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Health & Nutrition

Savor the Season: Homemade Frozen Digestive Treats for Fall

October 02, 2023 - 4 minute read by Alexis McCagh


Creating nutritious frozen treats for your pup is not only fun, but can also be a way for you to support their overall health. If you're looking for frozen treats for dogs, the following recipe is easy to make and only requires four ingredients: pureed pumpkin, raw goat’s milk, Dr. Harvey’s Runs Be Done supplement, and Dr. Harvey’s Digestive Probiotics. This recipe in particular is a great way to support their digestive health.

A dog with a costume

What You’ll Need:

How to Make

  1. Mix together 1 cup of pureed pumpkin, ½ cup raw goat’s milk, and three scoops of Dr. Harvey’s Runs Be Done supplement
  2. Take this mixture and add it to your fall molds (or you can use an ice cube tray)
  3. Crumble and sprinkle Dr. Harvey’s Digestive Probiotics on each. This will act as a “cookie crumble” base for each treat
  4. Freeze the molds/ice cube tray for 2-3 hours before serving
  5. Let your pup enjoy their barktober treat!

A dog with a person's hand holding a piece of food

Is Pumpkin Good for Dogs?

You might be asking, "Is pumpkin good for dogs?" Absolutely! Pumpkin is great for digestive health. Pumpkin can help regulate bowel movements, alleviating both constipation and diarrhea in dogs.

Pumpkin is also nutrient rich, great for weight management, and promotes a healthy skin and coat. You will just want to make sure you are using plain pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling).

If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate pumpkin into your dog’s diet, theRuns Be Done supplement is a great way to do so since this can be mixed into your dog’s meals. This supplement contains other ingredients that are great for digestion too - slippery elm, bentonite clay, apple pectin, and more.

Does My Dog Need Prebiotics and Probiotics?

All dogs can benefit from probiotics and prebiotics. Incorporating them will help support your dog's digestive system from the inside out. Dr. Harvey’s Digestive Probiotics soft chews are great to help maintain normal gut function.

The digestive system is composed of good and bad bacteria. These chews include a 7-strain probiotic, prebiotic blend, cinnamon, and ginger root to help maintain a normal balance of these bacteria.

Can Dogs Have Raw Goat’s Milk?

Raw goat’s milk is safe for dogs of all ages. Raw goat’s milk contains probiotics, digestive enzymes, and good bacteria. Raw goat’s milk is easy for dogs to digest and can be easily added to their meals, or be used in frozen treats like the one here!

Incorporating nutritious frozen treats into your pup's diet is not only a delightful way to pamper them but also an investment in their overall well-being. This simple recipe specifically targets and supports their digestive health.

Pumpkin, rich in fiber and essential nutrients, helps regulate bowel movements and promotes healthy skin and coat. Our Runs Be Done supplement offers a comprehensive digestive solution, with added benefits from ingredients like slippery elm, bentonite clay, and apple pectin.

And let's not forget the importance of prebiotics and probiotics; our Digestive Probiotics soft chews provide a well-rounded approach to maintaining your dog's gut health. Raw goat’s milk, a safe and nutritious addition, complements the recipe perfectly. So, go ahead, whip up these delightful treats, and enjoy watching your pup relish them while reaping the rewards of a happy and healthy digestive system!

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Snacks? What Kind of Frozen Treats Can Dogs Have?

Yes, dogs can eat frozen snacks. Frozen treats are great for enrichment or for cooling down during hot weather. You’ll just want to make sure the snacks are safe and suitable for them. Some examples of foods that would be safe to feed frozen include: banana, strawberries, and frozen bone broth cubes. As with any treat, always supervise your pup when giving them a frozen snack.

About The Author

Alexis McCagh

Alexis McCagh, who holds a Masters of Science in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, passionately fulfills the role of Dr. Harvey’s Influencer/Community Manager. Alexis holds Pet Food Nutrition and Canine Nutrition certifications from the Feed Real Institute and dedicates herself to enlightening others about animal nutrition. Through her insightful blog, Love + Tail Wags, she shares a wealth of knowledge to foster a community nurtured with understanding and love for animal wellbeing. Visit Love + Tail Wags!

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