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Raw Diets

Our Easy Solution.

In the last decade or so, many guardians have chosen to feed their companions a raw diet. This is also known as the BARF diet. But feeding raw meat and bones is not enough to make a complete meal for your companion. Dr. Harvey believes that many dogs and cats do very well on a raw diet.

Making a Raw Diet Complete and Easy

Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes Canine Health, and Veg-to-Bowl, offer the easiest, safest and most convenient way to feed a complete raw diet.

Just add water, meat and oil to either of our pre-mixes and you have a complete raw meal for your dog or cat.

Choose Which Raw Diet Works for You

  • Canine Health- The Miracle Dog Food Learn More
  • Veg-to-Bowl- A Grain-Free Vegetable and Herb Mix Learn More

Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes make feeding a raw diet much easier and quicker and they allow you to add the essential vitamins and mineral that your companion needs to achieve optimal nutrition.

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