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When Your Pet's Diet is Critical

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Our animal population is sick and getting sicker. Kidney disease is rampant in our canine population as is cancer and diabetes, not to mention obesity. Kibbled food for pets is the equivalent of feeding only junk food to our children. Eventually, their health will suffer. We see the detrimental results of this type of diet every day.

The Pet Food Industry and Animal Nutrition

In the last decade, there have been some significant trends in pet nutrition that have helped to improve the way we feed our pets. Even with these innovations, the majority of pet parents continue to feed their companions commercial dog food.
Some guardians may look for a “better way” to feed their pets, but are often swayed by marketing strategies that convince them that some brands of kibble or canned food are better than others. Most pet parents believe they are giving their pets a healthy diet and often buy more expensive commercial foods equating the higher cost with a higher quality. Unfortunately, most of this marketing is false and most of our pets are being fed a poor diet with a very low level of nutrition. The pet food industry and its commercial pet food offerings has led to a startling rise in canine and feline kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

sick dog 3

Looking for Alternatives

Receiving a diagnosis of one of these diseases is shocking for a pet parent. They may have never considered that the food that they have been feeding their beloved pet could be so detrimental to their health.
When a companion animal becomes sick or is dying guardians are often motivated to explore new ideas in nutrition and may begin to examine what they have been feeding. Many who have experienced the heartbreak of losing a pet to illness vow that they will find a better way and that they will feed their next pet a healthier diet. Many guardians are desperate to find answers and to help save their dog or cat.

Pet Food is Making Our Pets Sick

A small number of visionaries in the veterinary world have spoken out about problems in the pet food industry and the lack of nutrition in commercial pet foods. Their concerns along with a growing number pet parent advocates has given rise to some better and cleaner ways to feed our pets. Becoming more popular are, home cooking, better commercially available dehydrated, freeze-dried and frozen pet foods, raw diets and grain-free options. These options have received some level of acceptance with a group of concerned pet parents, but in reality this group remains small and although the impact has been felt, it has largely been ignored by the veterinary community and it has only been exploited by the pet food industry giving rise to so-called “all-natural” kibbled food. Nutritional concerns along with a growing number of pet food recalls has also fueled the desire for better foods for our companion animals.

Kibble dog food

For the most part, however, the overwhelming majority of companion animal guardians still feed commercially canned and kibbled food to their pets. These types of foods line our supermarket shelves and are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to feed pets. Moreover, this type of feeding is accepted and indeed, recommended by most veterinarians. After all, it is pet food that is made expressly for pets. It is touted as being “complete and balanced” according to AAFCO, the regulatory body that oversees requirements for animal feed. This regulatory group makes nutritional recommendations, which are followed and adhered to by agricultural departments in each state in the US. The problem is that commercial pet food is not good for pets and is at the root of the crisis in our pets’ health.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

So what can you do to keep your pet healthy and what can you do if your dog gets sick? There is a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests that feeding real, fresh foods to dogs and cats will give them the best chance of avoiding serious diseases. There is also evidence that diet can help lessen the harmful effects and even reverse diseases such as kidney insufficiency, cancer, and diabetes, all life threatening conditions in pets.

Paradigm food oils ingredients 2

What can you do to keep your dog healthy?

The answer to keeping your dog healthy is simple. Feed your dog real fresh food using high-quality protein, good quality fats and a variety of vegetables as the basis for their daily diet.

And if my dog gets sick?

Many of us know the feeling of complete helplessness when being told that our pet has a life-threatening disease. Many of us know the heartbreak of losing a pet to such an illness. There is a real terror of the costs involved in caring for a sick pet, not to mention the emotional weight and overwhelming sadness that most people experience when their beloved companion is diagnosed with a deadly disease like cancer or a disease that needs constant care like diabetes.

sick dog

Changing Your Dog’s Diet

But there is growing evidence that cancer; diabetes, kidney disease and obesity can be managed by dietary changes. Pet parents have seen that disease progression can be slowed and even halted and reversed by feeding a diet that is rich in real foods, high in fat, low in carbohydrates and uses moderate amounts of fresh high-quality protein. This type of diet is referred to as a ketogenic diet, meaning that the body is burning ketones, as it’s primary fuel and not glucose. This state of ketosis regulates blood sugar and allows the cells to heal. Glucose is a “dirty” fuel, while fat burns much cleaner in the body. So by replacing carbs with healthy fats, your cells’ mitochondria, the insides of each cell, are less likely to suffer damage from free radicals and can heal. Carbs, grains, certain high sugar content fruits, starches and starchy vegetables all turn to glucose in the body. These ingredients must be avoided on this type of healing diet.

