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2 Minutes That Will Change How You Think About Pet Food

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

There IS a difference between the foods we make and commercial pet food. The ingredients we use are not used by other companies. We use only the best, because we believe animals deserve the best. Our team created this new video to show you why Oracle is so special for your dogs and cats.


Oracle – Complete, Freeze-Dried Foods for Companion Dogs and Cats from Dr. Harvey's on Vimeo.

Candy-Living Proof of a Miracle Dog

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This has to be one of the most wonderful success stories we have ever heard. As with many of the amazing emails that we receive, this reminds us to never give up! We hope that Candy’s story will give hope to others. This is Candy’s story in her mom’s own words.We are honored to have been a small part of Candy’s miraculous recovery

Doing Great After Deadly Diagnosis

Image Description

Dear Dr. Harvey,
I just want to update you about Candy! She is doing great after her diagnosis of IMHA-immune-mediated hemolytic anemia,
and her blood transfusions. We almost lost Candy a year ago and thanks to all of your fantastic foods, recommendations, caring, and true love of animals, Candy just celebrated her 7th birthday!

We Can Never Thank You Enough

Image DescriptionMy family and I can never thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to always take my phone calls when Candy’s red blood cell count was as low as six. It was recommended we put her to sleep. You explained we were simply buying time for her system to get rid of whatever she got hold of and you were so right!!!

I Want to Tell The World-It’s a Miracle!

I just want to let the World of Pet lovers know that

Dr. Harvey, who came highly recommended to me by my brother, Kevin, is a true miracle worker! Candy, our Dachshund, is the true Living Proof Miracle Dog.

Image Description She is back to living a normal, fun-filled, healthy life thanks to the one and only Dr. Harvey who never gave up on Candy!!! *This picture was taken this past January 2014.

Hope for Champ-My Love with Kidney Failure

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We Think It’s Really Important to Share This…

It is startling for us to hear about so many cases of kidney problems in dogs. We have been following Champ and his mom, Judy, and their journey through the difficult time since getting this devastating diagnosis. We wanted to share this here so that other pet parents, who my be struggling with a similar issue, may see that there is hope, even in the most advanced cases. Here is Champ’s story so far…

Image Description

Champ Our Beautiful Rescue

Dear Dr. Harvey,
Champ is our five-year-old Golden Retriever who we adopted three years ago. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina by a Long Island Humane Society just 24 hours before he was to be euthanized. Champ is a very loving and loyal dog. We have spent many hours roaming the woods and fields during all seasons.

A Shocking Diagnosis

Our medical journey with Champ began on December 20, 2013.

For a few months prior, we had noticed Champ losing some weight. There were also a few days where he did not have much of an appetite. But most days, he was his normal active and energetic self. When I took Champ to his December veterinarian appointment, I was shocked to get the diagnosis of stage 4 kidney failure!

We Were Not Given Much Hope

I was told survival outlook was most likely just weeks. I left Champ overnight at the vet to receive IV fluids. When I picked him up the next day and was given 5 different medications along with a phosphorus binder. They recommended a “prescription diet”. Champ was eating next to nothing at this time.

I Could Not Get Champ to Eat

As soon as I got Champ home I began searching the Internet for information and resources to help me understand this condition. On January 2nd we tried the prescription dog food. I tried cooking for him. It was hit or miss, some days he would eat and some days nothing at all. He always wanted to go for his walks. I don’t know where he got the energy, as he was really not eating!

Finding Dr. Harvey’s-Nothing to Lose

At this time, I came across Canine Health, the all-natural food pre-mix food by Dr. Harvey. There was a website address and toll free number. I had nothing to lose, I sent an e-mail explaining what was happening with Champ and held my breath hoping for a reply.

Speaking to Dr. Harvey

Within an hour, Wendy e-mailed me and said Dr. Harvey wanted to speak with me and to please call. I did right away. I told him everything and he said to start Champ on Kefir right away. I had just ordered the Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food, was to call him when I received it so he could help me portion what Champ needed.

The Picture Still Looked Bleak

Champ has been eating Canine Health for a few days by now. It did take him a few meals before he started to really eat his food.
Dr. Harvey was guided me on the protein amounts to use in Champ’s food. We decided to decrease the protein a bit to try and bring down his Bun. He also said I needed to get Champ on fluids right away. On Jan. 11th another urinalysis was done. I was told kidney function was very poor there was a lot of protein and bacteria in urine. Again, I was told a very bleak outlook.

