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Natural Dog Food- A Little Manifesto

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Why Natural Dog Food?

Image Description I know fresh is best. I know dogs don’t need, and are in fact harmed by, preservatives; coloring agents, synthetic ingredients, artificial flavorings and dyes that are added to commercial dog foods.
A truly holistic approach to natural dog food is to avoid all commercial foods. These are foods that you can buy in supermarkets, discount stores, big commercial pet stores and sometimes from your own veterinarian. ALL of these foods contain chemicals that should never be given to any dog. These substances will, over time cause liver toxicity and overload and begin the breakdown of the body’s immune system and the weakening of organ function. Many of these brands read all-natural dog food or holistic dog food on the bag. But it is what is inside the bag that matters to the life of your companion.

Even People Who Believe That They are Doing it Right…

I have spoken to literally thousands of guardians. Everyone wants to know what to do. They want to know how to feed their dog the right way.

“What should I feed my dog?”

My answer is always the same.

“Feed fresh, feed natural, avoid chemicals,preservatives, dyes and any artificial additives.”

The comeback is often the same.

" I feed kibble, but it has no preservatives. It’s holistic kibble. It’s expensive and holistic. it says so on the bag."

I take a deep breath.

My next question is “Does it contain meat?”

“Yes, of course it says chicken as its first ingredient.”
Then I have to ask, “If it has meat how can it stay in that bag at room temperature without going bad?”

“Doesn’t it have to have a preservative if there meat in it?”


“Well, yes I guess so.”

“ Would you leave meat on the counter, out of the refrigerator, for days and expect it to stay fresh? Of, course you wouldn’t. Meat needs to be kept very cold and even if you do that, it only fresh for a few days. You would not feed meat to your family that had been in the refrigerator for a week! If it is at room temperature it NEEDS a preservative or it would be rancid.”

Light bulb moment.


The Holistic Dog Food Approach

Natural dog food should be holistic dog food. This means it should allow for a variety of meats, oils and unrefined carbohydrates that provide vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids and amino acids as a foundation for a strong immune system, without the addition of preservatives, dyes or synthetic ingredients.

More importantly, holistic dog food should look at the whole dog. In a holistic approach a dog’s size, age, weight, breed, life experience, environment, lifestyle, living quarters and guardian must be considered. Yes, all of this should be considered when making a truly holistic dog food. Additionally one must consider that the diet has to be made from totally natural food sources and from this we formulate a diet and nutritional profile that reflects the individual needs of each dog and that is the holistic dog food approach. We have to consider that each animal is an individual and that is the most important aspect of a truly holistic approach.

All Natural Dog Food can be:

  • Entirely Homemade – sometimes complicated and can be very time consuming
  • Partially Homemade- Mixed with an all-natural Pre-Mix- very easy to prepare
  • Commercial Raw- frozen or freeze-dried protein without additives- can be expensive

There are a many dog foods available today that do consider holistic principles, but too many are labeled as all-natural or holistic dog foods and they are far from it. All-natural means that ALL of the ingredients must come from nature. That means that any synthetic ingredient should not be included in the list of ingredients.

Avoid any food that has by-products or ingredients with chemical names that you can’t pronounce. Stay as close to nature as possible.


Don’t be fooled. Today fortunately, information about holistic nutrition is readily available to us all through the internet and other sources. And although not everything we read on the web is true or responsible, there is a great deal of good information and armed with this information and a big dose of common sense we can make better decisions for our companion animals. We can inform ourselves and help to give a better life to our companions with truly all-natural dog food and holistic dog food diets. READ, READ, READ. Read labels, read ingredient lists and look for quality. It makes a big difference in the life of your companion dog. Find the best all-natural dog food available.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Pharmaceuticals should be avoided if possible. Of course under certain circumstances, there may be a need for drugs. There are situations when there is an acute illness that requires immediate pharmaceutical intervention. But the regular use of drugs can damage the natural immunity of a dog and can lead to multiple issues including allergic reactions and a multitude of problems with body function. Holistic veterinarians often offer alternative treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine or chiropractic, as possible treatment modalities.

The Answer-Feed Truly All-Natural Dog Food

Try it for a month. See the difference in your companion when you switch to an all natural dog food diet. Try a holistic dog food approach. While it may take a few more minutes a day to give your companion the very best, the benefits for their long-term health far out way the small amount of extra time required. I KNOW you will be happy you switched and your companion will be happy and healthier and will thank you in all the ways that our companions do!

Bee Pollen for Animals

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Image Description It always amazes me when I lecture that when I mention Bee Pollen how few people know about it! Even people who know about Bee Pollen may never have used it for themselves or their companions. It amazes me because Bee Pollen is simply put, wonderful.

