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Mine Pet Platter: A Smarter Way to Feed Dogs

March 27, 2023 - 5 minute read by Alexis McCagh

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Mine Pet Platter: The Smarter Way to Feed Your Dog

Have you ever asked yourself what the best way to feed your dog is? Many pet parents feed out of a standard bowl, but this is not the best way to feed your companion. In fact, bowl feeding can cause digestive issues, anxiety, boredom, fast paced eating, and a rigid and tense eating position. Bowl feeding allows dogs to shovel food and air into their mouths, which leads to poor digestion and decreased satisfaction with their meal.

So what’s the solution? Using a Mine Pet Platter!

Say goodbye to the rigid and tense eating position associated with traditional bowl feeding! Upgrade your dog's mealtime experience with the innovative Mine Pet Platter.

The Mine Pet Platter was created to enhance dogs’ eating behaviors to mimic how they would eat in the wild. The best part is that it works naturally. Instead of placing your dog’s meal in a bowl, you’ll just place it on their platter. What we feed our dogs is important, but so is how we feed them.

Designed to address common feeding issues, this unique dog platter offers numerous benefits. Its thoughtfully crafted design promotes portion control, encourages slower eating, and ensures a more comfortable and relaxed feeding position. The Mine Pet Platter should be used daily.

5 Benefits of a Mine Pet Platter

  • Unleashes instinctive, healthier eating behaviors
  • Engages your dog’s mind in a way that is entertaining and rewarding
  • Encourages licking, tracking, foraging, and other natural stimulating feeding behaviors
  • Promotes a healthy pace of eating without any barriers that could cause frustration
  • Can be used with any type of food or treat (dehydrated, homemade, raw, frozen, etc.

A dog sitting in front of a plate of food

Pictured: Larry waiting to be served his dinner on his Mine Pet Platter! Featured here is Dr. Harvey’s Garden Veggies Whole-Grain Beef with a side of fresh bananas.

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The easier way to feed fresh

Our complete and balanced “just add water recipe” has real meat as the first ingredient, plus a wholesome blend of superfoods, vegetables and fruits.

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See the difference in your dog!

Generous Sample Size

Enough for several meals.

Mine Pet Platter was developed by studying the feeding habits of our pet’s ancestors. It was designed to allow dogs to explore their food like they would . The platter has indentations, crevices, and curves that encourage licking, tracking, foraging and other natural stimulating feeding behaviors.

The Mine Pet Platter is a better alternative to any traditional pet food plate. Its floor-level position allows for 360-degree views and movement, providing complete meal control. These features allow for healthier digestion and a more stimulating eating experience. It can also help slow down your dog’s eating pace.



Sizes and Colors

Mine Pet Platters are made in the USA out of cellulose fiber and are BPA free, food safe, dishwasher safe, and recyclable. The platters for dogs come in three different colors that they see best: Goldenrod, Red, and Teal. These colors were specifically chosen because these are colors that dogs can see and differentiate between. This is especially beneficial when feeding multiple dogs. They will learn which platter is theirs. The platters for dogs come in small in large so you can choose the best size for your dog based on their weight.

A dog eating food on a blue plate

Pictured: Luna enjoying Canine Health on her Mine Pet Platter. Even small dogs benefit from using a Mine Pet Platter.


Our Miracle Dog Food

This 100% whole food ingredients formula has been trusted by thousands of pet parents to improve overall well-being.

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See the difference in your dog!

Generous Sample Size

Enough for several meals.

You can easily add your dog’s favorite Dr. Harvey’s foods, supplements, and treats to a Mine Pet Platter to give them the most beneficial eating experience! Our favorites this year are our single ingredient Rabbit Bites and Wild-Alaskan Salmon Bites.

How do you clean the Mine Pet Platter?

The Mine Pet Platter is dishwasher safe and is designed to last.

Does it matter what color Mine Pet Platter I get for my dog?

Mine Pet Platter comes in colors that dogs see best. If you have a darker colored floor, it is best to get the Goldenrod platter. If you have light floors, it is better to get the Red or Teal platter.

What if I have a picky eater?

The Mine Pet Platter is great for picky eaters. There are a lot of pet parents that have had success re-engaging their dog during mealtime by using one. It makes mealtime a more fun and natural experience.

Does the Mine Pet Platter help dogs who eat too fast?

Yes! Mine Pet Platter naturally slows the eating process.


Pictured: You can have fun creating beautiful platters for your dog to enjoy!! Here you’ll see Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance, ground turkey, Dr. Harvey’s Ortho-Flex, raw goat’s milk, fresh strawberries, Dr. Harvey’s CoEnzyme Q10

Raw Vibrance Revised 1 (2)

Take the Guesswork out of Raw Diets

Raw Vibrance makes it easy and safe to prepare a Raw Diet in a matter of minutes, right in your own kitchen. No Guesswork, hassle or mess.

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See the difference in your dog!

Generous Sample Size

Enough for several meals.

Interested in giving your dog an optimal eating experience? You can order a Mine Pet Platter here: https://minepetplatter.com/ You can use code DRHARVEYS at checkout for 10% off!

About The Author

Alexis McCagh

Alexis McCagh, who holds a Masters of Science in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, passionately fulfills the role of Dr. Harvey’s Influencer/Community Manager. Alexis holds Pet Food Nutrition and Canine Nutrition certifications from the Feed Real Institute and dedicates herself to enlightening others about animal nutrition. Through her insightful blog, Love + Tail Wags, she shares a wealth of knowledge to foster a community nurtured with understanding and love for animal wellbeing. Visit Love + Tail Wags!

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