So What Does this Mean For My Dog?

If your dog has cancer, diabetes or is overweight this type of diet can be extremely helpful. It will consist of low carbohydrate vegetables, medium amounts of high-quality fresh protein and added fats for energy.

Other Ingredients that Heal

In addition to a healing low carb or ketogenic diet, there exist in nature certain ingredients that have been shown to have a powerful healing effect on humans and animals they are a wonderful addition to a canine diet:

Milk thistle
Mushrooms, including:

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)
Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)
Maitake (Grifola frondosa)
Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis)
Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Herbs and ingredients in Paradigm

Exploring Superior Nutrition for Sick Dogs

Finding a healing diet for a pet with a chronic disease who is in a health crisis can feel daunting and complicated.
New evidence shows that it does not have to be that difficult. By changing your sick pet’s daily regimen to a diet rich in fats, low glycemic vegetables and medium amounts of high-quality proteins, you will be giving your beloved companion the very best chance at healing and thriving If your pet is healthy and you want them to enjoy good health and long life the earlier you begin feeding this health-giving diet the better chance your fur baby will have to maintain wellness throughout a long life.

Food With Oils

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A New Paradigm for Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity in Companion Animals

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Paradigm Blog

Our mission has always been to provide information that will help pet parents to make the best choices when deciding on how to feed their companion animals and achieve optimal wellness.

We provide foods that are often the solution to a guardian’s quest to find nutritional answers to chronic or recurring health problem. To that end, we have, for over 30 years, provided foods that help pet parents to feed their companions a daily diet that is made from fresh, safe and healthy ingredients. We have seen miraculous improvements in so many dogs, cats and birds and we have helped healthy animals to remain healthy.

In our quest to provide continuing education and cutting edge information on animal nutrition we continue to search for the newest research available.

We recently attended the 2nd Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis and Metabolic Therapeutics in Tampa, Florida where we were privileged to hear scientists, doctors, veterinarians and researchers from around the world discussing the benefits of a ketogenic diet for humans and animals.

There is a great deal of evidence that this diet may help certain conditions such as seizures, and other neurological conditions, cancer, obesity and diabetes in both humans and animals.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

This diet is high in fat, supplies adequate protein and is low in carbohydrates. This combination changes the way energy is used in the body. Fat is converted in the liver into fatty acids and ketone bodies. Another effect of the diet is that it lowers glucose levels and improves insulin resistance. An elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood, a state known as ketosis, leads to a reduction in the occurrence of epileptic seizures, may inhibit the growth of cancer cells and helps regulate diabetes and obesity.

Help with Cancer

At this conference, we were pleased to hear about the work being done at the Keto Pet Sanctuary in Texas, where they have been conducting successful trials with shelter dogs with cancer.

At the Keto Pet Sanctuary, they feed dogs a high-fat, adequate protein, and low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

The Keto Pet Sanctuary is a state of the art facility that provides a variety of alternative therapies for dogs with cancer. Dogs at the sanctuary are fed a . diet that is high in fat, uses moderate amounts of protein and is very low in carbs. The diet is meant to slow or halt the growth of cancer-based on the theory that cancer cells feed on sugar (including carbohydrates that break down to sugar) and will not survive on fat.
The results are promising and sometimes miraculous.

For more information on the Keto Pet Sanctuary

Carbs and Cancer-the Connection

Rodney Habib, pet nutrition expert and researcher, recently spoke about findings from Veterinary Oncologists showing that there is a strong correlation between too much sugar, high carbohydrate and high starch diets and cancer. He is currently working on a documentary called, “The Dog Cancer Survival Series.” He has traveled the world looking for nutritional studies that provide alternative nutritional diets for dogs with cancer. These nutritional modalities include raw food and fresh food, caloric restriction, metabolic therapies and ketogenic diets. He has also created an organization called the Paws for Change Foundation.