A Little Golden Miracle Food-Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is a miraculous mix of pollen from flower blossoms that is gathered by bees and mixes with enzymes that come from the bees. This combination forms golden granules that are easily absorbed when orally ingested providing almost every nutrient necessary for life. These nutrients including protein, amino acids, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are present in abundance making Bee Pollen a wonderful food for both humans and animals. Bee Pollen can be a powerful rejuvenator stimulating organs and glands. Bee Pollen can increase energy levels and is used by athletes who need to sustain performance and increase endurance.

Your Companion as Athlete using Bee Pollen for Dogs

dog_ jumping This is also the case when used for animal athletes. Obedience and coursing dogs do well with the addition of Bee Pollen to their diet. Because Bee Pollen contains all of the nutrients needed for life it makes a wonderful tonic for all animals.
We use Bee Pollen as a daily tonic for dogs, cats and birds. We use it in our mixes to provide addition nutrients to our companions.

The Very Best Multi-Vitamin- Bee Pollen for Animals

Bee Pollen is a wholefood meaning it contains everything necessary to sustain life. It is the best multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that I know. I use is as one of the base ingredients in all of my herbal supplements
Additional Bee Pollen can be added to a companion animal’s diet to enhance their entire health picture. Animals that are recovering from an illness or suffering from a stressful situation often benefit from the addition of Bee Pollen in their diet.

Bee Pollen and Allergies in Animals

Bee Pollen can improve performance, strength and stamina.
Bee Pollen should not be confused with the pollen from flowers that causes allergic reactions. It is very rare to see an allergic reaction to Bee Pollen, which is collected from bees in the hive. In fact, one of the most impressive attributes that Bee Pollen possesses is its ability to reduce allergic reactions in humans and animals. Studies have shown that Bee Pollen helps with hay fever and other allergies and is effective in upper respiratory ailments

A Substance With Virtue= Bee Pollen

The virtues of Bee Pollen have long been touted in Chinese medicine. Numerous applications and virtues for Bee Pollen can be discovered in research from many different cultures and include, increased longevity, recovery from illness, reduction of cravings, disease prevention, reduction of allergic reactions, prevention of disease, blood fortification, bowel and intestinal regulation and the increase of vitality. Bee Pollen also has certain natural antibiotic-like properties and seems to have a positive effect on those receiving radiation.

Bee Pollen and Birds

colorful_plummage parrot We use Bee Pollen in our Avian Blends, as we believe Bee Pollen provides essential vitamins and minerals for birds of all sizes. Bee Pollen can increase color and plumage in birds and has been shown to help certain birds that are prone to plucking and self-mutilation.

You Have To Try It! It’s Bee Pollen

We like to take Bee Pollen right off the spoon. Our dogs love it mixed in plain organic yogurt and our birds get bee pollen in their food cups every day. It is a wonderful convenient and mega- healthy food that can be mixed in just about anything. If you have never tried Bee Pollen for yourself or your companions you are in for a great treat and a very healthful surprise.

Feeding A Raw Diet and The Use of Grains in Canine Health

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Controversy vs. Chemistry

I have been asked many times by people who feed their dogs a raw food diet about the use of grains as part of canine nutrition. I am aware that there is a great deal of controversy about the use of grains in the canine diet.

Since many of the people who ask about this are using Canine Health- The Miracle Dog Food , which is my pre-mix and the diet that I have advocated for over 25 years, I respond to their inquiries with the following information which is based on knowledge of chemistry and the facts.

For those who are using Canine Health- The Miracle Dog Food we look at the way in which the food is prepared “in reverse”.
Canine Health is prepared with 6 ounces of protein to 7 1/2 ounces of water, which makes a total of 13 1/2 ounces. To this we add 1/2 to 1 ounce of oil and 3 scoops of Canine Health, which is a mixture of 6 different organic grains and 9 different vegetables and herbs. These 3 scoops equal 2 ounces of which one ounce is vegetables.

So the total amount of grain is approximately 1 ounce per pound of food, which is equal to approximately 6% of the total prepared recipe.
In reality this is quite a small amount.

Grain to Provide Storage Glycogen

I use grain to provide glucose or storage glycogen, which is vital to a healthy canine diet.
Every athlete knows that taking in pasta or grain loading prior to an athletic event, provides the necessary storage glycogen for the athlete to have sufficient glucose for muscle performance for the duration activity. This glucose is necessary for all muscle function.

We Do Not Use Wheat, Corn or Soy

I have seen that wheat, corn and soy can cause problems with animals so we do not put them in Canine Health. Our grains are certified organic, pre-cooked and freeze-dried which makes them easy to digest free of preservatives and incredibly healthy.

