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Oracle Receives a 5 Star Rating-Enthusiastically Recommended By Dog Food Advisor

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description We are happy to announce that Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Dog Food has been reviewed by the team at and was well received being awarded the highest rating given by this authority of 5 Stars.

Enthusiastically Recommended


In addition to the 5 Star rating Dog Food Advisor also enthusiastically recommended Oracle and placed it under its

“Best Dog Foods” category.

Dog Food Advisor features reviews over 850 different foods and has become the “go to” website for guardians looking for honest information about dog food.

Oracle Continues to Please

The reception we have gotten for Dr. Harvey’s Oracle for dog and cats has been amazing. We have received loving and enthusiastic messages about Oracle from guardians, retail pet shops, veteranarians and bloggers around the world. It has been very rewarding to see how many animals are benefiting from this exceptional new food.

Thank You!

It is thanks to our very loyal customers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers that the word continues to spread about Dr. Harvey’s and our philosophy. Our mission has not changed in 30 years. Although the pet industry continues to change, we just keep saying the same thing we have always said, “feed your companions the best ingredients, whole foods and fresh foods. Avoid giving your pets any chemicals, preservatives, dyes or any synthetic ingredients in any form and you will have a healthier, happier animal”. Oracle is a very special addition to Dr. Harvey’s exclusive line of health products for all companion animals.

On The Road to Health I Met an Oracle

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

A Revelation that Became a Revolution

We are very busy at Dr. Harvey’s these days! The response to the launch of Oracle has been overwhelming and we are busy trying to get this extraordinary new food out to everyone who has been waiting so patiently.


After years of research and development, it is incredibly rewarding to see Oracle actually going out to feed dogs and cats all over the United States. The initial reactions have been so positive and warm.

We have the Best Customers

Without a doubt, we have the best customers in the world!
And it is for our discerning two-footed fans and our very picky four-pawed fans, that we created Oracle.


Seeing the Future of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Harvey’s has always stood for innovation and integrity. Oracle continues in that same tradition. Dr. Harvey’s has never been afraid to stand up for all that is important to the health of animals. Oracle is the pinnacle of animal nutrition.
Oracle is seeing the future of animal nutrition.

Our Mission

Our goal when creating Oracle was to make the finest “just add water” food ever created for dogs and cats. Oracle is a truly exceptional food. Not only is it the perfect blend of appropriate high quality protein and nutrients, but also dogs and cats love the taste! We were not willing to compromise on any ingredient to make this food. We created Oracle in the way that we have been making products for over 30 years, with the utmost care for the health of companion animals. We created Oracle with no compromises. The ingredients we use are the finest ingredients available and together these ingredients make the healthiest food ever created for dogs and cats.

For the Health of Dogs and Cats

We believe that preservatives, chemicals and synthetic ingredients are toxic to companion animals. We have created Oracle without the use of any of these toxic ingredients. In addition, we have made freeze-dried USDA meat the first ingredient and we do not use soy, sugar, salt, by-products or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

We Want The Best for Your Companions

For over 30 years Dr. Harvey’s has made the healthiest products for companion animals. We are proud of our tradition of caring for your companions as we care for our own. We stand for impeccable quality in the manufacturing of fine health foods for companion animals. Oracle is the seeing the future of the Dr. Harvey’s tradition.

IMHO-Why Our Companion Animals are So Sick?

Posted By Dr. Harvey

dog eye closeup

My View from The Soapbox

I have been on a soapbox for a very long time now. For over 30 years I have taught guardians to avoid commercial pet food for their companion animals. And while I don’t mind, standing on my soapbox sending out the message. I feel sad and frustrated to see so many companion animals that are still so sick. Much of this illness CAN BE AVOIDED.

The Educated Guardian-Why Not Everyone?

Gratefully, many people have listened and have found health for their companions. The sadness for me is that so many people have not heard the message. The Internet has been amazing in helping guardians find good information about the optimal way to feed their companions, but they have had to battle the world of advertising and unfortunately the veterinary community, which for the most part continue to mimic the claims of the commercial pet food companies. The number of educated and informed consumers has grown enormously over the past 30 years and while this is wonderful to see, there are still so many guardians who innocently continue to feed commercial pet food and regrettably only realize how detrimental this is to their pet when their beloved companion becomes ill.

