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Top Ten Reasons To Feed Homemade Food To Your Pets

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Image Description

There is little doubt that feeding homemade food to your pets will dramatically improve their overall health. Additives found in commercial pet food make your pets vulnerable to many health problems that can be avoided by switching to a chemical-free, homemade diet. Feeding a daily diet of truly natural homemade food can help everything from allergies to kidney disease, arthritis and cancer.

Below are the Top Ten Reasons to Make the Switch for Your Pet:

1. Ability to control the quality of the ingredients
2. Increase longevity
3. Ability to avoid synthetic ingredients
4. Ability to avoid toxicity caused by preservatives
5. Avoid dyes and coloring agents
6. Maintain healthy weight-increase energy
7. Improved skin and coat
8. Avoid allergies
9.Improve dental health
10. Avoid common degenerative diseases (Arthritis, Kidney Disease, Cancer)

All of these benefits can be achieved with a minimum of effort and the results are so rewarding.

You CAN do this for your dog!

How To Make Fresh Food For Your Dogs Easily

"My Dog Won't Eat"- What To Do With a Picky Eater?

Posted By Dr. Harvey

My mother used to say, “If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I would be rich”. I feel that way about many things that I hear from guardians, but one particular issue comes up so frequently, that if my mother’s saying was true, I would indeed be rich! That issue is the picky eater. Guardians worry terribly as they try one dog food after another and they watch as their pup “turns their nose up” to everything.

My solution is always the same. I tell the frantic guardian that they have a highly intelligent companion dog that knows dog food is not for him or her. They are usually very skeptical when I suggest trying real, fresh food.

“My dog won’t eat anything."

“I’ve tried everything!”

So I recommend trying fresh, real food with Canine Health or Veg-to-Bowl and oh the joy when they call or write to tell me that their dog loves the food! “It’s a miracle” they say. Once again I remind them how intelligent their pup is and that their instinct leads them to the foods that they need and are healthy for them. The dogs aren’t picky they’re smart!

Megan Says It Best

We recently received this email from Lucy’s mom Megan. Her email was wonderful to read and because we know that there are so many guardians who are frustrated by their “picky eater” we decided to share her words with you. This is the email that we received from Megan detailing her journey with Lucy’s eating problems:

“Dear Dr. Harvey,

Dr. Harvey's Review I have a 5-year-old Shih Tzu, Lucy, who has always been a picky eater. Not only that, she’s had stomach issues all her life – everything I’ve fed her has given her vomiting fits and diarrhea. I found a bland kibble that she seemed to like, but never really ate all of it and would occasionally vomit, though the diarrhea subsided. She slept a lot, and it was obvious when she wasn’t feeling well.

A Chance Meeting

I was out on a walk when I met a woman named Barbara with a dog who was lively, sweet, and happy. We got to talking about our dogs, and I complimented how happy her dog seemed to be. She told me it’s the food, that most dog foods are chock-full of chemicals and preservatives, and these things can negatively impact the behavior of a dog. She recommended your food, saying that it’s the best thing she’s ever done for her dog. I went home and looked up your website. There’s an expression, “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. After all, Lucy wasn’t THAT bad… she wasn’t vomiting very frequently, didn’t have diarrhea and she ate her kibble regularly. Maybe I met a crazy woman, maybe she was wrong. After stalking the website, watching the videos, reading the testimonials and ingredients in your food, I caved and bought a small bag of Veg-to-Bowl, just in case Lucy didn’t like it.

I brought home the bag and mixed a little of her kibble into the food, fearing that she would throw up and/or have diarrhea from the food switch (that is typical when I used to switch her food on her). I added the protein (some raw beef) and oil as well. My picky Lucy, who hated just about everything I fed her, literally ate AROUND the kibble to get to the Dr. Harvey’s mix. She’d take a bite and spit up the kibble, savoring the rest. I watched her in anticipation of the vomiting and diarrhea that was sure to follow – but she never did have a bad reaction to the food. I immediately stopped mixing in the kibble in on day 2. Again, she devoured it without any negative reaction. By day 3, her coat felt softer, her breath smelled better, and she was acting more like a puppy. She’s not lethargic. She’s happy. She does a tap dance when she sees me take out the bag. My fiancé, probably more doubtful than me, is amazed at the change in her health and behavior.

I Was as Skeptical as it Gets…

Dr. Harveys Veg-To-Bowl Review I was as skeptical as it gets about making the switch to your food. I was worried about the expense, the time, the commitment of making her dinner every night… but now I’m never looking back. I’m going to buy more of your products, because now I believe what Barbara had told me – it’s all in the food. I’m telling everyone I know about how awesome Dr. Harvey’s food is – my Lucy is living proof, and they should feed their pets Dr. Harvey’s. I hope you never stop making your product, because this is now a staple in Lucy’s life, as well as future pets I may have.

