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Our New Sweet Potate’rs - Softer and Organic!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Sweet Potate'r Chews
Image Description

Now Certified USDA Organic

Now we have gone just one step further to provide the healthiest treat possible. We now use only USDA Certified Organic sweet potatoes to make our Sweet Potate’r treats, providing companion dogs the very best treat possible.

We are proud to offer the newest organic version of our Sweet Potate’r Chews and Fries

Sweet Potate'r Chews

Soft and Chewy

Our new chews and fries are softer and very chewy, making them super fun and healthy for all dogs.

An Important Alternative Chew

We have been offering sweet potatoes as treats for dogs for many years.
We make sweet potatoes as an alternative to rawhide and molded chews, because we know that those chews are just not healthy for dogs. We think having a truly healthy chew for dogs is very important.

A Super Healthy Treat

Sweet potatoes are healthy for dogs and when they are dehydrated they make a wonderful healthy chew treat for dogs. Most dogs love sweet potatoes! Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews and Fries are dehydrated so that they are naturally chewy and because they are gently dehydrated the sweet potatoes retain their high nutritional value without any preservatives.

To Us, Ingredients are Everything

At Dr. Harvey’s, we use only 100% human grade ingredients in ALL of our products. We do not add, preservatives, dyes, flavoring, salt, sugar or any synthetic ingredients of any kind.

  • A Healthy, Single- Ingredient Treat.
  • They’re 100% Certified Organic Sweet Potatoes!
  • Grown,Dried and Packaged in the USA
  • A Safe & Natural Alternative to Rawhide & Molded Chews
  • Nothing Artificial. No Dyes. No Preservatives. No By-Products

We are proud to offer the newest organic version of our Sweet Potate’r Chews and Fries.

Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews and Fries are better than ever and your dogs will love them more than ever!

Introducing Coconut Smiles - An Organic Coconut Treat for Dog

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Dr. Harvey’s will be launching our Organic Coconut Smiles next week! These treats are sure to become a special in your home.

Ask Your Local Pet Shop

Your local store can order Coconut Smiles for you. They are now ready to ship!

Why is Coconut So Healthy?

Coconut Smiles are made of USDA organic dried coconut. Our dried Coconut Smiles offer the same dietary benefits as coconut oil and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Dogs go crazy for this super-healthy, nutty treat!

Coconut is Truly a Superfood

According to its advocates, when taken internally, coconut may:
  • Improve skin and coat in dogs
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
  • Improve cholesterol levels and help fight heart disease
  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Help Relieve arthritis
  • Help Prevent and treat yeast and fungal infections
  • Help Prevent and treat viral infections
  • Help balance the body’s metabolism and hormones
  • Help prevent or control diabetes
  • Reduce allergic reactions

Coconut Smiles - Loose

Dr. Harvey’s Coconut Smiles are not only a great treat that dogs love, but they are made from pure, organic, dehydrated coconut which many researchers believe to be a “superfood”.

Now you can offer your customers a great new healthy treat from Dr. Harvey’s!

What The Experts Say About Coconuts

According to Dr. Mary Enig, a Ph.D. nutritionist and biochemist and a world leading expert on fats and oils, coconut contains lauric acid that forms into monolaurin, an antiviral and antibacterial substance.

Dr. Enig found coconut oil to be rich in lauric acid, a health-promoting fatty acid with anti-microbial properties that is being used in trials with AIDS patients and others suffering from compromised immune systems. Dr. Enig’s theories about “conditionally essential” saturated fats are already proving to be one of the missing links to the development of effective anti-aging therapies as well as many other therapies for better health.

Now Ready for You and Your Best Friend!

Coconut Smiles are available. You can order them here now! Click Here to Order

Loyalty Matters! Ask Your Local Pet Store...

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Get a Free Bag of Dr. Harvey’s at Your Store

Image Description Dr. Harvey’s has launched a new program in partnership with our independent pet retailers. The Frequent Buyer Program allows you to buy 10 bags of any of our foods at your local store and get the 11th bag for FREE!

Our Frequent Buyer Program is designed to reward those of you who regularly purchase Dr. Harvey’s food at your favorite pet store.

Ask Your Local Independent Pet Store

Ask your local store if they are participating in Dr. Harvey’s Frequent Buyer Program. If they have not yet signed up for the program, tell them that you are interested in participating.
All they have to do is contact us and will get them started with the program. It’s free for stores to participate and •they can help you to get a FREE bag of Dr. Harvey’s!•

Find a Local Store

This program is only available in stores. To find your local store just click here.