In a recent video, renown holistic veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker, explained, “Everyone is talking about the damaging effects of high starch, high carb diets, pro-inflammatory diets. We know that these diets can contribute to diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. We know that there is an absolute correlation to the amount of sugar that a mammal eats and their predisposition to cancer.
We know that’s true.” Food matters… According to some experts, there is no question about the correlation between carbs and sugar that could be a cause and exacerbating cancers.

Help with Canine Nutrition

High-quality fresh protein in moderate amounts including:
• Beef
• Turkey
• Chicken
• Eggs
• Lamb
• Fish

Fats that can be added include:
• Coconut Oil
MCT oil
• Hemp Oil
• Butter or Ghee
• Flax Seed Oil
• Fish Oil
• Olive Oil

A diet rich in green low-carbohydrate and other low-glycemic vegetables can be helpful.
Recommended vegetables are:
• Broccoli
• Green Beans,
• Cabbage
• Celery
• Red Bell Peppers

Sea vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as:
• Kelp
• Spirulina

Help with Diabetes

While diabetes in dogs is a serious and complex condition, there is evidence to show that a diet that is low in carbohydrates can help to normalize blood sugar levels and encourage weight loss. We encourage pet parents who have a dog that has been diagnosed with diabetes to consider a nutritional intervention using a diet that is low in carbohydrates.

Dr. Karen Becker explains:
" … 90 percent of pet foods out there contain totally inappropriate ingredients that are not nourishing and actually create low-grade inflammatory processes, diabetes, and obesity. All the same health issues occurring in the pet world are occurring in the human realm in terms of overall health.

Sugar, of course, causes an insulin release. Insulin then causes blood sugar to drop. Cortisol is then released to rebalance blood sugar. So dogs and cats are dealing with this whole cycle of carbohydrate ingestion, insulin release, and cortisol release.”
Dr. Becker concludes that animals were not meant to eat the high carb diets that most commercial pet foods offer.

Help with Weight Loss

Obesity in dogs is at near epidemic levels in the US. If you have ever had a dog that is overweight, you know how difficult it can be to reverse the condition. Obesity in dogs can lead to the development of a host of health problems including, diabetes, joint problems, and cardiovascular disease. Obesity is not just a vanity problem; it is in fact, a serious condition in dogs that adversely effect your dog’s health and longevity.

Ingredients that Sustain Health

In addition to considering a low carbohydrate diet for your dog there are herbs that Dr. Harvey includes to boost the immune system, encourage healing and help to increase overall good health.

These ingredients include:
• Turmeric
• Ginger
• Red Clover
• Milk Thistle
• Dandelion
• Slippery Elm
• Cinnamon

Giving Your Dog the Best Chance

There is no question that what you feed your dog can change their well-being and their outlook for a long and healthy life. When confronted with health challenges, using nutritional tools can help your dog to heal sometimes from even the most difficult of diagnosis.

How we look at feeding our companion animals needs a new paradigm and there is now a body of research that concludes that feeding your dog fresh meals that consist of high-quality proteins, healthy fats and low amounts of carbohydrates can encourage healing and promote wellness.

Dr. Harvey’s Takes a Closer Look

Based on the findings of the distinguished researchers who presented at this remarkable conference and on the findings now published in the research literature on the benefits of a low carb diet for the care of dogs and cats with cancer, diabetes, and obesity, we are working to educate pet parents worldwide.

In the coming months, our efforts will include providing tools for pet parents to implement this type of diet for their companions. Please check our website frequently to see new information that we will be sharing on this topic.

