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Unleash the Ease of Raw Feeding with Dr. Harvey’s

June 14, 2023 - 1 minute read by The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Raw Vibrance Revised 5 (5)

I have tried a number of other quality dog foods out there. We were using a raw mixture from a quality entity but then we had to be away from home for a few months. During this time, it was impossible to have the raw prepared food shipped or stored where we were staying. I researched and found raw vibrance and I couldn't be happier with everything about Raw Vibrance.

Even with the raw prepared food I was previously buying my vet said we still needed to buy a supplement and oil to add to the mixture. No need for additional supplements, other than adding an oil and your choice of raw protein with Raw Vibrance because all the nutrition they need is included.

Raw Vibrance Revised 1 (2)

Take the Guesswork out of Raw Diets

Raw Vibrance makes it easy and safe to prepare a Raw Diet in a matter of minutes, right in your own kitchen. Simply add hot water to the base-mix, add your choice of protein and oil – and that’s it!

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Home or away, this in my opinion is the easiest and best way to ensure your dog gets optimal nutrition when feeding a raw diet! Raw Vibrance smells so amazing I am tempted to try it myself. Our dogs love raw vibrance, and they seem to be doing very well on it. One of our dogs has some health issues but I am confident he is now receiving the best food possible! Lastly, I feel this is a very economical way of providing our dogs with the best possible raw diet.

Thanks, Dr Harvey, for making such a wonderful product!

-Catherine, Oakley, and Chief