The "Book of Miracles"-Real Stories from Real Customers

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Image Description I am so pleased to offer this wonderful little “Book of Miracles” to you! It contains true stories of healing. All of the stories and photos have been sent to us in emails and letters by thankful guardians.

These grateful pet parents want to tell us how
our foods and supplements have helped them to heal their companion dogs when they were desperate for answers.
They want to say thank you and to tell us about their “miracle”. Hearing from these guardians is the most rewarding part of our work.

The book shows how Dr. Harvey’s foods are the best alternative to “prescription diets” and how hopeless many of these pet parents felt before finding a “miracle” by using our products.

These thankful pet parents also want to share their stories in hopes that their experiences will help others who may be desperately looking for answers for their companion.

We are honored to share these stories with you in this informative little booklet. It is our hope that you will read it and share it with your pet parent friends.

There are some people who may not know about the healing properties of eating highly nutritional chemical-free foods and how powerful a small change can be!

This is the message that we have shared for over 30 years. We continue to make this information available to all pet parents and hope that you will help us by sharing this book with others.

Image DescriptionYou can get a FREE copy of “The Book of Miracles” by emailing us at with your name and mailing address. We will mail you a copy or send you a digital copy if you are outside the US.

We know you will enjoy the read and will be happy to help someone else by passing it on.

Thank you always,
Dr. Harvey

Veg-to-Bowl-The Ultimate Solution to Healthy Weight loss

Posted By Dr. Harvey

A Canine Health Epidemic

Image DescriptionObesity in dogs is a serious problem. Dogs who are overweight are at risk for many serious health issues. Including:

• Respiratory compromise
• Heat intolerance
• Hypertension-heart disease
• Diabetes
• Liver disease or dysfunction
• Osteoarthritis-joint and back problems
• Increased surgical risk
• Lowered immune system function
• Increased risk of developing cancer

Pet Parents Are Confused About How to Help

Image Description When the vet tells a pet parent that their dog needs to lose weight. Pet parents are either offered a “prescription” food or told to get a (heaven forbid) low calorie or diet kibbled food. Both of these solutions will fail to resolve the problem. This leaves pet parents at a loss to try and find a solution to this serious problem.
Calorie restriction is not the only important component of weight loss. Feeding kibble of any kind, which is usually one of the main contributory factors in obesity is a poor solution and doomed to fail. What is even more troubling is that “low calorie” kibble is an unhealthy way to try and achieve weight loss in dogs.

Why Are Our Dogs Overweight?

Dogs become obese due to a number of factors, but the number one reason is the poor quality of commercial kibbled dog food. These poor quality, synthetic, chemical and sugar-laden pellets are what is causing dogs to gain weight in ever growing numbers. Kibble dooms many dogs to gain weight even when less food is given. The problem has become epidemic because so many pet parents chose to feed kibble. Even the healthy “natural” brands of commercial kibble and treats can cause dogs to gain weight. Overfeeding and lack of exercise are also contributory. Some breeds tend to be more at risk for obesity, but all dogs are susceptible.

Weight Loss is Not A Mystery

Image Description I do not want to minimize the seriousness of this condition and it saddens me that so few pet parents know what to do to improve their dog’s obesity. They have no idea how to help their pet to get to and maintain a normal weight. I have been helping dogs lose weight safely for many years. In fact, it is no mystery and it is not really that hard to correct!

Veg-to-Bowl-An Easy and Safe Solution

Image DescriptionWe have been using Veg to Bowl for safe successful weight loss for over a decade now. Veg-to-Bowl provides a very low fat, low calorie base that is also filled with natural fiber. It provides whole food sources of vitamins and minerals and it is very satisfying for dogs so they don’t have to feel hungry.
Using Veg-to-Bowl with a lower fat, but high quality protein like chicken or fish makes the perfect meal to achieve weight-loss in a slow, but consistent way. Add to this way of feeding some addition exercise and playtime and your dog WILL lose weight!

Sounds Too Simple-But it Works!

I know it sounds almost too simple, but it really is THAT simple and VERY, VERY successful!
Veg-to-Bowl has helped thousands of dogs lose weight in a healthy way. I cannot tell you how important this is to your dog’s long-term good health and longevity. Keeping your dogs lean and at an optimal weight is one of the most important things you can do for their health. There IS an easy way to get your dog to lose weight; Veg-to-Bowl is the healthiest way to help your overweight dog.

