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Project Potcake-Support Abaco Shelter

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We Need Your Help

Most of you know Dr. Harvey’s as a company that makes natural and organic products for animals. What you may not know is that part of our mission is to support animal rescue and animal welfare.

Image Description Recently, we became aware of a small animal shelter in Abaco, Bahamas whose mission is to rescue, house, care for and adopt Potcakes, the indigenous dogs of the Bahamas.

Abaco Shelter is run entirely by a group of selfless and very determined volunteers. The shelter receives no government funding.Image Description

Without this shelter the Potcakes would die of starvation and disease. Abaco Shelter needs our help to further its work as it is a sanctuary for stray and abandoned dogs.

Image Description

The shelter is located at the site of the old Abaco dump, Abaco, The Bahamas.
It is the island’s only animal shelter.

The Need is Great

Image DescriptionAbaco Shelter is in desparate need of funds to help buy food, medicine and supplies for the Potcakes. This money will be used for that purpose. We also hope to raise enough money to help them to expand the shelter allowing it to house more animals in need.

We’re Just Getting Started- The Documentary

This is just the beginning of Project Potcake and our dreams of helping these dogs. In July, Wendy Shankin-Cohen, President of Dr. Harvey’s, will travel to Abaco to bring supplies to the shelter. She will be traveling with filmmaker, Evelyn Vaccaro, a longtime Potcake lover. Evelyn will be filming a documentary that will show the plight of the Potcakes. It is our sincere hope that this documentary will help to raise awareness about the immediate needs of these dogs and the Abaco Shelter.

You Can Help Today!

Here is where you come in! You can help these precious pups just by giving a small gift.
Any amount will help us to save more Potcakes!

Please join us today and give what you can to help the Potcakes and The Abaco Shelter.
We at Dr. Harvey’s are most grateful for your help and we know the Potcakes thank you too!

To Donate to Project Potcake please visit our GoFundMe page By Clicking Here

Your gift will be appreciate by the wonderful people who keep the shelter going and by the amazing Potcakes.

Thank you!

Dr. Harvey’s wants to thank you in advance for helping us to realize our dream of making life better for these deserving people and these adorable and loving dogs!

Watch A Message From Our President, Wendy Shankin-Cohen-Just Click Here

Just go to our GoFundMe Campaign-Donate Now! Here is the link.

For more information about Abaco Shelter you can visit their website by clicking here

My Dog Likes LOVES Dr. Harvey's

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Recently the talented blog team from MyDogLikes, shared an array of Dr. Harvey’s products with their adorable Golden Retriever duo Harley and Charlie.
The result is a wonderful review of Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl, Oracle and our Wholefood Multi-Vitamin.

Here’s a part of what they have to say:

Fresher is Better
Dr. Harvey’s believes that feeding a fresh, holistic, natural diet will lead to a healthier, longer life for our pets. As early advocates to this type of feeding, educating pet parents has been a critical component of their mission. Today their website provides a wealth of information on pet food ingredients and nutrition.

Dr. Harvey’s has put these beliefs into practice through their expansive line of foods, treats and supplements. Though their line is wide ranging, some things that all of their products have in common include:

* Made and manufactured in the USA
* 100% Human Grade
* Free of Chemicals, Preservatives, Dyes and Coloring Agents

We are extremely excited about this food, and the more we learn, the more we love it. Everything from Dr. Harvey’s is sourced and manufactured in the USA, free of chemicals preservatives or dyes, and 100% human grade. The ingredients are truly top notch and our dogs went nuts for it! We also love that whether you are looking to supplement or provide a complete balanced natural diet, Dr. Harvey’s has a perfect product to help meet your needs. We were completely blown away by Dr. Harvey’s and can’t wait to try out more of their products in the future!

Image Description

Image Description
Charlie and Harley loved Dr. Harvey’s foods and the blog shows just how easy it is to make Veg-to-Bowl and Oracle.
Image Description
Image Description

Not only are Charlie and Harley chief taste testers for MyDogLikes,they are supermodels! Their pet parents, Rachael and Kevin, are extremely health conscious and only want the best for their best friends. Trying Dr. Harvey’s products has led them down a new path to wellness for their beloved pups and they generously share this experience on their blog.