And by the way, thank you for making it really simple to make the food. I have a lot going on in my life and it’s not a hassle at all. It’s ridiculously simple, and usually I just save a little meat from the dinner I’m making and put it in her food. I can’t thank you enough – but please, don’t stop making this food!

Your new faithful customer and her grateful dog,
Megan and Lucy"

Thanks Megan!

We thank Megan for sharing her story and hope that it will help other guardians who want to do the best for their companion dog.

"Dr. Harvey's Food Saved My Booker

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

This Story Has to Be Told

This is truly one of the worst cases of abuse that we have ever seen, but it is also a magical story that is filled with hope and love. We continue to believe that we need to share this type of story with you. as people share them with us. We know that this story will anger and then inspire you.

True Courage

The courage of this little dog is remarkable and is only matched by the courage of the people who took him into their lives and gave him a home filled with love. Christina shared with us that Booker was abused for the first 10 years of his life. He was scheduled to be put down the day that Christina and her husband, Frank, found him and took him home with them. Amazing and wonderful…

“Dear Dr. Harvey,

After sharing Donny’s story I can’t believe I forgot to share the story of my other Italian Greyhound, Booker!

You Have to See Him Before and After

Image Description Dr. Harveys food actually saved this old dog’s life! even his toenails are bright white once again! You have to see his entire photostory to get the jist of what THIS poor dog went through. He loves Dr Harvey’s food! I have photos here of him before and after your food!

Booker’s Unbearable Suffering

Image Description The owner was not making sure he ate his meals! It is hard for him to get food INTO his mouth since his bottom jaw does not work! Because of this his mouth doesn’t close and his tongue hangs out.

Booker’s teeth rotted horribly and painfully out of his mouth. at one point, the vet’s said that the stench was unreal. His head swelled from infection until they all fell out. He was made to stay in that condition for years.salivary gland tumor that was removed after his life was saved.

I did not take this photo…i wanted everyone to see where this little guy came from

Image Description This photo was taken the day before his scheduled death..

Booker Gets a Forever Home

Image Description Brothers rescued—-only a day before death at the shelter.

Canine Health and Ortho Flex

We rescued him from Wisconsin in December and within the 6 months I have now had him he has gotten so much better. He is a miracle dog!
I use the *Ortho-Flex Powdered Supplement from

Dr. Harvey and Booker does not limp anymore on his old crooked legs! I have videos of this little old guy RUNNING and playing!

Booker was so abused the first 10 years of his life, it is unbelievable!"

Look At Our Baby Booker Now

Image Description

We love him so much. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you Dr. Harvey!

Christina Linsalata

Dr. Harvey's Is Now on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description We are happy to announce that Dr. Harvey’s now has a Facebook page where we hope to share valuable information with all of our wonderful friends.

So visit and Like Us there and feel free to post questions or stories. We always love to see photos of your companions and sharing them with everyone!

Image Description Dr. Harvey can also be found on Twitter where he has thousands of followers.You can follow him there, post questions or respond to his Tweets!

We are happy to have these two new avenues for sharing information. Our mission has always been first and foremost to educate and share information and Facebook and Twitter are great ways to extend the reach of our mission.

You can also see all the Dr. Harvey’s Videos on our
YouTube Channel.

'Tis the Season- No, Not that One!

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

It’s Flea and Tick Season!

Image Description If you haven’t already tried Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Protection Spray, now is the time. It is easy to use and very effective. Just spray your dog before and after the walk. Be sure to spray the collar and leash. When you get home spray the sleeping areas.
Herbal Protection Spray

Just Launched-New Video-Herbal Protection Spray

Protection Spray poster We just launched a new video for Herbal Protection Spray. Take a moment to watch. Click Here

No Harmful Chemicals

We all want to protect our dogs, but no one wants to spray harmful chemicals on their companion. Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Protection Spray allows you to protect your pup without toxicity and it really works.

Dr. Harvey's Now on YouTube

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

Image DescriptionWe are very pleased to have our own channel on YouTube.
Our team has launched Dr. Harvey’s Channel to increase our educational reach. Dr. Harvey’s has always been devoted to educating guardians about the benefits of natural living for companion animals. We think YouTube is a way to reach out to people who may not know about Dr. Harvey’s or want more information about any of our products.

Responsible Information Online

With so many people getting information from the internet, we feel that we need to be a part of the discussion. Our videos are an easy way to introduce Dr. Harvey’s philosophy of chemical-free living to guardians looking for reliable information.

Take a Look

We hope that you will take a moment to see the Dr. Harvey’s YouTube Channel and to sharing our videos with your animal loving friends.