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We May Not Help Them All, But Sometimes There is a Bit of a Silver Lining

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Winnie Mae cropped Testimonial

It is our great joy and indeed our mission to help pet parents to help their companion animals. Happily, much of the time we are able to help animals recapture their health and maintain wellness. Pet parents are always very grateful, especially when they have spoken directly to Dr. Harvey or our staff and have felt the love that we feel for their animals. When animals get better, we love to hear the success stories and we are alway pleased to hear that we have touched the lives of a guardian and their beloved furbaby. But sometimes we cannot help. What happens then? That was the case with Winnie Mae, whose mom, Leslie, reached out to us when Winnie became very ill. Sadly, Winnie lost her battle to cancer, but then we got the email below from Leslie. We could not be more touched by her words. We wanted to share her experience with you and honor the memory of Winnie Mae

A Grieving Dog Mom-In her own words…

Dear Dr. Harvey, family and staff:

I just wanted to write and express my incredible gratitude for your customer service, care and true desire to help. You cannot imagine how much it is appreciated.

I wrote several weeks back in regards to my 2 and a half-year-old English Bulldog, Winnie. She was being tested for lymphoma and had stopped eating. We did have some samples of the Veg-to-Bowl, but she had already begun refusing food. In complete and total despair, I wrote to you. Within hours I had a reply, and within hours after that I was speaking to Dr. Harvey himself.
He then called every day to check on our baby and offer suggestions. We had several veterinarians on board including a holistic vet at another practice. I was paying these folks a bit of money to put it modestly.

I can tell you that Dr. Harvey and his staff were the FIRST to offer this kind of care and support. I never paid him one dollar for these phone consultations, he just did it because HE TRULY CARES.

Sadly enough, our baby passed within days of getting in touch with Dr. Harvey. The silver lining in it all has been my experience with Dr. Harvey.

I have never known any other company of any existence to offer up such concern and compassion for their customers. This was and has been a terrible time for our family, however, finding this man, his company and this food has forever changed my philosophy as a pet parent. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart, Dr. Harvey. You are a true pioneer in every sense of the word. You have yourself a customer FOR LIFE!

I wish you all the best, you truly deserve every success. From my family to yours, THANK YOU!


Leslie Benegasi

"We Want to Share Henry's Story"

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This wonderful family wrote a heartfelt email to us asking us to share their success story. We loved hearing Henry’s story and knowing that he is doing so well! Even after 30 years of teaching pet parents to make better choices, each story of a dog getting better with our food is wonderful and feels like a victory! We thank The Maged-Rubio Family for sharing Henry’s story with us and now with you!

Henry is the Love of Our Life

Hello Dr. Harvey and Team,

I wanted to write to you to share our story, say thank you, and possibly find a way to use our story to help other loving dog guardians find their way to your products if they already haven’t…

Henry Testimonial 1

Our dog, Henry, is our first dog. He is a four-year-old male Brittany and the love of our lives… We do everything together from going on walks, to showing him competitively and doing agility.

Devastated with a Diagnosis of Kidney Disease

We have always taken the best care of him and were shocked one year ago when he was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. We were frantic, consulted with anyone we could, looking for answers and hope. We did not know what to expect. We met with “alternative vets” and also specialists at one of the top veterinary hospitals in the country. All left us feeling disappointed with the recommendations they offered. When the specialist’s recommendation was to put Henry on a major brand name, canned dog food, meant for late stage renal failure patients, we knew we had to do our own research.

Henry Testimonial 2

We Searched and Searched for Answers

By scouring the internet for months, we were eventually led to Dr. Harvey. We were skeptical since Henry had always been a finicky eater… We called the company to ask some questions and were surprised when Dr. Harvey, himself, got on the phone! His unique brand of rationale and engagement persuaded us.

Henry Testimonial 3

Picky Henry Loved the Food

The first feeding said everything, as Henry lapped his food up and probably would have eaten even more! We like that we control the protein that goes into his base mix and get it fresh weekly from the farm near our house. He eats like a king!

Henry Testimonial 4

And Here’s the Good News!

The best news yet is that, after 2 months eating only your food and the protein and oil we supply, Henry had his first set of completely normal labs! On paper, he does not have renal disease. We tell everyone we can about your brand.

We Want to Tell Everyone about Dr. Harvey’s

Henry wants to be your “spokesdog”. Thank you with all of our hearts.

With the most sincere of thanks,
The Maged-Rubio Family

PS. We have attached some pictures of Henry.

Henry Testimonial 6

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We Want to Say "Thank you" Dr. Harvey!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We Had to Write to You!