The Incidence of Disease is Rising

Image DescriptionThe incidence of acquired disease in animals continues to grow.
The message that I have taught for 30 years has not changed, but the message has intensified as I have seen the commercial pet food world continue to provide inferior foods for companion animals that have caused immeasurable suffering in our companion animal community.

Real Food for Real Pets

For 30 years I have taught that the use of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and poor quality protein in commercial pet foods is detrimental to the health of our pets. I find that I must continue to speak on behalf of companion animals and their loving guardians. Rather than seeing an improvement in the foods that are available to our companions,the foods that are available today are far worse than even 30 years ago.

Why This Epidemic?

Every single day I receive emails about dogs that are suffering from renal failure or cancer. This is somewhat crazy. Why are we seeing this epidemic rise in kidney disease, allergies, joint disease and cancer in dogs? There is no question in my mind that the diet is the number one reason for this. Everyone is worried about calcium/phosphorous ratios and they forget to look at the big picture. You can balance the calcium, you can lower the protein, but if you fail to consider the quality of the protein and all of the adulterated and synthetic ingredients, you have failed to understand the way diet actually affects the health of companion animals.

Change Their Diet, Change Their Lives

cat playing
It is the quality of the food that matters. Is the food tainted with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, flavoring, salt, sugar and dyes? Additives and synthetic ingredients-animals need REAL food. That IMHO is the reason that we are seeing such degenerative disease in our companion animal population. It has been my life’s work to impart this knowledge to animal guardians. I have spoken to thousands of you and I know there are thousands more with whom I have not spoken who are looking for answers for their beloved companions.

See Miraculous Changes

I want all of you to know that I have seen truly miraculous changes in animals whose guardians seek a different path and are willing to change their diet to a REAL all-natural diet. So if I have had any impact in my life’s work, it is that I have spoken out to let others know that animals are very sensitive beings and that their health is in the hands of their guardians. I know that feeding a commercial dog food for life will be a major to contributory factor to the long-term health of companion animals. I hope that my words will help many of you make better choices for your companions.

Health Begins in The Kitchen

Image Description

Feeding real food that is unadulterated and pure is the key to good health. Do not be fooled by labels that say “all-natural” when they are not. Read labels. Be careful. Be vigilant. You must find food for your dogs and cats that have no additives, no dyes, no coloring agents and no preservatives. This is my message, because I wish your companion animals the best of health always.

My Best Friend Was Diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

It is sad to say how many cases like this that we hear about. We are happy that Mason is doing better and that his guardians wanted to pay it forward. At their request, we are sharing Mason’s story, in hopes of helping other dogs who may be suffering with the same condition.

Image Description

Dear Dr. Harvey,

We Spoke On The Phone-It Was So Refreshing

We have spoken a few times over the phone, which I can’t tell you how refreshing that is in a world of automated customer service.

We Were Prepared for the Worst

When I first called you back in February 2012, my best friend Mason, a 5-year old Boxer-Lab mix was suffering from Acute Renal Failure. His kidneys were functioning at 20% and we were preparing for the worst.

With the exception of working from home, the signs were so subtle, I would have never known anything was up with him until it was too late. I took him to multiple vets, all prescribing medications, fluids, etc. None of which were working. We had been feeding him a premium kibble food, a choice that runs over $80 a bag and seemingly has a short ingredient list (compared to other store-bought pet foods).

Thank You So Much

We found your product through a magazine article and I immediately called and you answered! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about what you thought was going on with Mason on a nutritional level. Helping me plan his meals with highly digestible protein sources and fats I could control have seemingly saved, or at least
extended his life.

It’s A Miracle!

One year later his kidneys are functioning at 46%! A MIRACLE considering the permanent damage to his constitution. We have kept on a mixture of The Canine Health Formula and Veg-to-Bowl and I continually make small adjustments to the quantities to help him maintain an ideal weight without being too hungry or too full.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for saving our family member and hopefully the people we’ve hooked on the brand help pay this forward to their animals and back to you. Thank you for what you do.

