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Virginia Stephenson and Skipper

" Skipper is now 11 yrs old and for the last 5 yrs has suffered from allergies in the fall, which have gotten worse every year and last from September to January…in addition to putting Skipper on a healthy diet of Veg-to-Bowl, he talked to me about the Chinese herbs, Astragalus and Cordyceps…after that he became symptom-free in October and has been well since then!"

Jessica C. Muschek and Clementine

She had a number of dietary issues that led to stomach problems. She threw up regular food or had diarrhea…Not only does she ABSOLUTELY LOVE the food (as well as the fresh proteins!), but she has not had any serious stomach issues since. We cannot praise Dr. Harvey’s food enough! It made a world of difference in the happiness and well-being of our Clementine and we recommend it all the time.

Heather Pellerin and Noah

“For as long as I can remember my 8-year-old French Bulldog mix, Noah, had struggled with itchy skin, hair loss and CONSTANT scratching. After a few very expensive trips to the vet, Noah was diagnosed with “severe skin allergies”…I can happily say that Noah has been on Dr. Harvey’s for THREE years now with NO itching. He is a happier, healthier less itchy dog and my anxiety over his constant scratching has gone away. Thank you for saving my dog and making such a great food!!!

Donna Madden-My German Shepherds are my Co-Pilots"

“My seven-year-old German Shepherd has been plagued for years with itchy, scaly and uncomfortable skin… We tried everything…After 8 weeks on “Veg-to-Bowl” mixed with raw meat, she is doing great!!! *Hot spots are gone, itching is gone and her energy level is way up!!!!
I encourage anyone that really loves their animals to please try Dr. Harvey’s products."

Eileen, Rob and Corky Baker

" I really had to email you to thank you for creating “Veg-to-Bowl”…After many upset stomachs and a ton of itchiness and ear infections, we found a veterinarian who figured out that Corky had allergies. We tried many different foods and nothing worked…we decided to give “Veg-to-Bowl”l a try. It was like an instant transformation. He is no longer itchy, at the perfect weight and no longer has an upset stomach! His coat looks and feels amazing."

Rachel and Shanky

Shanky is a 10-year old white Peke who ALWAYS had joint problems, constantly brown under eye areas, and the worst breath imaginable. I had no idea that any food could make such a difference!He’s incredibly picky! But now, with Veg-to-Bowl, breakfast lunch and dinner come every day and he can’t wait to eat!
Now, he smells so clean even a week or so between baths.

Sandy Smith and Cutie Pie

“I tried everything the vet recommended and everything else I could find in pet stores. I spent hundreds of dollars. I could barely get her to sniff it let alone eat it. In the meantime, the allergies continued and she was in crisis almost on a daily basis. I had her at the vet on antibiotics and steroids every month. …She is now going on 4 years old and I truly make this testimony…*”Dr. Harvey’s saved her life!“* Had I not found her and gone in search of a way to make her well and healthy she would not be alive!”

Help for Dogs with Allergies

Change To An All-Natural Dog Food

Yes. It is true. Most allergies can be completely cured just by changing foods.
We have seen the remarkable improvement when preservatives and chemicals are removed from animal diets.

Allergies in Dogs are More and More Common

Allergies in dogs have become a very common problem. Many guardians are perplexed to find that their companions become reactive to many different foods. It is difficult to find a daily food that eliminates the problems while still providing the essential nutrition that is necessary for optimal health.

A Change in Diet Can Eliminate:

  • Itching
  • Skin Redness
  • Scratching
  • Rashes
  • Digestive Issues due to Allergy
A brown and white dog
A close up of a dog

First Eliminate ALL Preservatives and Chemical Additives

We have found that feeding an all-natural diet, that is completely free of dyes and preservatives, is the most important thing in eliminating food allergies. Many times dogs become far less reactive when these additives are eliminated. This means totally removing ALL preservatives from the diet including those in food, treats and supplements. In addition, with Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl, you have total control over the type of protein that you add and can avoid certain meats that may cause a reaction in your dog.

The Holistic Approach to Eliminating Allergies-Feeding All-Natural Dog Food

Dr. Harvey believes that health issues should be addressed with a holistic approach. That means to look at the whole body, diet, environment, mental and emotional issues. When it comes to allergies we have seen this holistic approach work wonders. Start by eliminating the obvious toxins in your dog’s food and environment and feed your dog healthy, fresh, preservative-free foods without dyes or coloring agents. Eliminate ALL preservatives from your dog’s diet. Give the new diet a few weeks to change the allergic reaction in the body.

Foods to Eliminate Allergies

Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl are the perfect foods to use for an overall holistic approach to allergy elimination. Remember to give fresh spring or distilled water at all times. Be sure that all treats and supplements are also totally preservative-free.

Helping your dog may be as easy as changing his or her diet. Learn how easy it can be to stop itching, scratching and rashes. Answers may be one click away.