Dear Dr. Harvey,

My name is Sondra Marcus, my husband and I share our home with 3 beautiful babies.
Suki— the matriarch, she is a 4lb. Japanese Chin 10 years old.
Joy— Cavalier King Charles 8 years old
Lily— Afghan Hound 15-month-old

Sondra Marcus testimonial

Feeding “The Girls” was a Constant Battle

I have been cooking for my girls for 10 years. It all started when we discovered our “Chin” was a very picky eater.
It has been a constant battle to get her to eat.

6 months ago, Lily came into our lives. I asked the breeder what Lily had been eating…she told me, and I had it at the house when Lily arrived.
The first night I offered her the food (kibble) she just picked at it…..and her bowel movements were not formed…I paid little attention, after all, she was in a new home. Well, this went on for the next 3 months! I had her to the vet to check for parasites or anything that might be the cause of her constant loose stools. I finally decided to do some research on dog allergies and found that grains can sometimes be the problem. I then went on the website that rates dog food.

Sondra Marcus testimonial 2

No More Runs with Runs Be Done!

Your products caught my eye. Why? They are raw and all-natural. I went immediately to your website and ordered the “Veg to Bowl” fine ground as well as “Runs Be Done”. The results were amazing! I followed the simple instructions and added the raw meat. For the first time in 10 years. Suki licked her bowl clean and so did Lily, within a few days Lily’s stools were formed! Joy was finally satisfied and not begging for more food.

We Love Your Food and Supplements

The girls are now on not only “Runs Be Done”, but several other of your herbal supplements. The Health and Shine is amazing…
Joy who has never had a shiny coat, is now like a mirror. Lily’s coat is like silk.*
Joy has such spring in her step.
Suki is acting like a 6-month-old puppy, she’s running, spinning and chasing her 2 sisters.
Our groomer can’t get over how their coats have improved and how great they look!

We are So Happy That the Girls are Better!

All 3 of them stand in the kitchen at 4 pm, (their dinner hour) as I prepare their dinner, they are talking to me!
My husband and I are so happy that they are so happy and healthy.
We now have the girls on your treats as well; they dance when they get the Sweet Potatoes and love the Coconut Smile and tripe Power Pops.

Lily Sondar Ma
We want to say “thank you” Dr. Harvey for all your dedication to these beautiful 4-legged humans, who are angels from heaven.


Sondra Marcus

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Try Veg-To-Bowl Fine Ground for Your Dog!

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Wonderful Success Story-Unbelievable Before and After!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Dog trainer and dog mom, Devi Do, shared her Rottweiler, Tyrael’s, before and after photo on her Instagram and it went viral. People couldn’t believe how wonderful he looked in his after shot. Devi, has now shared with us her difficult journey to bring Tyrael to good health. She lovingly tells of her frustrations and struggles with finding a food that would help her beloved pup. Read her story in her own words below! Amazing!

Scroll Down to See A Wonderful and Amazing BEFORE & AFTER Photo!

I Tried Everything to Help My Pup

Since Tyrael was about 7 months old, I had problems with him not being able to properly digest his food and unable to maintain a healthy weight. His immune system was always so weak that he would get kennel cough at least twice a year, even if he wasn’t around other dogs.

I had tried a wide array of high-quality kibbles in an attempt to find a diet that would help with his loose stools. Any level of stress or even just a different treat and I would be playing a game of poop-roulette, not knowing what kind of mess I would come home to.
Vets would test his stool for parasites and I would hear the same instructions of giving him rice and boiled chicken, with a plethora of different meds to help him return to “normal”.

Finally A Diagnosis-IBD-He Was Wasting Away

It wasn’t until he was 3 years old that we finally got a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Disease or IBD. The vet recommended we get him on a prescription diet, but the ingredients were reflective of a poor quality kibble and I didn’t see how that was going to help him get better.
As a dog trainer, I know what an important part nutrition plays in a dogs’ behavior. Once he had a flare up so bad that he no longer had an appetite, I knew I had to try something different. I was paying so much money to my vet and I was barely managing his condition and he looked like he was wasting away.
Tyrael was the largest pup in his litter, but with his IBD, he was outweighed by his brothers by almost 50 pounds!