Staying Calm

On Jan.20th I spoke with Dr. Harvey again, Champ was not eating as well as he had been. Dr. Harvey told me not to stress, because that would get Champ stressed. Dr. Harvey helped me come up with a new game plan. I asked the vet for Sub Q Fluids to be given at home. My vet suggested 500 ml every other day.

A Little Light-Champ Starts Eating!

By Feb 3rd the urinalysis was much improved. I had taken a sample from Champ first thing that morning by doing a clean catch. *Champ had also gained some weight, up a few pounds thanks to Canine Health! Again, I called Dr. Harvey with results. New game plan, we need to get the Bun down. We cut his daily protein amounts and I began giving 500 ml of Sub Q fluids every day. I continued giving 3600 mg of aluminum hydroxide powder divided among 3 meals per day.

I Am So Thankful

We didn’t change anything else except that Dr. Harvey told me to add one sweet potato per day to Champ’s food. This should help him gain a little more weight. I am so thankful for Dr. Harvey and Wendy. They are always available to help day or night. They genuinely care about our animal companions. I know Champ’s journey is ongoing and I am learning new things every day. It is reassuring to know Dr. Harvey is only a phone call away. He expects me to call after every vet appointment to discuss results. I am thankful for that!

Champ is Doing Great!

Image Description Today Champ is off all meds except phosphorus binder and his Bun is down!

Champ is doing great! He is eating 8 scoops of Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food per day along with a sweet potato mixed in. He licks his dish clean! I can’t tell you how good it is to see that considering 6 weeks ago we were begging him to eat with little success.

Thank You for Caring

Thank you Dr. Harvey. I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I appreciate the support you offer and the quick response to a phone call or e-mail. Thanks for caring. Judy

Dr. Harvey's Featured in PetFood Industry Magazine

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

Dr. Harvey’s Featured on Cover

We are pleased to share with you the article from the December 2013 PetFood Industry magazine. Dr. Harvey’s is the cover story for the issue and there is a wonderful article about the company inside the issue.

Magazine Features The Family Business

PetFood Industry magazine showed Dr. Harvey’s as the family business it is. Featured on the cover is Wendy Shankin-Cohen, President and CEO, Ty Cohen, Director of Design and Technology, Dr. Harvey, Founder and Sasha Basset Cohen, beloved family dog and taste tester extraordinaire.

Click Here to Read Article

Eye Stains Gone-Health Regained. Thank you!

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

MeMe’s Story

Image Description

I have a long story about MeMe and I am glad to share.

It took Dr. Harvey, a doctor in India, and a doctor in London, to help me save her.

*I know I will always be grateful for Dr. Harvey’s voice at such a scary time for me. After $4,000 in Vet bills, all I needed was SBL’s Liv-T, and Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl to save my dog!

I no longer test her ALT numbers. But with Vets treatments they were climbing, last count… Bile Acid Test was 986. (normal 10-100) That was the day I called Dr. Harvey.

We Thought We Were Losing Her

I remember Dr. Harvey telling me “your dog has a greater chance of having a black bear and a polar bear over for lunch, than getting Heartworm” One pill of Trifexis and she was down for the count.

Liver Damage

By the time it had done its total damage MeMe’s liver had enlarged 3 fold, her gallbladder was filled with sludge, and she had severe pancreatitis.

So, after the antibiotics and RX Vet food (God help us all) The numbers continued to climb. Her eyes were dull, draining, and she was blowing her coat. She went from show dog to pound puppy in 3 months.

Kefir and Veg-to-Bowl to the Rescue

Dr Harvey suggested Kefir, Veg to Bowl and cooking Chicken slightly. I just couldn’t get her to eat. She was so ill. A Vet in India, suggested SBL’s Liv-T and continue with Kefir and Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl with chicken.

Her Eye-Staining Clears Up

Two months later after keeping her on this diet, MeMe had lost her eye staining, was growing her coat, and begging for food. By 6 months she was eating raw. * I have not seen a Vet in nearly a year.*

No More Chemicals for MeMe

I won’t go back again. Homeopathic, natural or nothing is my only way from now on. I can no longer continue on with traditional veterinarian’s, they believe in the chemicals that do harm.

I Tell Everyone About Dr. Harvey’s

I will always recommend Dr. Harvey, and will continue to search for his products locally. Here are some photos of her eyes before and after.

Meme’s Eyes Before…

Image Description

Here you can see the staining.

MeMe After A New Diet

Her eyes are clean and the staining is gone!

Image Description

Today She looks even better!

In addition she is healthy and that’s the best part!

Thank you!