Dogs are Individuals

Some dogs do well on a completely grain-free diet, and for them I made Veg-to-Bowl , a grain-free mix of wonderful dehydrated and freeze-dried veggies. This mixture blended with meat and oils makes a wonderful grain-free meal.
But some dogs do better with grains, in fact, in my experience, many, many dogs improve dramatically when using our Canine Health with raw or cooked meat.

Now the Real Chemistry…

Nature made all muscle and brain function (99%) using glucose and oxygen. Carbohydrates, such as grains, are stored in the in the liver as glycogen this is then released as glucose in the blood as the body requires it.

For over 55 years most of the original “commercial dog foods” were made with 100% grain, using primarily wheat and corn. We know now that these grains were used because they were inexpensive fillers. Today most commercial foods still contain 40-70% grains.

I am not here to knock any other manufacturer, but I know that the companies who manufacture these foods don’t have even the slightest clue about good nutrition for dogs. What we do know, is that given in small amounts with lots of other nutritionally sound additions, grain is very beneficial to a dog’s overall good health.

I see that dogs do incredibly well and thrive on 6-10% grain
in their diet. Dogs are able to utilize the glucose from grains, as athletes do when they are performing.
We have come a long way in understanding how best to feed our canine companions.
We now know how to do it better and improve our lives and the lives of our companions by providing the best nutrition possible.

Grains Provide Many Essential Nutrients

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates

The Real Problem with Commercial Pet Food

I am positive that the real problem with commercial pet food is the added preservatives, coloring agents, poor quality protein sources and poor quality fat sources.

Optimal Nutrition

Feeding natural and healthy protein, rotating the source each week, adding good healthy oils, also rotated weekly, together with vegetables and a small amount of organic grains, will dramatically improve a dog’s health and well-being.
This is what I know makes the optimal diet for dogs.

Co Enzyme Q10- Knowledge is Power

Posted By Dr. Harvey

gelcaps It is amazing to me that a supplement like Co Enzyme Q10 or Co Q10, as it is sometimes called, is known by so few. Those people who do know about this wonderful supplement use it religiously for themselves, but most never think to give it to their companions.

Why you should know about Co Enzyme Q10

This supplement is remarkable and I recommend it for all dogs and cats over the age of 7 years. Co Enzyme Q10 is not just a superb antioxidant, but has properties not found in other supplements.

Co Enzyme Q10 is protective of the heart and cardiovascular system and can retard the aging process and slow the progression of chronic degenerative diseases. This substance is produced naturally by the body, but as we age the production diminishes. This is true in dogs and cats also.

I have found that older dogs and cats benefit enormously when this supplement is introduced and administered on a daily basis.

I am hoping to spread the word about this supplement, because I have seen great results and I believe many animals lives could be greatly enhanced by the use of this supplement.

Knowledge is power.

dog_reading_book So useful is this supplement that some enlightened cardiologists recommend it across the board to patients with heart disease, a history of heart attack or hypertension and generally for their patients over the age of 40.

I have seen that older dogs and cats benefit greatly from the daily use of Co Enzyme Q10 , not just to reverse existing health problems, but to prevent problems from occurring and I am always in favor of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Such an easy addition and so many benefits!

This is such an easy step in a program of good health for our mature companions and the results can be extraordinary.

A Little Light In the Darkness- On a very personal note

Posted By Wendy Shankin-Cohen
dog_window_b&W I have spent the past two months sitting in five different hospitals watching my 88 year old mother survive heart surgery. On many, many different levels, this has been one of the most frightening, challenging and enlightening experiences of my life. While there were so many difficult days during her ordeal, there were also a few moments of light. Those moments were provided by brilliant physicians, kind and caring nurses, and by visits from therapy animal groups who brought their companions to the hospitals and shared them with the patients and staff. We experienced so many dark moments, so many excruciating hours and painful days and then there would be a dog that would wag into the room, dance over to my mom and let her touch their nose and she would smile and so would I and a little light would shine on our otherwise difficult day. And I would learn again in that moment, just what our companion animals do for us. They have the ability to transform the energy in a room. And while I have always known this to be true, in the past few months, during these very dark, dark days, I have witnessed again and again the power of animals to give without judging, to love unconditionally and to embody their power to heal. While I was missing my own dogs and my cat and birds, I shared, for a few moments, the joy of watching a guardian share their companion with people who needed the abundant love that their pet had to give. The day before yesterday, a therapy group brought 2 dogs, a rabbit and cat to the hospital. The patients who could leave their rooms were able come and sit and pet and hold these lovely creatures. I watched the healing happen. It was amazing. I saw more healing and transformation there, from the power of these animals, than I had seen in seven weeks in the hospital. It was wonderful.