He Had Lost So Much Weight

I stumbled across Dr. Harvey’s line of pet food when doing some research on online. I had fed another dog of mine a raw diet and she had done so well on it, but had only tried raw meaty bones with Tyrael. I didn’t feed Tyrael a raw diet because I just didn’t have the same kind of time that I had before to put together meals.
Dr. Harvey’s seemed like a fantastic alternative to preparing my own raw diet and saving me the time and money of buying everything outside of proteins. Once I made the switch, loose stools were a thing of the past! His coarse, dull coat started to fill in and glistened in the light. Putting together his meals is just so easy now and I was able to figure out which proteins his system couldn’t tolerate by trying out different meats to add to his food. He quickly started to gain weight and his increase in health took away my worry that he would catch whatever any passing dog might be carrying.

Tyrael Testimonial Before and After

The Difference is Nothing Short of Amazing

It’s amazing to see the difference in his energy levels and his ability to excel at sports. I branched out and tried out other freeze-dried pre-mixes, but I always kept coming back to Dr. Harvey’s since his coat is always the most plush when eating Canine Health. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Harvey’s pet food to any pet parent who has tried everything else and can’t seem to find a food that their pet can thrive on, not just survive on. Thank you for all that you do for pets!

Tyrael Testimonial 1

Thank You!

I’m glad people were so excited to share Tyrael’s journey to health!
The pictures I have attached were taken by a co-worker. Thanks to Liz Reichanadter for these wonderful photos!
Thank you, again!

Devi Do, CPDT-KA & Tyrael

Tyrael Testimonial 2

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Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

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Our Pre-Mixes Are Ready for their Close-Up!

Posted By Dr. Harvey

New Premixes

We’ve made a positive change: Our popular Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl pre-mixes are now available in beautiful, nature-inspired new packaging. And be assured that we haven’t changed a thing about what’s inside. Each package still contains the healthy, wholesome ingredients who know – and that your companion loves!

Important Details

  • We’ve refreshed the packaging on our popular pre-mix products!
  • Our formulas have not changed.
  • Pricing has not changed!
  • The size of the bags have not changed.

What Products Are Changing?

We Are Deeply Grateful to Have our Best Friend Returned to Good Health

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Neala small

We Thought is Was Just “Old Age”

All summer long, our 11-year-old Kerry Blue terrier, Neala, was sluggish. I attributed her lethargy to the prolonged heat and her age. It was after she developed colitis that we knew something else had caused her sudden downturn. Antibiotics and a bland diet seemed to do the trick, but as soon as we gradually reintroduced her to her ordinary food, the colitis returned immediately and with a vengeance, which meant yet another cycle of antibiotics.

With Every Food the Colitis Returned

Our vet concluded Neala had developed a hypersensitivity to her commercial dog food, and he suspected the fat content level was the culprit. He explained that dog food labels present a minimum fat content but that actual percentage levels could be double or more. There simply was no way to know what, exactly, Neala was eating. We tried, very briefly, to find a food that agreed with her gut, but every time the colitis returned.

Our Groomer Told Us about Dr. Harvey’s

It was actually our dog groomer who had suggested trying Dr. Harvey’s. Her own dog had suffered from much more serious ailments and had done beautifully on the Dr. Harvey’s regimen. I was willing to try anything to help my dear Kerry. And just like every testimonial I read, my dog’s story has taken on the rosy glow of success. She took to Canine Health immediately, without hesitation, and in a matter of just a couple of weeks she was restored to the happy, healthy, energetic dog she’d been before the horrible colitis cycle.

This Has Been a Remarkable Product for Us

Now we alternate between Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl; Neala loves both. It’s such a relief to know exactly what I’m feeding her, controlling both the type and amount of protein and healthy oil. It makes me sad to think all the while I thought she was “simply old,” she wasn’t feeling at all well. This has been a remarkable product for us, and we are deeply grateful to have our dearest friend returned to good health. Thank you!

You Can Get A Trial Size Too!

For More Information and To Order Your Trial Size, Click Here!

Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

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Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

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I Was at My Wit's End!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Thank you for your note!