You Need to Try This and See for Yourself

Image Description Try this and you will see an amazing improvement in your dog’s weight in a matter of weeks and a dramatic difference in just a few months. This is the ultimate way to achieve safe and healthy weight loss in dogs.

Veg-to-Bowl Provides:

• Healthy and Consistent Weight Loss
• A Feeling of Fullness for Your Dog
• High Quality and Healthy Ingredients
• Essential Vitamins and Minerals
• Your Choice of High Quality Lean Protein
• Fresh, Healthy Meals for Dog in Just Minutes

Veg-to-Bowl is the answer you need to help your dog to lose weight safely & live a healthy & long life.

Try Veg-To-Bowl for Your Dog!

+ $3.95 Shipping

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Tell Us About Yourself

Learn more about Veg-To-Bowl

Try Veg-To-Bowl for Your Dog!

+ $3.95 Shipping

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Tell Us About Yourself

Learn more about Veg-To-Bowl

Cleopatra's Story- So Impressive- We had to Post it.

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

We recently received this email and were so moved when we read Cleo’s story that we wrote to Judi to ask her if we could post the story. Judi was kind enough to agree to sharing her story with others. We know that Judi understands the power that this type of story can have. We normally only post emails in our “What People are Saying” section, but this was so important we decided to post it on our blog.

Our hope is that when guardians share their experiences in this way that their experience may to help another guardian to find an answer for their companion.

Terminals Are For Buses

We know that not everyone will have such a wonderful outcome, but we also believe that “terminals are for buses”.
If one companion animal gets better from this story, then we have done a good job and Judi has done a great thing by sharing her story with others.

Getting a Cancer Diagnosis
Helped by Dr. Harvey's

Six years ago, my Great Pyrenees was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at the age of 5.
Cleo is an exceptional member of our family. She has a vocabulary of over 275 words and is a very intuitive and sensitive friend and companion! To look into her deep and doleful eyes takes your breath away. She is indeed a great, Great Pyrenees and we are very attached to each each other and truly appreciate one another.

We Found a Tumor

At the time I discovered the small cancerous tumor on her nose, I was in the middle of a bitter divorce and my ex-husband wanted to put her down. Cleo’s first set of “parents” divorced and didn’t want to keep their 2 Pyrenees, Caesar and Cleopatra. We rescued her when she was 3. I was beside myself with the thought of losing her now, in addition to the break-up of our marriage, as well as the sudden death of my mother at the age of 96. This all happened at the same time.

Finding Dr. Harvey

My cousin, Dana, advised me to call Dr. Harvey and he told me that Cleo’s cancer didn’t have to be a death sentence. His advice lead me to his website which is filled with specific information on food preparation for dogs and cats. In addition to his dog food alternative, “canine health” – which is human grade food, there is a ton of info on nutrients that are vital for good health for pets and for we humans.

I Immediately Stopped Feeding “Dog Food”

First thing I did was to stop feeding Cleo regular dog food which is loaded with things that are bad for dogs. Good health for everyone begins in the kitchen. It’s Dr. Harvey’s philosophy and my family has always felt strongly about the fact that you are what you eat. From what I learned on Dr. Harvey’s site.

She Is Now 12-Years old!

I chose to give Cleo (who is now going on 12 and looks great and feels good): ester c, manganese, alfalfa for her joints, as well as CoQ-10, which I also take, and alpha lipoic acid and pycnogenol.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Finding Dr. Harvey and learning from him how to blend foods for my dog as well as what nutrients are vital to good health has truly been a blessing!

Thank you so very much,"

Judi B and Cleo

To Me This Was a True Miracle

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We received this amazing message from Patty, a pet parent, who was searching for answers for different problems for her 3 dogs. The following is what she wrote to us…

Image Description

The Search for Right Food Begins

I have three dogs with three different issues. I was in search of a quality product that I could feed my dogs that they would like and I would like to buy. I had tried everything even home cooking. Then one day in Feb 2010, I found a bag of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and it changed my life as well as my dogs’ lives.

It’s As Easy as Making a Cup of Tea

I know people think this food might be a lot of work, trust me it is not. The food is as easy as making a cup of tea. As far as the protein that is the key to help with all your animals’ issues and now you are in control of that with this food. If your dog needs a low protein diet you now have control over it.