With gratitude,

Mason & The Wimmers

Fifi Was a Very Sick Dog

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We received this email from a very grateful guardian and felt we needed to share it with everyone. There are many lessons to be learned by reading Dana and Fifi’s story.

Dear Dr. Harvey,

Image DescriptionI just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you thank you for all of your help. When I first got my little Fifi 6 months ago (she is a 4.5 lb pomeranian) she was in bad shape. Fifi is a retired show dog who I got from a breeder. I thought that by getting a dog from a breeder that I could rest assured that this dog was free from any ailments and illnesses. However, I was very wrong. Despite getting a letter from the breeder’s vet assuring that Fifi was very healthy, when I took her to my own vet it was quite a different story.

Fifi Had Multiple Problems

To my surprise, Fifi had kidney disease and was spilling large amounts of protein in her urine. She also had high blood pressure, a thyroid condition, an enlarged heart and an ear infection.

My Heart Sank When The Vet Told Me

My heart sank when she said, “This is serious. Fifi is a very, very sick dog. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in her treatments then you might as well just return her to the breeder.” I didn’t want to give up on Fifi; I knew there was something I could do. Immediately I got on the internet and began researching natural remedies for her many illnesses.

6 Months Later With Dr. Harvey’s

Six months later since we have been giving her the Dr. Harvey’s food, Fifi has improved tremendously! All of her kidney lab test results are within healthy rage, her blood pressure is normal, and her chest x-rays show no sign of an enlarged heart. Additionally, she has never had another ear infection. I still have to give her medication to control her blood pressure and thyroid, but besides that the Dr. Harvey’s diet IS her primary medicine

I Am Completely Impressed

I am completely impressed by the company. Dr. Harvey has always been there for any questions I have had. Unfortunately, my vet does not agree with me feeding her Dr. Harvey’s diet and wants me to give her the special canned kidney dog food. After talking to Dr. Harvey I learned that feeding that food to my dog is the WORST thing you can do.

Her Labs Came Back Normal

After all her lab results came back normal, however, there wasn’t very much that she could argue; the proof was in the test results. I also want to say thank you to Dr. Harvey for the continued support. In addition to support on how to feed the food specifically for my dog’s conditions, he also gave other holistic remedies to try.

I Am Blown Away By This Company

I am blown away by this company. Never did I imagine that I would be speaking to the doctor himself who created this wonderful food. I know he is an extremely busy man, but whenever I speak to him, he treats Fifi’s health with the utmost concern and care.

I Can’t Thank Dr. Harvey Enough

I can’t thank Dr. Harvey and the entire company enough! I will feed this food to my dog for the rest of her life. :)

Best regards,

Dana (Fifi’s Mom) and Fifi

How Natural Supplements Make all the Difference

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Dr. Harvey’s Whole Food and Herbal Supplements for dogs and cats enhance the health of companion animals. I created this unique line to help companion animals to achieve optimal wellness without the use of harmful chemicals and drugs. Each all-natural vitamin and mineral supplement formula uses a specific mixture of organic and wild crafted herbs to help animals find balance and wellness. These natural herbal powdered formulas are based on my knowledge of how each herb stimulates the body and how they work synergistically to optimize the effect that each herb has on the other. Herbs also contain many minerals and vitamins that promote health and healing.

What makes Our Supplements Different?

Image Description My Herbal Supplements are unique in the animal world. There are no synthetic vitamins added into any of the formulae. The vitamins come from natural foods that contain concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals in the way nature intended them to be absorbed by the body. Each formula is made in a base of bee pollen, spirulina, lecithin, nutritional yeast, garlic, alfalfa and kelp and then made specific by the addition of wild crafted and organic herbs. Each formula comes in a powdered form that can be easily sprinkled on your pet’s food.

Why Supplements?

Image DescriptionWhole foods are those foods, which contain everything needed for life. That is why each of my Whole Food Supplements contain spirulina, nutritional yeast, kelp, flax seed meal, lecithin, alfalfa, bee pollen and garlic.
Herbal healing has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. Animals can benefit greatly from the healing properties of certain herbs. In fact, in the wild, animals often find and eat herbs that grow in nature, as they instinctively know how to heal themselves.