You can learn about MyDogLikes complete Dr. Harvey’s adventure by reading their blog. Just click here.

Image Description

Help Us Find North a Forever Home

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

North All PhotosHelping dogs in need and supporting rescue has always been a part of our mission at Dr. Harvey’s. So early in 2015 we were happy to partner with Dusty’s Dog House, a doggy daycare and boarding facility, to create Dr. Harvey’s Foster Room. This special place allows us to sponsor one dog from The Liberty Humane Society until he or she finds a forever home.

We love North, the current resident at Dr. Harvey’s Foster Room. He is a pit bull mix, who is great with all people, but a bit wary of children and would do best in a home with adults only. He loves other dogs, but is a big boy and can be too much for some dogs. North is safe and sound in Dr. Harvey’s Foster Room at Dusty’s Dog House, but he needs his own family and a forever home.

As you can see, North is an extraordinarily handsome, big boy and is about 3 years old. We know that North will make a wonderful addition to any family who is looking for a new best friend.

We don’t know how anyone could pass up this face.
He really is a very special dog.
Please open your heart and your home and adopt North.

More Information About North

For more information about North and how to adopt him, please contact Frank Valentine at Dusty’s Dog House in Bayonne, NJ.

North All Photos

Kobe is just 1 Year-Old and Had Kidney Disease

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We are always so happy to know when a very sad and frightened pet parent discovers us, reaches out for help and finds it. And then, with just a bit of guidance, they find answers that they were in search of that give them happy and amazing results for their companion! This is Kobe and his family’s story. They want us to share it, because they hope that their story, “in their own words”, will help other pet parents to find health for their beloved companion.

Kobe Was So Young-We Called Dr. Harvey

Image DescriptionKobe had just turned 1 year-old, and had kidney disease! We were told about Dr. Harvey. So we sent an email, and we were told to please contact Dr. Harvey directly. We have spoken to Dr. Harvey many times on the phone and with his help and suggestion to put Kobe on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food, cooked protein, and oil, Kobe is doing great. Not only does Kobe love his new food, it’s so very healthy for him.

After Just 3 Weeks-Normal Blood Work!

We had blood work done after 3 weeks on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food , and his BUN dropped 10 points-to a normal range. This is so easy to prepare anyone can do this for the health of their beloved pet.

Thank you Dr. Harvey!

Thank you Dr. Harvey and staff for caring about all our four legged family. Kobe will never eat anything but Canine Health again.

The Vet Gave Up on Kobe But We Didn’t and Neither Did You!

My vet gave up on him and said he only had about 6 months to live, and just give dry Hills K/D food. In just 3 weeks Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and his love of helping us learn how easy it is to keep our pup healthy is working! Needless to say we start with a new vet next week, who supports feeding Kobe a healthy diet of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food , which is a must as Kobe will never eat anything other than products from Dr. Harvey.
We will update you on Kobe while he is enjoying his new healthy, happy, long life!

Please Share Our Story

Image DescriptionIt would make The Kobe Family very happy if you shared our story on your website. We want everyone to know this is a very true story about Kobe.

Thankful Pet Parents

Again, Thank you Dr Harvey, Wendy, (who never sleeps), and all your great staff for caring and loving my little Kobe, and so many others.

Deb Horrocks “The Kobe Family”

"My Vet Had Never Seen a Turnaround Like This Before"

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Ranger’s Story-Serious Kidney Problems Improve

We recently received this wonderful email from Christina Mahaffey, a loving pet parent, who wanted to thank
Dr. Harvey and tell us about her 14 year-old Dalmatian, Ranger, and his amazing transformation! The most powerful way to share this story is in her own words. Christina’s email is posted below. Christina told us that she found Dr. Harvey’s after reading stories on our website from other pet parents who had also found solutions here. So she was happy to share her story. Christina helped her companion by researching her options and then changing her companion’s diet. Ranger’s story is truly wonderful; impressing a grateful pet mom and his veterinarians!

