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Making Dr. Harvey’s is Easy

Watch the video on our Base Mixes to learn how to make a healthy meal for your dog in three easy steps.


Learn Step-by-Step

What are you waiting for? Dr. Harvey’s Base mixes are made in only three steps.

Step One:

A woman pouring a substance into a container

Add Hot Water

Let sit for 8 minutes or until water is absorbed. Stir occasionally

Step Two:

A woman mixing a bowl of food

Add Quality Protein

Add your choice of: beef, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, lentils, etc. Alternate the type of protein you use about once a week. Protein can be raw or cooked.

Step Three:

A person pouring a bottle of alcohol

Add Healthy Oil

Flax, borage, olive, hemp, sesame oil, fish oil or Dr. Harvey’s Health and Shine are best

Add an Oil or Supplement

Check out our oils and supplements.

Kidney Health

Add oomph to your pup’s kidney function with this potent mixture of medicinal herbs and mushrooms that work naturally to strengthen the kidneys


The all-natural herbal supplement that provides the vitamins and minerals dogs need for optimal health. Add to your pup’s diet daily for long-term immune system and antioxidant support.

Health & Shine

We searched far and wide for the purest, Wild-Caught fish oils so you could
 bring out the full shine in your companion dog. Full of premium fish oil blends are made from fish caught in the clean, cold and pristine waters of Iceland.

A person and two dogs

Still need help?

Our friendly, knowledgeable team of animal nutritionists and behaviorists are readily available to speak with you personally and answer any questions you may have. We gladly provide one-on-one support and customized solutions, and are thrilled to have helped countless pets maintain and reclaim their health. Contact us!

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