These animals were truly a little light in the darkness.

Note: We brought my mom home from the hospital yesterday. She has a long way to go, but we expect a full recovery.

Welcome to Dr. Harvey's New Website

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

dog_B&W_portrait We are so very happy to welcome you to Dr. Harvey’s new website and to our blog. We hope that you will watch our site grow and hope that you will visit the site often. We intend to provide you with as much information as possible. Our goal is to help guardians make intelligent choices for their companion animals.
The blog will feature articles from Dr. Harvey and other members of our staff.

We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Discover Barkotti for Your Dog

Posted By Wendy Shankin-Cohen

barkotti photo Barkotti are the first handmade, vegetarian, and preservative-free biscotti for dogs made with organic ingredients
Dr. Harvey’s, a longtime leader in the natural and organic pet products world, has just released an all-natural and organic biscotti for dogs. Named Barkotti, these biscotti treats are made with 100% human grade ingredients to promote good health and strong teeth and gums. The company has worked on developing this health bar giving it a taste that is irresistible for dogs. Barkotti contain no preservatives, chemical dyes or additives. Barkotti, contain no wheat, corn or soy, added salt or refined sugar and contain no wheat gluten or rice gluten. Barkotti, are filled with a variety of vegetables, apple and herbs and mixed with organic flours and bee pollen, providing a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in each treat. Barkotti, encourage healthy teeth and gums and can be used as training treats.

Dr. Harvey’s Goes Green

dog_green_bone Dr. Harvey’s has packaged the Barkotti in new green packaging using recycled and recyclable materials that are printed with soy ink. The company is making a serious effort to use environmentally sound choices for both their packaging and packing. Dr. Harvey’s has long been a proponent of using organic and chemical-free ingredients in the production of their pet products for companion animals. The company wants to reflect its use of these high quality ingredients in its packaging.
" I couldn’t be more excited", said Dr. Harvey, founder of Dr. Harvey’s, "this has been a challenging and wonderful project for us. The biscotti look great and they smell incredible. I could not be happier with the results. These treats are going to make for lots of happy and healthy dogs. I fought to make them in the US in a human bakery, I fought to make the packaging “green”, and I fought to make a treat that is truly healthy for dogs, without chemicals and I won." he said last Wednesday as he watched the first boxes of Barkotti be packaged for shipment.

Barkotti are handmade in the US in a human bakery, using only organic and 100% human grade ingredients from the US. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our company taste testers, Dane Cohen and Sasha Basset Cohen, both of whom found Barkotti to be irresistible." stated company president and CEO, Wendy Shankin-Cohen. “We couldn’t be prouder of this health treat and it’s packaging. They are so beautiful. We expect Barkotti, to set the bar quite high, when it comes to quality products for companion animals. Barkotti are a wonderful addition to all of the high quality products that Dr. Harvey has created for us.”
Dr. Harvey has been making the finest all natural and organic products for companion animals for over 25 years. His mission has been to educate guardians about why animals need to eat fresh wholesome foods, avoid chemical additives, avoid salt and sugar and rotate proteins in the daily diet. Education continues to be Dr. Harvey’s mission. Known worldwide for the quality of the ingredients he uses in every product. Barkotti, is his most recent creation, adding to the over 100 unique health products he manufactures for companion animals. Barkotti are available in fine retail pet shops, pet boutiques, health food stores and all- natural pet stores throughout the US and Canada, Hong Kong and Japan and from many fine online retailers.

PLEASE NOTE: Barkotti are available in 1 pound boxes in 2 sizes FOR SMALL DOGS and for MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS

About Dr Harvey’s A pioneer corporation in the manufacturing of all- natural and organic foods, treats and supplements for dogs, cats birds and horses. Dr. Harvey’s supports animal rescue and champions the humane treatment of all animals on our planet.

So much excitement around here!

Posted By Dr. Harvey


This has been a very busy time for us filled with so much excitement. Launching this new website is particularly important to me, because I finally have a vehicle to speak to you. These days, I spend much of my time speaking to individuals on the phone about their companions needs. I have spent close to 30 years teaching people the benefits of feeding our companions an all-natural diet and the dangers of allowing our companions to ingest preservatives, chemical additives and coloring agents.
Now with the internet and our new website I have a forum to speak to all of you about all the things that are on my mind.
I want you all to know the reasons that I believe the things that I teach. I will be commenting often about things that you can do to improve the health and longevity of your companion dog, cat, bird or horse. Welcome and stay tuned!

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