The Way Nature Intended

I have always felt that nature has a plan and that we should try and follow nature’s plan as best as we can. This means that getting our vitamins and minerals from food sources is of utmost importance. The body does know the difference between a
“natural” substance and a “synthetic” substance. Our supplements provide the vitamins and minerals that are needed to support the body using only natural food-based sources. Just the way nature intended.

Do Supplements work?

Our supplements are so effective that we hear success story after success story. Whether it is Ortho Flex that eases your pup’s joint problems or Relax and Stress that helps your pup’s fears and can help excessive barking subside, these supplements have a positive, effective influence on your pet’s health.
Often replacing the need for drug therapy, herbal supplements work without the side –effects of prescription drugs.

Find Out About All of Our Supplements

Read more about each of our specialty supplements: Health and Shine, Relax and Stress, Ortho-Flex , Our Multi-Vitamin, Golden Years, Formative Years, Emune- Boost, Fem and Co Enzyme Q10.

Dr. Harvey’s to Launch “Oracle” Revolutionary Complete Foods for Cats and Dogs

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

I was walking down a path when I came upon a fork in the road.
I had to make a choice to take the road to the left or the road to the right. Fortunately, there was an Oracle there and he told me to take the path leading to health…I never looked back…

Such Excitement Here

Chicken We here at Dr.Harvey’s could not be more excited that we are finally ready to share this news with you.
We know that so many of you have been waiting for a long time for these new foods to become available.

After 2 years of preparation and research Oracle Complete Foods for Dogs and Cats are ready to be revealed!

What’s an Oracle?

In antiquity, an Oracle was someone who was a source of wise counsel, gave prophetic predictions and could see the future.
With Dr. Harvey’s Oracle we are looking into the future of animal nutrition.

Oracle Complete Foods for Dogs and Cats are freeze-dried and dehydrated highly nutritious meals that have been formulated by Dr. Harvey to be species specific diets for companion animals. This high level of balanced nutrition comes from using the finest human grade protein sources. The protein is then freeze-dried and dehydrated to be preserved without the use of any chemical preservatives of any kind. When rehydrated these proteins provide the building blocks of nutrition that are so critical to the health of dogs and cats. We then add dehydrated, sun-ripened vegetables and farm fresh eggs to make sure that all the necessary vitamins and minerals are present in abundance.

Homemade with Ease

Oracle Complete Foods are truly revolutionary because they have all the goodness and integrity that you have come to expect from Dr. Harvey’s, but these foods are complete,meaning the meat is already in the mix. Oracle Complete Foods are total and complete diets for cats and dogs that are incredibly easy to prepare. In fact, with Oracle Complete Foods, all you do is add water and watch your very happy companions enjoy the healthiest meals available anywhere. Just like homemade meals, Oracle makes a fresh healthful meal in just minutes. Oracle allows guardians to continue to feed the very best in even less time.


How to Choose The Right Food

Choosing the appropriate food for your dog or cat can be difficult and confusing.
Dr. Harvey’s has always been a leader in bringing the truth to guardians about how to feed their companions the foods that provide optimal health and wellness. Thousands of guardians over 30 years, have seen the wonderful results that may have turned their pet’s health around, just by switching to a whole food, chemical-free, all-natural diet.

“I Wish I Had Known Earlier”

Those of you who have experienced these changes know the wonderful feeling of seeing your companion’s health improve dramatically after starting a new truly all-natural diet. Over the years, so many guardians have said to us “if I had only known sooner!”

Dr. Harvey’s is proud that our mission to improve the health of companion animals through diet has made such a difference for so many. Oracle is the future of superior animal nutrition.

Oracle for Dogs

Oracle for Dogs will be available in 4 varieties- Beef with Vegetables and Organic Grains, Chicken and Vegetables with Organic Grains, Grain-Free Beef and Vegetable and Grain-Free Chicken and Vegetable.

Oracle for Cats

Cat guardians have waited for many years for Dr. Harvey to perfect this all-natural balanced blend for our feline friends.

Oracle for Cats will come in 3 grain-free varieties Beef, Fish and Chicken. These delicious diets for cats are formulated to contain the higher amounts of protein that cats require plus all of the vitamins and minerals that cats need to maintain optimal health. The most amazing thing is that cats really love Oracle and cat lovers know how wonderful it is to find a really healthy food that cats will love! You actually won’t believe it. Taste tasted by hundreds of cats and “certified delicious” , Oracle is a total breakthrough in feline nutrition.

