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Health and Shine

Fish Oil Capsules for Dogs

  • Contains Pure Salmon Oil
  • Made in the USA
  • Promotes Beautiful Skin and Coat
  • Promotes joint and heart health

Salmon Oil, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Water.


$38.95 - 180 ct. Jar

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Health and Shine capsules contain pure salmon oil. It is used as a supplement for skin and coat. In addition Health and Shine may help with heart health and circulation in the body. Health and Shine provides Omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty acids have been found to be important for overall good health and well-being in dogs.


Salmon Oil, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Water


Give one capsule daily for each 20lbs. of body weight. You can give as a capsule with food or pierce the capsule and put the oil directly on food. They will love the taste!

Storage Instructions:

Keep in a cool, dry place