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Veg-to-Bowl-The Ultimate Solution to Healthy Weight loss

March 19, 2014 - 4 minute read by Dr. Harvey

A Canine Health Epidemic

in dogs is a serious problem. Dogs who are overweight are at risk for many serious health issues. Including:

• Respiratory compromise
• Heat intolerance
• Hypertension-heart disease
• Diabetes
• Liver disease or dysfunction
• Osteoarthritis-joint and back problems
• Increased surgical risk
• Lowered immune system function
• Increased risk of developing cancer

Pet Parents Are Confused About How to Help

When the vet tells a pet parent that their dog needs to lose weight. Pet parents are either offered a “prescription” food or told to get a (heaven forbid) low calorie or diet kibbled food. Both of these solutions will fail to resolve the problem. This leaves pet parents at a loss to try and find a solution to this serious problem.

Calorie restriction is not the only important component of weight loss. Feeding kibble of any kind, which is usually one of the main contributory factors in obesity is a poor solution and doomed to fail. What is even more troubling is that “low calorie” kibble is an unhealthy way to try and achieve weight loss in dogs.

Why Are Our Dogs Overweight?

Dogs become obese due to a number of factors, but the number one reason is the poor quality of commercial kibbled dog food. These poor quality, synthetic, chemical and sugar-laden pellets are what is causing dogs to gain weight in ever growing numbers. Kibble dooms many dogs to gain weight even when less food is given. The problem has become epidemic because so many pet parents chose to feed kibble. Even the healthy “natural” brands of commercial kibble and treats can cause dogs to gain weight. Overfeeding and lack of exercise are also contributory. Some breeds tend to be more at risk for obesity, but all dogs are susceptible.

Weight Loss is Not A Mystery

Veg-to-Bowl-An Easy and Safe Solution

for safe successful weight loss for over a decade now. Veg-to-Bowl provides a very low fat, low calorie base that is also filled with natural fiber. It provides whole food sources of vitamins and minerals and it is very satisfying for dogs so they don’t have to feel hungry.

Using Veg-to-Bowl with a lower fat, but high quality protein like chicken or fish makes the perfect meal to achieve weight-loss in a slow, but consistent way. Add to this way of feeding some addition exercise and playtime and your dog WILL lose weight!

Sounds Too Simple-But it Works!

I know it sounds almost too simple, but it really is THAT simple and VERY, VERY successful!
Veg-to-Bowl has helped thousands of dogs lose weight in a healthy way. I cannot tell you how important this is to your dog’s long-term good health and longevity. Keeping your dogs lean and at an optimal weight is one of the most important things you can do for their health. There IS an easy way to get your dog to lose weight; Veg-to-Bowl is the healthiest way to help your overweight dog.

You Need to Try This and See for Yourself

Try this and you will see an amazing improvement in your dog’s weight in a matter of weeks and a dramatic difference in just a few months. This is the ultimate way to achieve safe and healthy weight loss in dogs.

Veg-to-Bowl Provides:

• Healthy and Consistent Weight Loss
• A Feeling of Fullness for Your Dog
• High Quality and Healthy Ingredients
• Essential Vitamins and Minerals
• Your Choice of High Quality Lean Protein
• Fresh, Healthy Meals for Dog in Just Minutes

Veg-to-Bowl is the answer you need to help your dog to lose weight safely & live a healthy & long life.

Try Veg-To-Bowl for Your Dog!

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Try Veg-To-Bowl for Your Dog!

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Learn more about Veg-To-Bowl