back in 2003. I was adopted by Gilda, an adorable tzu girl who had cancer. I contacted him for advice on herbal supplements for her. Gilda was given less than four months to live and she lasted 14 months!! It was all thanks to Dr Harvey and his suggestions and wonderful sense of humor. I adore him!

Dr Harvey is funny and so smart. He had me research several different herbals and then call him back to discuss them. We came up with a great regimen for Gilda and she certainly fooled the dogtors. I never treated her like she was sick and I never cried around her. It would have been so easy to cry every time I looked at her because I loved her so much but I didn’t want to worry her. You know they pick up on our vibes and I didn’t want her to worry about why I was crying so I only cried in the shower.

I have to tell you something funny about Dr Harvey. The first time I called him this guy answered the phone and I asked him if he was Dr Harvey and he said, in a very serious tone of voice, “Why? Does he owe you money?” LOL! I said no and he then said, “Then this is Dr Harvey.” HAHAHAHAH!! He’s really great.

There are so many cancer fighting herbals out there but he knows which ones will work together for the pawticular kind of cancer you’re fighting. I’ll always be indebted to him. Gilda came to me after having a huge tumor removed in her groin area, and she was so sick and had no energy. I immediately started her on his suggested herbal supplements and she got so much better. It truly was a miracle. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR KIDS! GET IN TOUCH WITH DR HARVEY!! There are also special diets like he sells on his website.

My sweet Gilda lasted not for four months but for 14 months! She was never sick until 3 hours before she left me. She was happy and playful and so much fun. I’ll never forget what he did for Gilda and for me. She was so special. She was my pawfect one-eyed tzu girl and I’ll never forget her. I should have thanked him long before this so I apawlogize for the lateness in this sincere thank you note.


– Chris Fluffy Butts Rescue Resort

“I can’t thank you enough for the great food you have made available to busy pet owners that love our pets and want nothing but the best for them. I put my German Shepherd puppy on your food on November 21, 2008 and today November 24, 2008 she’s a different dog! Previously, whenever I fed her, she used to run around and bite everyone around her. Now I’m wondering if she had a stomach ache because of the way she was behaving. She was losing weight, even though we had taken her to the Vet and he had prescribed “Pancreved”, as she was found to have Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency. Her coat wasn’t looking that great either and I was getting more and more concerned each day. I wish I had come across your food sooner. Our doggie has started to gain weight and looks forward to her meals. Before, she would just leave everything I gave her, except for the chicken I cooked for her. Your meals are so easy to make—-it’s unbelievable! Exactly what I was looking for as far as healthy, good for dogs and probably humans, as it smells so good. Thank you so much. I feel you have saved my puppy."

– Sincerely, Elsa Brodeur

“Hi Doc, Several months ago I contacted you about my dog Abbie who had developed Lymphoma. You suggested changing her diet and including a myriad of herbs into her meals. Just as an update for you…………Abbie is doing wonderfully well and yesterday was given another clean bill of health after her blood tests.

Who knows what the future holds but I want to thank you so much for your time and help. You gave hope when everyone else was full of doom and gloom. I cannot thank you enough,

All the best, Brian"

– Brian

“I have been feeding Dr. Harvey’s for at least 7 years. The overall health, vitality and wellness is always noticed in my 4 Golden retrievers by my vet as well as other dog fanciers and pet owners. I show my dogs and highly recommend Dr. Harvey’s!

– Becky, Piermont, NY

“These amazing little circles are THE BEST DOG TREAT I have ever encountered. Recently I was working with a trainer who was using some nutritionally deficient motivational tool that was not only making these dogs fat, but was filling them with junk calories and sugar. I like this guy, so I told him about Power Patties. He didn’t believe me, so while assuring him that he had never yet seen motivation, I gave him a few sample packets I had. The next time I saw him a few weeks later he was a Power Patty fan too. Never looked back! Now these dogs are learning and being nourished simultaneously. Tripe! Never saw anything like it. When I take these out to feed my dogs, my cats insist on having them too! All my cats and dogs and any animal I have offered these too gets focussed very quickly. Great stuff. Get a big bag – you won’t be sorry.”