Click Here to view Dr. Harvey’s on YouTube

All New-Product Videos-On Our Website

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

New Product Videos

Our staff has been hard at work producing videos to help companions make better choices when deciding on which products will benefit their companion.

The First Launch

Last week we listed the very first in a series. This video features Health and Shine. Dr. Harvey’s essential fatty acid capsule.

Take a look!

Health and Shine Video

Come See Us At… The New York City Pet Show

Posted By The Staff of Dr. Harvey's

Dr. Harvey's Booth

Come meet Dr. Harvey in person

May 21st or 22nd at the NYC Pet Show!!

Coupon For Ticket Discount

Dr. Harvey’s Friends get $5 off advance tickets!
Use code HARVEY when purchasing tickets here to take advantage of this special offer.

Image DescriptionDr. Harvey will be among many other distinguished guests and will be happy to meet you at the Dr. Harvey’s booth and speak with you about your companion.

The Show will take place at the

Metropolitan Pavilion & Altman Building in Manhattan
125 West 18th Street
12-5 PM Saturday and Sunday May 21-22

There will be over 85 vendors with wonderful things for your animals, live stage seminars with industry experts and celebrity guests (including Victoria Stilwell and Rescue Ink), the event gives attendees the opportunity to discover new products and services as well as gather information that will help them have better relationships with their animals.

Visit for more details about the event
We hope to meet you there!

Read What the Natural Dog Blog Has to Say

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

New! Read What Neil Sattin Has to Say

Renowned dog trainer, Neil Sattin, has written about his own personal experience with Canine Health on his Natural Dog Blog
Take a moment to visit his site!

The Green Connoisseur

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

They found us and now we have found them!

The Green Connoisseur, subtitled " Your Escort to a Luxurious and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle" is an extremely informative website for all things green. Recently we were approached by one of the staff writers from the Green Connoisseur asking if she could write an article about Dr. Harvey’s.

Below is the lovely article that Lucy Brake wrote and posted about Dr. Harvey’s products. After reading, please take a moment to visit The Green Connoisseur
to discover insightful info on health, nutrition and living an ecologically responsible life.

Image Description

Treat Your Pet!

Feathered and Furry Eco-Luxury

For many of us, our family pet is a really important member of our home. We want to make sure our dog, cat or bird is getting the best nutrition available without compromising the environment. Dr. Harvey’s has created nutritional food and grooming treatments for our pets that are kind to the planet. You don’t have to compromise your furry and feathered friend’s diet and health in order to treat them to a bit of green luxury.

The Vision Behind the Finest Green Pet Nutrition

Over 30 years ago, a successful nutritionist and animal lover, Dr Harvey, came to the realisation that we were feeding our pets blatantly unhealthy diets. These traditional pet foods contained lots of nasty chemicals, preservatives, dyes and colouring agents. He was concerned that these sub-optimal diets meant that our animals were becoming unnecessarily ill, lowering their quality of life and shortening their life spans. From this concern, came the concept of all-natural food for pets.
The team at Dr Harvey’s believes that feeding animals food made from chemical-laden ingredients is the number one reason for the rapid rise in degenerative diseases. Healthy products for pets means that they can maintain a strong immune system, avoid diseases and aliments caused by pet food filled with chemicals and also achieve optimal health throughout their lives. Dr Harvey’s champions healthy, natural and chemical-free food for our pets. They also make all their products locally in the USA and are therefore able to keep transportation-related emissions to a minimum. “Our team is committed to helping guardians give their companion animals the very best food there is, made from the best ingredients, and using the best processes.” says Dr Harvey’s.

Food Fit for a King

All of their product lines are prepared with fresh, organic and natural principles in mind. This means that only the highest quality ingredients are used without any processed elements to be seen anywhere on the menu. The Healthy Formulations created by Dr Harvey’s offers fine healthy food as well as safe all-natural products for dogs, cats, birds and horses. These formulations are also kind to the environment. To keep animal companions happy and healthy, the team at Dr Harvey’s develops products which include chemical-free grooming solutions, essential supplements and vitamins as well as nutritious chews and treats. Their yummy looking freeze dried treats for dogs and cats contain no dyes, colouring agents or preservatives. Additionally, they are free or any fillers with no extra salt or sugar.
Dr Harvey’s has been producing luxury all-natural companion food for many years. They package their food and grooming products in eco-friendly containers and have managed to do this without compromising on the ease of use or the ability to keep the product fresh.
The Dr Harvey’s range of nutrition and grooming products means your pets can have a longer, happier and healthier life with less impact on the environment. You can now take even more pleasure in the joy they bring to your life.

The Green Connoisseur

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