Customer Service-Best on The Planet

As far as the customer service at Dr. Harvey’s, there is none better on the planet. You can speak to Dr. Harvey’s regarding your animals’ issues and what you can do to help your animal. Yes, speak to Dr. Harvey, he does exist.

You Will See The Results

Image DescriptionOnce you use this food, even if it is just for a week you will see results. I use the food, treats and the line of supplements. As far as the healing cream you can use it anywhere on the dog, I have used it on myself too. I just don’t have enough words for how all of these products changed all of my dogs’ lives for the better.

Three Dogs-Three Different Problems

My 13 year old Shih Tzu Mai-Tai was having digestive and constipation issues, as a lot of dogs suffer from as they age. I changed him to Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and he was like a young pup again no issues at all with digestion or constipation.

Allergies Under Control

My 4 year old Shih Tzu, Midori ,was having all sorts of allergy issues as severe as fistulas on her anus. We saw a dermatologist, who suggested medicine for life so the problem wouldn’t reoccur. She was only 4 years old; medicines can change kidney and liver values for the worse. I switched her to Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food where I control what type of protein and how much she gets. She is now 8 years old and thrives on this food.

Severe Digestive Issues Cured

My 4 year old Shih Tzu, Mojito, was sick since I got him as a young pup. He had all sorts of digestive and bowel issues. His issues were so severe that my veterinarian had done every test imaginable on him to rule out so many things. My veterinarian wanted me to see a gastro specialist for a colonoscopy on my 4 year old dog.I was desperate to find something that would help. That is when I tried the Dr. Harvey’s Canine Miracle……..believe me when I tell you it is a true miracle! He is now 8 years old and loves his food; he can’t wait for those eight minutes to be over so he can eat!

The Healing Cream-Another Miracle

Image DescriptionMojito also has suffered from bug bites. He makes himself bleed from biting them. In one day of applying the Dr. Harvey’s Healing Cream three times the next morning I couldn’t find the bites …….I thought it was the other leg………*they was gone just like that*.

As a Consumer I Have Never Been So Impressed

When I tell you that you will not be disappointed with any of Dr. Harvey’s products, you will not. As a consumer, I have never been this impressed with the product and the service that comes with buying this product; it is like no other company. You ask why? The answer is clear. It is because this company loves what they do and they care and it shows!

To Me It is a Real Miracle

Remember all of my dogs had different issues………… me it is a real miracle all the issues were resolved because of this incredible food. Thank you so very much, Patty Lurz – Mt Sinai, NY

Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

+ $3.95 Shipping

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Tell Us About Yourself

Learn more about Canine Health

Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

+ $3.95 Shipping

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Tell Us About Yourself

Learn more about Canine Health

2 Minutes That Will Change How You Think About Pet Food

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

There IS a difference between the foods we make and commercial pet food. The ingredients we use are not used by other companies. We use only the best, because we believe animals deserve the best. Our team created this new video to show you why Oracle is so special for your dogs and cats.


Oracle – Complete, Freeze-Dried Foods for Companion Dogs and Cats from Dr. Harvey's on Vimeo.

Candy-Living Proof of a Miracle Dog

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This has to be one of the most wonderful success stories we have ever heard. As with many of the amazing emails that we receive, this reminds us to never give up! We hope that Candy’s story will give hope to others. This is Candy’s story in her mom’s own words.We are honored to have been a small part of Candy’s miraculous recovery

Doing Great After Deadly Diagnosis

Image Description

Dear Dr. Harvey,
I just want to update you about Candy! She is doing great after her diagnosis of IMHA-immune-mediated hemolytic anemia,
and her blood transfusions. We almost lost Candy a year ago and thanks to all of your fantastic foods, recommendations, caring, and true love of animals, Candy just celebrated her 7th birthday!

We Can Never Thank You Enough

Image DescriptionMy family and I can never thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to always take my phone calls when Candy’s red blood cell count was as low as six. It was recommended we put her to sleep. You explained we were simply buying time for her system to get rid of whatever she got hold of and you were so right!!!

I Want to Tell The World-It’s a Miracle!

I just want to let the World of Pet lovers know that

Dr. Harvey, who came highly recommended to me by my brother, Kevin, is a true miracle worker! Candy, our Dachshund, is the true Living Proof Miracle Dog.

Image Description She is back to living a normal, fun-filled, healthy life thanks to the one and only Dr. Harvey who never gave up on Candy!!! *This picture was taken this past January 2014.