– Stacy Curro, DVM

“You know that I am a true Dr. Harvey fan and have been for many years, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you that we just love Power Patties. I am having so much fun with these treats. I give them to both of my pugs in the morning and I enjoy the ritual as much as they do! I take out the bag and they go crazy and wag and smile until they each get two treats. They are a bit stinky, but the kids don’t seem to mind. In fact, they have never acted like this with any other treat. Home run in our house Dr. Harvey. I had to tell you how much fun we are having with our new favorite treat. I know they are very healthy too and won’t make them gain weight and that is a big issue for some dogs. As always, thank you for all that you do.”

– Sharon Thylan

At first when I saw these dog biscuits I wondered if my small dogs would be able to handle the size and the weight. No problem! In fact, my smallest 5 pound Chihuahua, steals all the pieces and sits on the pile and growls at anyone (cat or dog) who tries to take them. My dogs save the smallest pieces and hide them in the furniture for later chewing. Great stuff and all natural nutrition so no guilt for me and enrichment for them. Good work-out for the jaws too. Great new product for dogs of all sizes.

– Stacy Curro DVM

“When I have owners reluctantly admit that they are no longer feeding commercially prepared dog foods, the first concern I have is that this dog may be Calcium deficient. Then I start talking about home-preparation and how Dr. Harvey’s dog food has all the balanced ingredients with proper amounts of Calcium for the heart and muscles. I mention that Dr. Harvey’s is easy to prepare and convenient and that all they add is the protein. They say their dog is picky and I give them a sample. Then they come back and tell me how much their dog loved it and how the dog licked the bowl all over the kitchen even after the bowl was empty. I have seen dogs after the switch and these dogs are re-growing fur and old wounds are healing. You can kiss allergies and allergic skin disesase good-bye. Nourishing the body is essential for good health.”

– Stacy Curro DVM

“I use healing cream for everything. Doctors who use neosporin are essentially clueless. I pretty much refuse to practice without healing cream because it is useful post-surgical on incision sites and all other cutaneous lesions. It is truly a little miracle in a jar. I gave it to everyone in my family a few years ago as part of their holiday gift. When you have infections that are multi-drug resistant, these bugs have never seen tea-tree oil and so the wound heals. Don’t discount the calendula – healer of all wounds – herbally and homeopathically. Healing Cream =Great stuff! When you purchase, get a few jars as one will not be sufficient for all your needs and you may end up giving one away to someone else who needs it.”

– Stacy Curro DVM

“I just wanted to write to you to tell you how amazing your Healing Cream is . I was desperate to find something to help my dog who had a cut on his paw pad. it was the worst thing. It was painful and it wouldn’t heal. I tried your cream and didn’t think it would work. Ii had tried so many things including cream from my Vet. Was I surprised? Within a day my Jojo stopped limping and within 2 days the skin was healed over and it was amazing, it cleared up. I couldn’t believe it! Since that time I have found so many uses for the cream. It is the best thing I have found for burns and itching. I use it for myself and my family for bug bites and cuts and scraps and on my cat too. i just wanted you to know that i think that this cream should be known to everyone. I don’t know how you do that, but it is too GREAT to keep it a secret! I think you should tell the world about this cream. So I am writing to you to tell you to spread the word. I think Dr. Harvey’s Healing Cream is one of the great natural secrets I have every found. Thank you Dr. Harvey, from Jojo, my family and me.”

– Betty P. Horsham

“We have been feeding our four dogs Dr. Harvey’s Healthy Canine for many years. They range in age from 2 yrs. old to 12 and 1/2. The vets are amazed when they have their well checkups. They are in such wonderful condition, from bloodwork to their appearance! They have gorgeous skin and coats and all act like puppies. If I’m not going to be able to cook for a few days, I prepare it and freeze each portion. The little bit of effort it takes to prepare Dr. Harvey’s Healthy Canine truly pays off in their good health.”

– Kate's Mom

“I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your time and patience when I called you about my twelve year old foxhound, Katy. Katy has Cushings disease and for the last several years has suffered from hair loss, inflamed liver, profound itching and chronic ear inflammation. After speaking with you on the phone I started her on the Miracle Diet and the recommended supplements we spoke about, specifically; vitamin E, COQ10, vitamin C and milk thistle. Ten days later, Katy has stopped itching. The pruritis is just gone. Her ear has returned to a normal pink and white color, no inflammation or exudate. But best of all is her liver has reduced in size, her eyes are brighter and she has a general look of well being. And she loves the food, slurps it right up. I have two other dogs and have switched all of them to Miracle Diet, my beagle had started itching also, now he has stopped. Katy’s twin sister, Lucy, has stopped shedding profuse amounts of hair and is now getting a shinier coat. I could go on and on but I cannot thank you enough. I was skeptical, but this food is worth every penny.”

