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Pet Wellness

My Unforgettable Journey with Dr. Harvey's: Brightening Lives at the Denver Animal Shelter

October 23, 2023 - 6 minute read by Natalie Bendinelli

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A heartwarming story recently unfolded in my world, one that exemplifies the immense power of compassion and generosity. Dr. Harvey's, a pioneer in natural pet nutrition, reached out to the Denver Animal Shelter, setting in motion a chain of joy that touched the hearts of both animals and humans.

Who I am and What I do

A person holding a dog

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Natalie, an influencer with a deep passion for animals, particularly dogs. My platform has been dedicated to advocating for animal welfare, inspired by my four beloved companions – Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy. These furry friends of mine have taught me the importance of celebrating the love and loyalty that our pets bring into our lives.

The Denver Animal Shelter


The Denver Animal Shelter isn't just any shelter; it's a beacon of hope for thousands of lost and abandoned pets every year. Their mission aligns perfectly with my passion – providing humane care, reuniting pets with their owners, facilitating adoptions, enforcing animal ordinances, and educating the public about the needs of animals. I'm proud to be a volunteer at this remarkable shelter, where I witness the life-changing impact they make in our community.

My Volunteer Experience

A dog sitting on a bed

My commitment to volunteering at the Denver Animal Shelter stems from my belief that it's a place where compassion knows no bounds. It's a privilege to be part of the journey, offering comfort, love, and support to animals on their quest for forever homes. The shelter's dedication to reuniting pets, promoting adoptions, and educating the community resonates deeply with my values.

Animal shelters play a pivotal role in our society, with thousands of lost and abandoned pets seeking refuge every day. Volunteering at shelters becomes essential in providing these animals with the care and attention they deserve while awaiting adoption. The statistics serve as a stark reminder of the pressing need for volunteers and adoption, and each adoption signifies a transformed life, a story of hope and love.

Dr. Harveys Role in Our Life

Now, let me introduce you to Dr. Harvey's – a true champion for pet wellness. Dr. Harvey's isn't just a pet food company; it's a symbol of dedication to the well-being of our furry friends. Founded by Dr. Harvey, a pioneer in holistic pet nutrition, has been producing natural and healthy pet products since 1984. Their products are free from chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic additives, ensuring pets receive the best.

My love for Dr. Harvey's extends beyond mere appreciation for a pet food brand; it's about recognizing the remarkable health benefits it brings to dogs. Their unwavering commitment to holistic nutrition means that dogs receive nothing but the finest, all-natural ingredients. This has been a game-changer for my furry family, addressing various health issues and offering me peace of mind.

The Donation from Dr. Harveys to the Animal Shelter

A dog with a can on its head

Now, let's talk about the heart of this story – Dr. Harvey's generous donations to the Denver Animal Shelter. They provided an array of wholesome treats and items that made tails wag with delight.

Chicken Hearts and Sweet Potato Chews Galore!

Among the standout items are Chicken Hearts treats – made with a single high-quality ingredient, freeze-dried for maximum nutrition. These treats are not only delicious but also allergen-free and easy to digest, perfect for shelter dogs.

Another remarkable donation is Sweet Potate’r Chews, offering a natural alternative to rawhide and molded chews. These 100% real, natural dehydrated sweet potatoes contain no artificial ingredients, dyes, preservatives, or by-products.

The Big ‘Delivery’ Day

A dog in a cage eating a piece of pizza

The day finally arrived when I had the privilege of delivering Dr. Harvey's donations to the Denver Animal Shelter. The joy and gratitude expressed by the shelter staff and the wagging tails of the dogs were priceless. It was a reminder that small acts of kindness can change the trajectory of someone's day, or in this case, make shelter dogs happier and healthier.

The most rewarding part of my journey with Dr. Harvey's generous donation to the Denver Animal Shelter was the profound joy and nourishment it brought to both the shelter animals and our hearts.

Witnessing the shelter animals relish the treats provided by Dr. Harvey's was a priceless experience. It reminded me that a simple act of kindness, like sharing a wholesome treat, has the power to transform a day and instill hope.

Seeing the shelter animals eagerly devour the treats was a heartwarming experience that left an indelible mark on my heart. Their joy was palpable, their tails wagging with unbridled enthusiasm as they relished each bite.

These moments were a testament to the power of simple gestures and the profound impact they can have on the lives of shelter animals. It was a reminder that amidst their uncertain circumstances, these animals radiate resilience and an unwavering capacity for happiness.

The Magical Moment with the Shelter Pups

A dog licking a person's finger

The magic happened when the shelter animals got to enjoy Dr. Harvey's treats. Their excitement and contentment were evident, reminding me of the profound impact even a simple treat can have on their lives. It's these moments that make volunteering at the shelter incredibly rewarding.

This experience reinforced my belief in the power of small acts of kindness. Dr. Harvey's exemplifies this through their generous donations, and the Denver Animal Shelter carries this spirit forward by caring for animals in need. It's a collective effort that brightens the lives of both animals and humans alike.

Thank you, Dr. Harveys!

A dog eating a slice of pizza

In closing, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Harvey's for their unwavering commitment to the well-being of our furry friends. Their generosity has made a significant difference at the Denver Animal Shelter, and I'm honored to have been a part of this wonderful journey. Together, we can continue to make the world a better place for animals in need.

About The Author

Natalie Bendinelli

Natalie Bendinelli is a writer and author, widely recognized for her deep passion for Great Danes. Having grown her social media presence with her brand Dear Danes as well as her website Hello Danes to over one million worldwide, she is grateful to be able to spread the word about her love and passion for Great Danes. With an extensive background in canine care and breed-specific knowledge, Natalie has established herself as a leading authority in the Great Dane community. Her expertise, coupled with her exceptional writing skills, has made her a sought-after resource for Dane enthusiasts worldwide!