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Love, Salli and MeMe

By the time it had done its total damage MeMe’s liver had enlarged 3 fold, her gallbladder was filled with sludge, and she had severe pancreatitis…
Dr. Harvey suggested Kefir, Veg to Bowl l and cooking Chicken slightly. I just couldn’t get her to eat. She was so ill.
Two months later after keeping her on this diet, MeMe had lost her eye staining, was growing her coat, and begging for food. By 6 months she was eating raw. I have not seen a Vet in nearly a year.
In addition, she is healthy and that’s the best part!

Dee McManamy and Neala

She took to Canine Health immediately, without hesitation, and in a matter of just a couple of weeks she was restored to the happy, healthy, energetic dog she’d been before the horrible colitis cycle. Now we alternate between Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl; Neala loves both. This has been a remarkable product for us, and we are deeply grateful to have our dearest friend returned to good health. Thank you!

Wanda and Emma

Her GI problems were such that we were at the vets on a monthly basis to provide fluids because she was vomiting or having diarrhea or both. Things got bad enough that we were emotionally preparing to lose her. After I spoke with Dr. Harvey and started her on his diet, it was astounding how quickly her health returned. We were so excited to see formed stool that we took pictures to send to each other.Thank you for giving us more years with our favorite “kid” and thank you for your interest and concern. There are not many companies like yours.

Marilyn McGrath and Murphy

He was very picky…I was excited yet apprehensive due to my many previous failures. He licked the bowl clean! This was a great find for me because none of the premium dog foods interested my boy. It smells so good I feel like I, too, could eat it! Seriously!

Stop Even Chronic Diarrhea and Vomiting in Days

Even if your dog has had chronic diarrhea or vomiting, Veg-to-Bowl can help to form firm and smaller stools and stop vomiting.

Eliminate the Cause

Veg-to-Bowl provides a fresh, meal daily using the purest ingredients. Eliminating preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings and synthetic additives makes a remarkable difference in the digestive system in dogs.

Veg-to-Bowl Makes the Difference

Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl has made a remarkable difference in the lives of dogs suffering with digestive issues. This diet provides is pure, completely natural and free of the additives that cause both chronic and acute digestive problems.

Veg-to-Bowl, can stop chronic and acute diarrhea in dogs in just days!

A brown and white dog

A dog lying on a bed

You Have Already Tried Everything

We understand the frustration that guardians feel when they have tried so many different things to control this troublesome condition. You have already been to the vet, tried medicine and changed foods multiple times. We have heard this story over and over. We have also seen thousands of dogs improve with a chemical and preservative free diet. Dr. Harvey’s can make all the difference.

“It’s A Miracle”

Then come the calls and emails telling us one success story after another. Guardians who were skeptical let us know that they too have experienced a “miracle” with their dog after switching to Veg-to-Bowl.

In Just A Few Days

Most dogs respond very quickly to the change. Even dogs that have suffered with digestive issues for years, improve in just days.

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You and your dog will be so happy you did!