First, I wanted to thank you for the note enclosed with the sample of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health. I was at my wit’s end with Mac at that point and I appreciated the sentiment so before I even tried the sample, I went and purchased a 10-pound bag of Canine Health in the hopes that it would work!

Mactavish 1

Kidney Diagnosis-Loose Stools

Since the diagnosis of Renal Disease, we’ve had our ups and downs. He’s lost weight and he was only a 19-pound dog to start with. We give him fluids subcutaneously every other day and I had tried a homemade low phosphorus diet mixed with the Prescription Low Residue, which worked for a little bit, but he was still having problems with a loose stool and pooping in the house. On the good news side, with the fluids and the diet his kidney numbers came down. They were still not within normal range but they were better.

My goals are to first get a solid stool and then try to get more weight on him without impacting the kidney numbers.


I switched him to Canine Health (without the protein or oil) last Thursday and I’m very happy to say that since Sunday, he’s had a solid stool.
(My husband and I only seem to talk about the dog’s poop anymore! ☺) He loves the food and can’t wait for me to put it down, so we have no problem with him eating. He actually barks at me to hurry up and get his food!

Mactavish 2

Now that I have that solid stool I’m going to see about introducing the oil and protein to the Canine Health and then try to get him off the low residue entirely.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your interest. And again, thank you for your initial note with the sample of Canine Health, it really meant a lot to me.

Sincerely, Joanne Powers


I also wanted to mention that MacTavish seems to have more energy this past week, and I’m chalking it up to Dr. Harvey’s!

You Can Get A Trial Size Too!

For More Information and To Order Your Trial Size, Click Here!

I Wanted to Thank You for What You Have Done for My Babies

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Wonderful dog mom, Monica, reached out to say thank you to Dr. Harvey’s. We wanted to share the story of her journey and how she found our products in her search to give the healthiest life to her beautiful fur babies. Skye, Zeus, and Poseidon have all benefited from eating real foods from Dr. Harvey’s. We thank Monica for sharing her experiences with us. We never tire of hearing these wonderful stories about how animals have found better health through using our products. It’s good to be reminded why we do what we do, by reading these heartfelt accounts that have so lovingly been shared by dedicated pet parents like Monica. It’s why we feel we are all part of the Dr. Harvey’s family.

I wanted to share my story…

Good afternoon,

I wanted to share our story of how your food has been one of the best things I have ever done for my fur-babies. Over 5 years ago I had a Black Lab named Dorito, unfortunately, one day his kidneys completely stopped working. While the testing and hoping was going on, I was looking into what I could do at home, not only for him but also for his little sister Skye (Rottweiler – German Shepard mix). Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to save Dorito and he went to doggie heaven.

I lost one and I was NOT going to let that happen again!

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I decided to keep Skye on your food, not only because it seemed like the best choice, but also after losing Dorito I became paranoid and very concerned about foods and treats. I wanted to give Skye the best and the most natural foods I could. She is now almost 11 and has kept the activity level of a puppy and I get compliments on her fur and just overall health all the time.

No More Allergies for Zeus

The other two siblings in the family are Zeus (small mix breed) who was allergic to everything when I got him from my sister. He was eating a very stinky and expensive food that he didn’t like at all. His fur was brittle and he was always red on his belly and ears. After a week his fur became silky and no more allergies. He is now allowed to run and slide in the grass, something he couldn’t do without medications.
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With Poseidon, I tried Every Food Recommended for German Shepherds

The third brother is Poseidon (German Shepard), or more commonly known as Posey. We found him when he was just shy of two months old abandoned in a shopping cart at the grocery store. He decided our family was his and he stayed. Being a German Shepherd I tried every food I could find that was recommended for German Shepherds as he had the typical gastro and skin problems. Your food is the only food he can eat without getting sick and the only food that keeps his weight at a normal level. I also get many compliments on his healthy condition and beautiful fur.

Poseidon gomez testimonial

I Had to Say Thank You!

I wanted to thank you for what you have done for my babies. You have kept them very healthy and extremely happy with your products. You have also helped this mom feel confident in what she is feeding her babies is the healthiest food she can give them!

Monica Gomez, Skye, Zeus, and Posey

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