Happy Holidays to all of you…

Salli and MeMe

Dr. Harvey's Oracle Tripe for Dogs

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Image Description

Fact-Dogs Love Tripe

You asked for it and now your dog will say “thank you!”
Dr. Harvey’s Oracle now comes in a new variety – Tripe – as the main source of protein. We have added this choice so you can offer another variety as a complement to Oracle Beef and Oracle Chicken. Oracle Tripe is made with Freeze-Dried Raw Green Tripe. Feeding tripe that is freeze-dried takes the hassle out of feeding tripe. This is a very easy “just add water” way to add this important protein into your dog’s diet.

What is Tripe?

Many people are confused about what tripe is. Some people are familiar with the white tripe sold in supermarkets for humans. White tripe is steamed and bleached and does not have the rich nutrition found in raw green tripe that we use for dogs.
Tripe is the stomach of a grazing animal including cows, buffalo and sheep. Not only will tripe provide a high quality protein which will be helpful to your dog in all ways, but it can also be extremely helpful in maintaining healthy, white teeth in your dog.

Tripe is Super-food and Super Healthy

Image Description
Tripe is one of the healthiest things you can feed to your dog. Not only does tripe provide natural digestive enzymes to a dog, but also is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. The enzymes not only help digestion in dogs, but are also said to have a substantial effect on the cleaning of a dog’s teeth.

Filled with Super Nutrition for Dogs

Fatty acids are another benefit of feeding tripe. All dogs need omega 3’s and omega 6’s in their diet – especially to maintain healthy skin and coat. The vitamins and amino acids are part of what gives your dog energy – green tripe is plentiful in these nutrients. Green tripe is an excellent source of probiotics due to the large number of helpful microorganisms contained within the digestive tract.

Help for Digestion

Green tripe is an incredibly easy protein for a dog to digest which is why knowledgable breeders use tripe as the first thing in raw feeding when weaning puppies – as young as 3-4 weeks old. Tripe is also indicated for dogs suffering from sensitive stomachs and maladies such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Raw green tripe can often ease the discomfort of dogs who are just not digesting their food well.

Tripe-A Gift from Nature

Feeding dogs tripe can encourage nature’s way of healing. Green tripe is also a perfect food for dogs suffering from kidney problems due to its low phosphorus levels and palatability. Tripe can be a miracle for many dogs with kidney problems or chronic renal failure who have been put on low or no protein diets and have, as a result, lost all interest in their food.

Image Description

Help for Dogs with Kidney Problems

Dogs simply LOVE tripe and given a healthy serving of this protein and its perfect phosphorus/calcium ratio, mid-level protein levels and slightly acidic Ph makes it perfect for ailing dogs as well as healthy dogs. Feeding a protein source such as tripe that is highly digestible is likely more beneficial to dogs with kidney problems than the low protein, hard to digest prescription diets that so many dogs are given and that are so lacking in complete nutrition. Dogs really don’t enjoy these prescription diets and they really love tripe.

Tripe for Allergic Dogs

Tripe is one of the best proteins to try for dogs suffering from a variety of allergies. Tripe is a protein that even very allergic dogs tolerate.

Shiny Coat and Healthy Skin

One of the first things that guardians notice when they begin to feed tripe to their dogs is the change in their dog’s skin and coat. It is well known that a healthy, beautiful coat is an indication of general wellness in dogs. Feeding a natural diet makes an enormous difference in skin and coat. Tripe is known to produce healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat for dogs eating it as one of their main protein sources.

Yes It Does Smell a Bit-But Your Dog Loves It!

Tripe has a reputation that is well earned. It can stink! However, the raw green tripe in Oracle is freeze-dried and is much less stinky than other tripe products you may have tried. But it is the smell that most humans dislike that dogs absolutely love! In fact, most dogs cannot resist tripe in any form and Oracle Tripe is no different.
Taste tests have gotten major thumbs-up from even the very pickiest eaters. Dogs really love this food!

Image Description

Perfect for the Pickiest of Dogs

Because the taste of tripe is irresistible to dogs, it is perfect for even the pickiest dog. In our taste tests Oracle Tripe for Dogs was a big winner surprising pet parents who insisted that their dogs hated all food and would not eat this. These same guardians where delighted to see their dogs eat the Oracle Tripe and not only did they eat it, they ate it with great enthusiasm, much to the delight of these pet parents.

No Additives-Made in the USA

As with all of Dr.Harvey’s products Oracle Tripe is made in our own facility in the USA with ingredients sourced only in the USA. Oracle Tripe contains no preservatives, chemicals, or additives of any kind. This food has no salt, sugar, dyes or coloring agents. This food does not contain wheat corn or soy-just healthy goodness for your best friend. Oracle Tripe comes with Organic Grains and Vegetables or Grain-Free with Vegetables.