Hope for Champ-My Love with Kidney Failure

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We Think It’s Really Important to Share This…

It is startling for us to hear about so many cases of kidney problems in dogs. We have been following Champ and his mom, Judy, and their journey through the difficult time since getting this devastating diagnosis. We wanted to share this here so that other pet parents, who my be struggling with a similar issue, may see that there is hope, even in the most advanced cases. Here is Champ’s story so far…

Image Description

Champ Our Beautiful Rescue

Dear Dr. Harvey,
Champ is our five-year-old Golden Retriever who we adopted three years ago. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina by a Long Island Humane Society just 24 hours before he was to be euthanized. Champ is a very loving and loyal dog. We have spent many hours roaming the woods and fields during all seasons.

A Shocking Diagnosis

Our medical journey with Champ began on December 20, 2013.

For a few months prior, we had noticed Champ losing some weight. There were also a few days where he did not have much of an appetite. But most days, he was his normal active and energetic self. When I took Champ to his December veterinarian appointment, I was shocked to get the diagnosis of stage 4 kidney failure!

We Were Not Given Much Hope

I was told survival outlook was most likely just weeks. I left Champ overnight at the vet to receive IV fluids. When I picked him up the next day and was given 5 different medications along with a phosphorus binder. They recommended a “prescription diet”. Champ was eating next to nothing at this time.

I Could Not Get Champ to Eat

As soon as I got Champ home I began searching the Internet for information and resources to help me understand this condition. On January 2nd we tried the prescription dog food. I tried cooking for him. It was hit or miss, some days he would eat and some days nothing at all. He always wanted to go for his walks. I don’t know where he got the energy, as he was really not eating!

Finding Dr. Harvey’s-Nothing to Lose

At this time, I came across Canine Health, the all-natural food pre-mix food by Dr. Harvey. There was a website address and toll free number. I had nothing to lose, I sent an e-mail explaining what was happening with Champ and held my breath hoping for a reply.

Speaking to Dr. Harvey

Within an hour, Wendy e-mailed me and said Dr. Harvey wanted to speak with me and to please call. I did right away. I told him everything and he said to start Champ on Kefir right away. I had just ordered the Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food, was to call him when I received it so he could help me portion what Champ needed.

The Picture Still Looked Bleak

Champ has been eating Canine Health for a few days by now. It did take him a few meals before he started to really eat his food.
Dr. Harvey was guided me on the protein amounts to use in Champ’s food. We decided to decrease the protein a bit to try and bring down his Bun. He also said I needed to get Champ on fluids right away. On Jan. 11th another urinalysis was done. I was told kidney function was very poor there was a lot of protein and bacteria in urine. Again, I was told a very bleak outlook.

Staying Calm

On Jan.20th I spoke with Dr. Harvey again, Champ was not eating as well as he had been. Dr. Harvey told me not to stress, because that would get Champ stressed. Dr. Harvey helped me come up with a new game plan. I asked the vet for Sub Q Fluids to be given at home. My vet suggested 500 ml every other day.

A Little Light-Champ Starts Eating!

By Feb 3rd the urinalysis was much improved. I had taken a sample from Champ first thing that morning by doing a clean catch. *Champ had also gained some weight, up a few pounds thanks to Canine Health! Again, I called Dr. Harvey with results. New game plan, we need to get the Bun down. We cut his daily protein amounts and I began giving 500 ml of Sub Q fluids every day. I continued giving 3600 mg of aluminum hydroxide powder divided among 3 meals per day.

I Am So Thankful

We didn’t change anything else except that Dr. Harvey told me to add one sweet potato per day to Champ’s food. This should help him gain a little more weight. I am so thankful for Dr. Harvey and Wendy. They are always available to help day or night. They genuinely care about our animal companions. I know Champ’s journey is ongoing and I am learning new things every day. It is reassuring to know Dr. Harvey is only a phone call away. He expects me to call after every vet appointment to discuss results. I am thankful for that!

Champ is Doing Great!

Image Description Today Champ is off all meds except phosphorus binder and his Bun is down!

Champ is doing great! He is eating 8 scoops of Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food per day along with a sweet potato mixed in. He licks his dish clean! I can’t tell you how good it is to see that considering 6 weeks ago we were begging him to eat with little success.

Thank You for Caring

Thank you Dr. Harvey. I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I appreciate the support you offer and the quick response to a phone call or e-mail. Thanks for caring. Judy

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