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Overweight Dogs

Finally Help for Your Overweight Dog

A dog sitting on the ground

A Truly Natural Solution to Weight Loss

There is a solution for your dog who has gained too much weight. Take a deep breath. You can do this and you will help your companion get back to his optimal weight. You can do this easily with Dr. Harvey’s all-natural diets.

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Not a “Diet” Dog Food

Dogs with weight issues don’t need a diet dog food. They need a balanced healthy diet that can be made to fit their exact needs. This is exactly what Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl provide for your dog.

Dr. Harvey’s Let’s You:

  • Control Fat Content
  • Control Calories
  • Control Portions

You can Help your Pup Because YOU are in Control

Most dog foods have the fat and protein mixed in. You have difficulty deciding how much to feed to keep your dog from overeating. Your dog seems hungry all the time. Or he is eating what the food suggests you feed and still gaining weight! With Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes, you make your dog’s food daily ,because you add the protein and fat and that lets you control how much your dog eats. You make it fresh, they love because it’s real food and they get healthier and slimmer each day.

A small dog standing on a scale

A dog sleeping on a couch

Obesity- A Serious Threat to Your Dog’s Health

Although a roly-poly puppy can be cute, an overweight adult dog is not cute at all. Obesity in dogs can lead to many chronic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, joint and back problems.

A Solution for Your Overweight Dog

When you use Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health or Veg-to-Bowl you make your dog’s food fresh, that is how you control their dietary intake. Making Dr. Harvey’s allows you to reduce fat and calories. This naturally allows your dog to healthfully and naturally regain and maintain a normal healthy weight.

Choose Either Veg-to-Bowl or Canine Health

Either one of our two wonderful mixes have become well known for their ability to control weight. However, if your dog has to lose more than 10% of his total body weight we suggest starting with Veg-to-Bowl.

A table with food on it

Start Today Feeding Your Dog the Perfect Diet

  • You don’t need to use a “diet dog food”
  • Just prepare Dr. Harvey’s using fresh ingredients
  • Control the portions
  • Adjust amounts for your dog’s age and weight ( you can do this with Dr. Harvey’s!)
  • Do Not Feed Treats with Preservatives
  • Reward with Only Healthy Low-Fat Treats
  • Watch Your Dog Regain A Normal Healthy Weight

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