– Katy's Mom

“I am so grateful to be able to share the many wonderful experiences I have had with Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health pre-mix, Health and Shine, Formative Years, Golden Years and CoQ10 supplements. All of these products have made huge difference and such a positive impact on the lives of my four rescue dogs. Miracle is really an appropriate word when speaking of Dr. Harvey’s fabulous products. Two of the most amazing results came from my two newest and youngest rescue dogs. My Lovie is a two year old who came to live with me with severe arthritis in her elbow, gastrointestinal problems, and was a very picky eater. Well she loves Dr. Harvey’s food so much I do not have to coax her any more to eat. Her GI problems have completely cleared up and best of all I had her on Adequan injections for her arthritis and my veterinarian wants to take her off of the injections because she is doing so well! My Albie came home from the Shelter wihout much hair. He was scratching and biting at himself constantly. My veterinarian thought he had allergies and because he was scatching so much he had to be put on antibiotics permanetly. I knew there had to be a better answer and was determined to find a cure for his allergies. That is when I found Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health pre-mix dog food. I was lucky enough to speak with Dr. Harvey and he put him on Health and Shine and two other supplements as well. My dog does NOT scratch any more! He is completely OFF antibiotics and has been since February. His hair is finally coming in and he looks so handsome. I urge you to contact Dr. Harvey if you have any questions. He will not charge anything for the phone call. He and his wife Wendy are very passionate about helping companion animals. Eliminating so called allergies has become a mission of mine and I would love to get the word out to everyone that there is something that can be done without giving your pet harmful medications. If you love your animals please feed Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Canine health food and supplements. You will even save money at your veterinarian’s off, I did!”

– Karen Sessions

“I just started my younger dogs on Veg-to-Bowl and I love it. I feed my dog with digestive issues Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, but I wanted to put my younger dogs on a raw diet and Veg to Bowl is a huge help. The vegetables are in whole pieces, THIS IS NOT A POWDER, you can see the vegetables and it is an amazing array of stuff. We had tried other brands of all vegetable mixes but Veg to Bowl is by far the best. It is not a mushy mix.” I am so happy I found this for my pups. It is very easy to make you just add hot water and the meat . They absolutely love it. They get excited about eating and I know they are getting the best nutrition. Once again, Dr Harvey to the rescue!

– Seth's Mom

“I love this food and my dogs love it too! Dr.Harvey’s Veggies are the best product in this category. While other “all vegetable” products are powder with Veg to Bowl you can see the whole pieces of vegetables. I just put hot water and let them sit. I add my meat and oil and I have very healthy dogs. I have one dog that I show and he has had more energy and great coat since I have added this. I also use Dr. Harvey’s Health and Shine Great Find! We love this product."

– Elisia J.

“After switching to Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health my beautiful white cockapoo Sadie’s eyes finally cleared! She no longer has the brown under her eyes that you so often see on white dogs. She loves to eat Dr. Harvey’s, and her general health is fantastic – she is happy and energetic! I am so grateful not to have to worry about what is in her food. Thanks for this wonderful product that keeps my Sadie so healthy!”

– Jackie and Sadie

“I want to say how absolutely thrilled I am with the Canine Health Dog Food. Vets here in Tennessee have tried for three years to determine the origin of Rocky’s allergies, to no avail. There was never any improvement, no matter what they suggested I do. We finished the first 5 lb bag of Canine Health, and Rocky is so much improved, it is unbelievable! His spots, itching and scaling are all gone and his coat (Golden Retreiver) is just beautiful. I’m so glad I found you on the Internet.”

– E.S.

“Before I started feeding my cocker spaniel Sam your natural food, and Health and Shine, he seemed always uncomfortable after eating. He would lick his paws until they were discolored. The vet later told me that his behavior was a sign of allergies. I have been feeding him your natural canine food for over a year and the difference in him is amazing. Not only has Sam’s allergies improved but the flaking and dryness on his skin has disappeared. Thank you for producing such a quality product.”

– Beth Sharack