We could not be happier about Ranger’s results and thank Christina for taking the time to tell us his story! We hope you will read Ranger’s story and share it with anyone who needs to know there is hope for their companion.

Image Description

Dear Dr. Harvey,

Thank You-Ranger is Better!

I wanted to update you on Ranger since you were so helpful in discussing his care and nutrition with me a few weeks back. I have been feeding him the Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and then occasionally add a bit of the Veg-to-Bowl to it, to give him a bit more veggies when he is hungry. Between that, the CoEnzyme Q10, the Ortho-Flex, Whole Food Supplement, and probiotic that he gets daily, he is walking better, and he LOVES this food.

My Other Dog is So Picky-She Loves This Food Too!

Even my picky girl Scoobey LOVES her food! She actually comes to the kitchen and will sit and wait while I make her food for her……She NEVER ate her commercial processed dog food like this and certainly didn’t sit and wait in anticipation for it.

Blood Work Comes Back and Amazes Everyone!

Last Friday, I took Ranger back to the vet for another round of blood tests. I made sure that I took your Feeding Guidelines booklet with me from the bags of food and left it with them. The one doctor was hesitant, but my regular vet was very open to it. When the blood work came back and I went in to see them today, she told me she is beyond impressed with his blood work, that his kidney values are almost back to normal again!

The Vet Was Amazed-Never Saw Results Like This

My vet said that she had never seen a turnaround like this before and so quickly! She said she is going to check into the food and she was impressed when I told her that you had actually called me to discuss Rangers care and diet. She said other dog food companies NEVER do that and that they don’t want to be bothered with the end user consumer.

From the Bottom of My Heart…

So from the bottom of my heart and Ranger’s, we thank you for being someone who cares about animals and is making a difference one animal at a time! I tell all my friends about this diet and if Ranger could talk, he would tell his friends too! His appearance says it all!

Yes! Post Ranger’s Story!

I am happy to have you post my story! In fact, that is why I tried your products! I read the postings of other customers on your site…..and when I cross referenced with Amazon and a few other dog food sites, I saw that across the board, there were glowing reviews on your products! And that it helped dogs with kidney issues!

The Vet was Really Impressed with The Results

I was so excited when they said the blood work was as good as it was…and when my vet said she was impressed, I was thrilled but then she made a point of telling me 2 or 3 times how impressed she was and that she hadn’t seen that significant of an improvement before so I knew she was really impressed then!

The Prescription Diet Was NOT the Solution!

What is funny is the one vet thought that the Prescription Diet KD formula Dog Food is what created these results and I quickly told him that I stopped feeding Ranger processed food three days after leaving the vets office. I still have a case of wet food and dry food in the garage and will probably toss it…I can’t in good conscience give it to another dog knowing that it isn’t any good for them either.

Ranger is a Dr. Harvey’s Poster Dog

Ranger is about to turn 14 years-old! My vet said that is amazing for a Dalmatian and usually she doesn’t see them at this age, in this great of a condition!

I have attached a picture of Ranger!

Thank you!

Christina Mahaffey and Ranger

Ingredients Are Everything-Our Commitment-Our Mission

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description


We have always been about education. Over 30 years ago, when Dr. Harvey started to teach people about feeding real food to animals, most people thought he was crazy. He knew he was right and he kept telling people the truth about pet foods~Ingredients are everything!

The Educated Animal

Image DescriptionTimes have changed and consumers are much wiser. They have become much more concerned and discerning about the ingredients that are used in their own foods and in the foods they feed their companion animals. This is a very good thing! It’s great for the animals and it is also very good for a company like ours. People who look for great ingredients and pure, real foods for their companion animals, can see that we take great care in what we put into all of our products. The caring pet parent can see that we are different from other pet food companies. The educated consumer is our best customer.