Oracle is a Win-Win

Oracle Complete Foods are unlike any food you have ever tried for your companion. Oracle is easy to make and ready in just minutes. But the most important thing is that you will feel confident that by feeding Oracle, you are providing the very best nutrition available for your companion. What could be better? Healthy and Easy. Easy for you, healthy for them-that’s what we call a win-win!

Only The Best Ingredients-Of course…

Oracle Complete Foods contain no wheat, soy, corn, meat meal or by-products. And as with all of Dr. Harvey’s products, Oracle contains no added salt or sugar and no synthetic ingredients, dyes, coloring agents or chemicals of any kind.

Dr. Harvey’s uses only the finest human grade ingredients including USDA beef, antibiotic free and free-range chicken and farm fresh eggs to make Oracle for your best friends.

Oracle Complete Foods will be available to purchase from Dr. Harvey’s after the official launch at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in February 2013.

Check back frequently for updates and news about the Oracle launch.
We wanted to give you a sneak peak. We had to tell you what we have been working on to continue the Dr. Harvey’s tradition of bringing you the very best for your companions.

For over 30 years Dr. Harvey’s has been at the forefront of innovation in holistic nutrition. We are proud to continue our tradition of making only the healthiest products by bringing Oracle Complete Foods to guardians and their companion animals.

It won’t be long now! Get ready to make your companions very, very happy!

And don’t forget to tell a friend. They will be grateful that you did!

Consult the Oracle


Dr. Harvey’s is seeing the future…

In Memory of Yogi-A Heartfelt Story

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

We received this amazing letter and wonderful photos from Yogi’s mom, Wendy. We wanted to share her thoughts and these photos with you as a tribute to Yogi and his devoted family.

We are honored to have been able to support them during their struggle with Yogi’s illness. Yogi was a lucky dog to have had so much love around him. He will be missed…

Dear Dr. Harvey,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that our sweet Yogi died on September 6. He died very peacefully, in my lap, surrounded by
candles and soft music and entrenched in an enormous amount of love.

Image Description On behalf of my daughters and me (as well as Max, Albus, Puck and Lilly), I also want extend our tremendous gratitude for the help and long-distance support that you so generously extended to us during his battle with lymphoma.

Your guidance has effected our lives forever in helping us to provide the best care possible for the animals that we love. We cannot thank enough for your expertise, your compassion, and your support.

Image Description Your name became a familiarity in our family, at dinner time conversations, "You know, Dr. Harvey is a genius. I had to pay him over 10 grand for this advice!!! (sarcasm of course) in times of uncertainty, “Mom, did you call Dr. Harvey today? What did he say?” and in our prayers, “…and thank you for connecting us with Dr. Harvey.”

Because our paths crossed at such a late stage of Yogi’s life here with us, we thought we would share with you a few of our favorite memories in pictures.

Image DescriptionWe hope you enjoy them, but even more, we hope you know the incredible positive impact you’ve made all of the way here in central Texas. We cannot thank enough for your expertise, your compassion, and your support.

Image Description

Love and peace,

Wendy, Madeleine,

Natalie, Max, Albus, Puck

and Lilly

The Miracle Dog Food is Just That

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

We Wanted to Share This Story with You

This email came into our inbox today and we thought we needed to share the story of this adorable Dachshund, OliveOyl, and her parents. Their journey to health is very touching and Olive’s pictures are so adorable, we just had to post them and the lovely email that Karl and Kate sent to Dr.Harvey. Enjoy!

Dear Dr.Harvey,

We had to say "Thank You!

I am writing to you to say thank you. My wife and I are the
parents of a beloved 5-year-old mini-dachshund named OliveOyl.

Image Description

At around 2 years of age Olive began to have seizures. As time went on they became more frequent and more severe with numerous trips to the emergency vet and thousands spent on bills as well as a daily medication that made Olive tired and fat with only minimal success of epileptic control.

