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The Heart of Dr. Harvey’s: Meet Dara

June 05, 2023 - 4 minute read by Dara Pardee


Dara Pardee works in the Customer Service department at Dr. Harvey’s. She is new to the team starting this year. Dara is here to help ensure you have the best experience with Dr. Harvey’s, answering your questions, and providing recommendations to the best food for your pet and their specific needs. She has been raw feeding her American Bully, Potato, since he was only 9 weeks old. She is knowledgeable in a few different raw methods of feeding; from DIY style (PMR and BARF), premade meals and Dr. Harvey’s products. She believes in the holistic approach of illnesses by using natural products or treatments.



Dara has been working in retail/customer service for 16 plus years working closely with customers either over the phone or face to face interactions. She was previously the manager of a busy grooming salon that also sold raw food products. She has been a dog lover her whole life, previously rescuing and fostering retired racing Greyhounds. Dara enjoys educating others on the benefits of feeding a raw or fresh diet.

When she is not working she prefers to spend time with her dog, Potato and find new healthy treats to spoil him with. She also enjoys traveling to new places and trying new foods.

Get to Know More About Dara

What made you interested in working for Dr. Harvey’s?

I have been interested in raw/fresh feeding for years and love educating people on the benefits of feeding your pet a healthy diet that is more species appropriate. Any way to extend the short lifespans of our animal companions is what I strive for.

Do you have any pets? What are their names?

I have an XL American Bully named Potato but we all call him Tato for short. He is 4 years old and my absolute best friend.


What resources would you recommend for people wanting to learn more about keeping our pups healthy?

I love to check out Dogs Naturally Magazine’s website and blog regularly. They have a lot of information and holistic approaches on how to treat common issues for dogs using natural treatments. They also have great recommendations for all natural products for your pets that do not use harsh chemicals. They stay up to date with current research and studies so you can always trust that you are getting accurate information.

What is your favorite part of working at Dr. Harvey’s?

Everyone who works here are amazing individuals who know so much and care about you and your pet. Being a family owned and operated small business, you can sometimes worry about not fitting in. But everyone here immediately made me feel a part of the Dr. Harvey’s family. I love coming to work each and every day!

What is it about our products and culture that makes Dr. Harvey’s so special?

Everything we offer is carefully crafted with your pets' health and wellness in mind. Dr. Harvey makes it a priority to be in contact with those who need his guidance, to make sure that your companion is getting exactly what they need for whatever health issues they are battling. Foods are tailored to meet your pets current health concerns and have been able to help many live longer, healthier lives.

What are some of the biggest myths out there about what to feed your dog?

That just because your dog is having a health issue that you have to put them on a prescription diet. Foods like that can sometimes exacerbate their conditions or in some instances cause other problems to arise. You can treat illnesses naturally with whole foods and natural supplements rather than putting them on prescription food diets.

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About The Author

Dara Pardee

Dara Pardee, part of the Dr. Harvey’s customer service team, holds a Batchelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgian Court University. She has been working in the pet food industry for over two years and has been a devoted raw feeder for 4 years. Holds a Pet Food Nutrition Certification.