It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

Our concern for finding and using only the best ingredients keeps us very busy. Finding the best ingredients that can be freeze-dried and dehydrated is never an easy task, but we believe there is no other way. We are passionate about the purity of our ingredients. We know this is about the health of your animals and ours! We fight to find the very best!

No Additives, No Chemicals, No Preservatives

Image Description Dehydration and freeze-drying allows us to use these pure ingredients without using toxic preservatives. Leaving out preservatives and any synthetic additives is critical to our process. Our pledge to our customers is that we use only the best ingredients and keep them pure, safe and simple. This allows us to offer only the very best to your best friend.

Our ingredients are:

  • Sourced in the USA
  • Manufactured and Packaged in our own facility in the USA
  • 100% Human Grade
  • Not from China
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Free of All Chemical Additives
  • Free of Dyes and Coloring Agents
  • Free of Salt and Sugar
  • Free of All Fillers
  • Free from any By-Products
  • Free of Synthetic Ingredients
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Made with meats that are Free-Range USDA

Image DescriptionIn addition, we use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. All of the herbs that we use in our supplements and grooming aids are organic and wild-crafted. All of the “noble” grains that we use in Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food are certified organic. Our Sweet Potate’r Chews and Fries and our Coconut Smiles for dogs are USDA Certified Organic.

What This Means to You and Your Family

This is our commitment to you and to our mission; to provide only the very best, truly healthy products made with only the finest ingredients for our companion animals.

Tumors Disappear in 13 Year-Old Dog~Happy Birthday!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Hi Dr. Harvey,

Image Description It was last summer when I ordered Veg-To-Bowl Fine Ground for my dogs again.
I lived in the Washington, DC area until December of 2013 and that was when I first found out about Veg-To-Bowl.
I knew right away that it was healthy and my dogs liked it.
Then I moved to South Korea.

Thank You for Getting The Food to Me!

I’d like to thank you and your staff for going through all the trouble to make special shipment to South Korea.
I am very happy to let you know how your kind decision helped me and my dogs, especially the older one whose name is GN.

He is Having Another Birthday!

Image Description

GN will turn 13 years old in April.
It’s overwhelming for me to be able to say he is going to have another birthday!!
He went through a surgery a couple of days after Christmas in 2013 to have 3 inches of his small intestine removed. It was his first cancer.
6 months later he was diagnosed with another cancer, Thymoma.
The CT scan showed that it was too late for a surgery. His chest was filled with tumors and they had progressed, adhering and spreading onto the vena cava.

We Were Told He Had Only 6 Months to Live

Chemotherapy was not going to help much, so I refused it. The vets said he had only a few months left to live.

The Cancer Spread~He Lost His Appetite

We decided to keep it simple and to give him the happiest days we could for the time he had left.
That was when I had to order Veg-To-Bowl. GN had lost most of his appetite and Veg-To-Bowl was the only thing he would take without complaints.

Our Puppy is Now Tumor Free!

Image DescriptionNow it is 2015 and I had to write to you! To make a very long story short and to give you the most incredible news; GN is now free of tumors! I put him on Chaga mushroom treatment and have fed him Veg-To-Bowl and the tumors have completely disappeared.
If he had not been able to eat good food this would never have been possible.

I appreciate your kindness at the most needed moment.
Thank you!!

I take him to vets every month to look at it and last X-ray did not show any return of the tumors.

I have sent you photos and x-rays of our amazing dog!

Sincerely, with lots and lots of thanks,

Maggie Brown

Teddy Bear is 18 Years Young~Diet Makes the Difference

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This wonderful dog mom wrote to tell us about her amazing senior dog, Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear is now 18 years young! Teddy’s mom, Noreen, wanted to say thank you to Dr. Harvey’s. Noreen knows that she has helped to give Teddy a long and healthy life by feeding Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health for most of his life. We are sharing this wonderful email and photo from Teddy’s mom, because we know how important health and longevity are to every pet parent. We all want our dogs to live healthy, long lives and we know that feeding real food is one of the most important ways to help our dogs achieve this. We really had to share this amazing story with you!
Here is Noreen’s email:

Dear Dr. Harvey,

Image Description

I just wanted to thank you for the great product that I have been feeding the “love of my life” for many years. My “pound puppy” will be 18 years-old in a couple of weeks and I credit his longevity to his food. I have been feeding him Canine Health, the Miracle Dog Food pre-mix for at least the past 7 or 8 years (since my dear friend recommended it).

