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Health & Nutrition

How to Improve Your Pet’s Health with a Dog Multivitamin or Supplement

March 22, 2023 - 4 minute read by The Team at Dr. Harvey's

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As a pet parent, you strive to provide your dog with the best life possible. You take them for walks, play catch, and feed them nutritional meals. But have you ever wondered if your companion could use a dog multivitamin or supplement?

The short answer is yes, but it’s vital to understand what dog multivitamins are and how they can improve your dog’s health. Lucky for you, Dr. Harvey’s has you covered. This guide discusses everything you need to know about multivitamins and supplements to give your dog the best life possible.

Is It Safe to Give My Dog a Multivitamin or Supplement?

Yes, as long as they’re specifically made for dogs. Multivitamins and supplements have a combination of various vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Think of them as extra nutritional help so your dog can live their best life. Whole food supplements that come from real foods are the most bioavailable and are best for your dog’s health.

These four necessities include the following:

  • Fats
  • Minerals
  • Protein
  • Vitamins

Adding a multivitamin to your dog’s diet can help ensure they are getting everything they need.

How Dog Multivitamins and Supplements Address Various Health Needs

Multivitamins are another way of ensuring your companion gets what they need to live a long, optimal life. More importantly, quality dog multivitamins and supplements can provide your dog with extra support, especially if they have any health concerns.

When looking for a multivitamin for your pet, consider their nutritional needs. Doing so will help you make an informed decision about your dog’s health. Here are five common problems dog owners face with recommended solutions.

Problem: Cardiovascular Concerns and Heart Health

As dogs get older, their heart muscles weaken, which can cause congestive heart failure (CHF). Strengthening the muscles can help with heart health and vitality.

Solution: Dr. Harvey’s CoEnzyme Q10

A white bottle with a label

Consider Dr. Harvey’s Coenzyme Q10 supplement. This product is recommended for dogs over the age of 7 and/or dogs with heart issues. It helps support the cardiovascular and immune system and should be given daily.

Problem: Mobility Concerns

Dogs can struggle with muscle strength for several reasons, including injury, congenital issues, neurological damage, or age. That’s why addressing this problem early with your companion is essential.

Solution: Dr. Harvey’s Ortho-Flex

A white container with a lid

Ortho-Flex is a daily herbal joint supplement that helps promote good joint health and can help with joint discomfort.

Problem: Dry Skin & Coat

Some dogs may have dry skin and coat due to a lack of nutrients in their system.

Solution: Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine

A group of bottles on a brown surface

Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine oils are a great option for dogs with a dry skin and coat. These wild-caught fish oils contain omega-3s and omega-6s, which can help keep your dog’s skin and coat soft and shiny.

Problem: Weak Immune System

A dog’s immune system is essential because it shields them from illnesses and exposure to environmental toxins.

However, there are natural solutions to boost your dog’s immune system.

Solution: Dr. Harvey’s Solaris or Dr. Harvey’s Emune-Boost Supplements

A white container with a label on it

Our Solaris supplement can support your dog’s immune system with its abundance of organic mushrooms and herbs. This supplement also contains high levels of vitamins C and E, which eliminate free radicals, boosting your dog’s immune system.

Dr. Harvey’s Emune-Boost supplement is an herbal supplement that contains natural herbs designed to promote optimal wellness.

How Often Should a Dog Have a Multivitamin?

Most supplements can be given daily. The container will have directions based on your dog’s age and weight.

Try Multivitamin Products from Dr. Harvey’s

As you can see, selecting the best dog multivitamin or supplement can be challenging. Dr. Harvey’s can help with products like our Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement. Our products are all-natural; we’ve designed them with zero synthetic ingredients to optimize your dog’s overall health. Dr. Harvey’s Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is a combination of nutritionally rich wholefoods and healing herbs to boost vitality.

Your companion’s well-being means the world to you. A dog multivitamin is an excellent way to ensure they live an optimal life filled with love and joy.

Check out our company page and learn how we use holistic nutrition with no processed ingredients or added chemicals in your dog’s diet.

Contact us if you have questions regarding multivitamins for dogs.