I Finally Did My Research

This past January she went into a cluster seizure and at that point I had had enough. I did my research about what could cause epilepsy in dogs and the one thing in common throughout all the articles I read was low quality dog food. Being a
“fitness/health freak” I immediately regretted feeding my dog something I would never eat myself.

The very next day my wife and I made the switch to Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Dog Food from a store owner’s recommendation and needless to say we could not be more thrilled.

The Miracle Dog Food is Just That!

Image DescriptionOlive is now 6 months episode free, is on a lowered dose of medication(with the end goal to be completely off by year end), has lost all the weight gained from the medication and has more energy than she knows what to do with. Canine Health- The Miracle Dog Food is just that, a miracle.

Sincerely, thank you again!
Karl, Kate & OliveOyl

Dr. Harvey's Rocks!

Posted By Wendy Shankin-Cohen and The Team

Much of the time the emails that we receive are from guardians that are having problems with their dogs.
Or they are from guardians who want to share their success stories with us. We love to receive these and are always happy to help and hear about success with our products.

One Great Customer

But every once in a while we get an email that is just joyful and the guardian is thrilled to share their story and loves the banter as they find out that we are indeed real people! The following is the actual email from one of those great joyful customers and the back and forth emails that we exchanged. Just for the fun of loving our animals and sharing the joy of that love.

Dr. Harvey’s You Rock

Dear Everyone at Dr. Harvey’s~

Image DescriptionDowntown Lucy Brown and Louie the Face, otherwise known as Lucy and Louie, are very happy doggies thanks to you! I’ve been searching far and wide for a dog food that was good for my dogs and good enough for them to eat, only to be disappointed every time. I was exhausted and disheartened by the time I found you, but found you I did, and now I’m the happiest doggie momma on the planet!

Thank You, Thank You!

Both dogs ate every bite the first time and have since licked their bowls clean. I was so overwhelmed with relief and gratitude that I had to email you and tell you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Now I have them on Health and Shine and Ortho-Flex. Louie’s old and on meds for a bad back, but the day after I gave these supplements to him he was running up the stairs, rolling around and wanting to play. Louie doesn’t do this. Ever. Now we have our boy back thanks to your amazing products. And Lucy’s hot spot has completely cleared up and she doesn’t drag her fanny on the rugs anymore!

You Totally Rock…

Long email, I know, but I am so impressed with your business and your philosophy that I had to write! You totally rock…

One Thrilled Customer, Gwynn Beatty

Our Response

Dear Gwynne,

What a fantastic email! Although we get many emails from guardians who are happy to have found our products, yours is indeed quite unique.

You rock! Lucy and Louie rock too. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know.

I would love to post your email on our website if you are okay with that.

Do you possibly have a digital photo of your babies that you could email to me? I would then post it on our website for other guardians to see and maybe they would find the solution that you did.

Thanks again for making my day. I will show this to Dr. Harvey tomorrow. Even after all these years he still loves to know that he has made the animals happy!

Let me know and thanks again.

Wendy Shankin-Cohen
Dr. Harvey’s

Gywnn Writes Back (she is so funny!)

Hi Wendy~

It was so nice to hear from you! I’m still giggling over your email regarding mine. I just had to let you know how much easier our lives our with these products. So you made my day as well by responding and asking for a photo of my 2 fabulous kids. I read the email aloud to them, and they promptly went to lie down from the excitement. They never underestimate a special occasion!

(love that she read it to the dogs- my comment not hers)

I’ve attached a photo of the 2 happy doggies. I love reading about customer reviews and learning about others’ pets, so this is fabulous that maybe Lucy’s and Louie’s issues can help some other doggies out there.

Thanks so much, Wendy! I love rocking with you =-)

I Thank Her


You’re the best. And Lucy and Louie are pretty terrific too! Please thank them for allowing us to use their photo!

I will send you the link as soon as your email is live and you will be able to see your stars in living color!

I’ll rock with you and your pups anytime!

Thanks again.


and the Team at Dr. Harvey’s

Gwynn Rocks! Her Response:

You’re my kind of chick, Wendy! Looking forward to the link and seeing my kids live and in living color!!

And Here Is the Link!

Click here to see Lucy and Louie and to read other amazing emails that we are so happy to receive:

The Archives