His Good Health is Due to Your Canine Health Food

I am sure his good health is a direct result of his diet. He has had 2 cancer surgeries and still has a very slow growing cancer that his vet says he will die of natural causes sooner than from the cancer.

I Am So Grateful and I Wanted You to Know

I would like you to know that I think your product is made with care and honest concern for the animals, and I am so grateful.
I am vegetarian, but I cook his food with animal protein, I was alternating between hard-boiled eggs, Chicken breast ground Turkey and Beef (his vet says he needs red meat, so now he gets 90% lean Angus beef with his Canine Health. He is doing really well. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate a high quality food for my best bud. Thank you!

I’ve attached is a photo of Teddy Bear at his Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party!

Best regards and thank you,

Noreen Lotko & Teddy Bear

Stormin' Norman Finds Answers to His Terrible Problem

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image DescriptionAdorable French Bulldog,Norman, aka Stormin’ Norman, had a terrible problem. His mom Stacy wrote to tell us that putting Norman on Canine Health made his problems disappear. There were other benefits too! We wanted to share her words with you.

Norman’s Mom Says “Thank You!”

Dear Wendy,

I wanted to write a quick thank you for making a high quality product for my French Bulldog “Stormin’ Norman”. I adopted Norman at the age of 5 and noticed that he was having digestive and regurgitation issues.

Norman’s Reflux Was A Real Problem

He had reflux so bad that I had to put him on an antacid! At the suggestion of my holistic vet I called your company and spoke with a representative.

I Stopped Kibble and In 3 Days He Was Better!

I stopped using dry kibble and changed to your Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and added tofu for protein.

In just 3 days I noticed his regurgitation stopped completely.
Norman’s coat has completely changed and is beautiful, also his personality and energy level have improved. He is such a happy guy! I never knew how sick his old food was making him until I put him on your food.

Image Description We are often stopped by people who comment on Norman and I tell everyone about your food!

Keep up the great work and providing wonderful products.


Stacy and Norman

See This Amazing Recovery-Sage’s Journey

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Grateful Email May Help Your Pet Too!

Wonderful pet parent, Cindy, sent Sage’s story to us. Sage’s story is truly amazing. We love sharing these stories as we always hope that other pet parents, who are looking for answers will find them here.

Here is the email we received from Sage’s Mom

Dear Dr Harvey,
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve given you an update on Sage,the dog with a liver shunt, epilepsy, low heart rate, etc. – a rescue we’ve had since March 2014. At our vet’s recommendation we had been feeding her Prescription Diet L/D. After seeing no positive improvements and watching her weight increase & energy level decrease, I said no more.

The Change Was So Dramatic

Image DescriptionWe introduced her to Veg-To-Bowl on Nov 20, 2014. The change has been dramatic as you can see in the attached video. More energy & no more weight gain. No more skin bumps or scratching & less shedding. AND no seizures now for almost 7 weeks – a record!!! We, and of course, Sage could not be happier!

Thank you Dr. Harvey!

Thank you for all you do to provide pets like Sage quality, wholesome, nutritional products. I added Veg- to-Bowl to my soup and loved it! Dr. Harvey, thank you for your phone calls and recommendations. Sage deserved this after all she had been through at a puppy mill and is a beautiful pet!

More Information on How to Help Your Companion

For over 30 years we have been working with pet parents to find the very best way to heal their companions. We teach pet parents how to keep their companions healthy, increase longevity and how best to maintain health and wellness for a happy, long life.
We are happy that so many people have found the answers they needed by visiting our website and using our products. This is why we do what we do.

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