Image Description

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Tripe is nearly a perfect food for your dogs. You know you are feeding a super healthy food and you can see that they are absolutely loving their food!

Find Oracle Tripe for Your Dog

Oracle is available at fine independent pet shops throughout the US. Check our store locator to find a retailer near you. You can also find Oracle at fine online retailers or on Dr. Harvey’s website.
Your dog will be so happy, healthy and thankful!

Seeing the Future with Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Finding Better Nutrition for Your Pets

Image DescriptionCommercial pet food has existed for only about 80 years. The food we are most familiar with for pets is the artificial diet of kibble and canned food. Prior to the advent of these “pet foods” dogs and cats ate scraps from their owners tables. There is no evidence that feeding commercial pet food has been a benefit to domestic dogs and cats and in fact there is evidence that these commercial and denatured, poor quality foods are dangerous and detrimental to our pets long term good health.

Better Than Kibble and Cans

These two forms of pet food, kibble and canned, have been the mainstay of commercial offerings for dogs and cats. The last decade has shown a sharp increase in a demand for a different kind of food as guardians have begun to understand the enormous benefits of feeding foods that are neither canned nor kibbled. As the benefits of feeding raw foods and fresh whole foods have become evident to guardians worldwide a revolution in the feeding of pets has begun. As the understanding of optimal nutrition for pets has made clear that kibble and canned foods are not an appropriate diet for animals, new healthier and more nutritious ways of feeding whole foods have become available.

Freeze-Dried-A Better Option

OracleOne of the newer and better options that is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the country is freeze-dried foods.
Pets parents have quickly understood the benefits and convenience of feeding a freeze-dried diet to their dogs and cats.
Freeze-dried foods can provide all of the many health benefits of frozen raw foods without much of the mess and fuss of a frozen or refrigerated diet.
Those who feed raw diets believe that this is a far healthier way to nourish their dogs and cats. They often see dramatic improvements in their dog’s health after switching to a pure whole food diet. Dogs plagued with various skin allergies, picky eaters and overweight dogs improve when they fed a strict diet of whole raw foods. Meats and vegetables can be freeze-dried to make this type of diet easy to prepare. In most cases, freeze dried foods are “just add water and serve”. This gives dogs and cats the benefits of a homemade raw diet as freeze drying leaves the ingredients as close to fresh as possible and does not require additional chemical preservative to stay for long periods of time at room temperature.

Freeze-dried diets provide the following benefits to their dogs:
• Better skin and coats
• Less likelihood of allergies
• Fresher breath
• Optimal weight management
• Improved digestion
• Smaller, less smelly stools
• Improved oral health
• Overall Improvement in Health and Immunity

Feeding frozen or fresh raw foods can be messy and time-consuming especially if you have to gather all the ingredients yourself and try to balance your dog’s nutritional needs.

The Advantages of Freeze-Dried Foods

Ease of use is only one reason why a freeze-dried diet can be perfect for those who want to feed raw, but want the convenience of kibble.
It has the ease and convenience of kibble yet it’s comprised of the same ingredients as a raw or fresh diet and contains no preservatives. The food is not messy to prepare or feed. The food will already be nutritionally balanced so you don’t have to spend time choosing the ingredients or making the food yourself. You can still give your dog raw bones for recreational chewing. Never give your dog cooked bones. Freeze-dried foods also have a long shelf life making them ideal for traveling with your dog or cat and for keeping in an emergency survival kit. No additional refrigeration or freezing is required. You can store freeze-dried foods easily in any kitchen cabinet.

How Does Freeze-Drying Work?

Freeze-drying is a process that removes moisture from the ingredient without the use of heat as in dehydration. All the guardian needs to do is add water back to the freeze-dried food to rehydrate it.
The freeze-drying process includes freezing the food, lowering the pressure around the food, removing the moisture, and sealing the product. The freeze-drying process acts as a preservative, which is how the food can last for so long without any other preservatives.

Choosing a Freeze-Dried Food

When choosing a freeze-dried food look at the ingredient list and consider the same things you would consider when choosing a raw food diet for your dog or cat. Check the amount of protein, fat, and fiber on the guaranteed analysis. Freeze-dried foods are a great alternative for people who want to feed a raw or home cooked diet to their dog or cat. Animals will absorb the same nutritional benefits of eating raw foods without the mess. The foods are nutritionally balanced, easy to handle and store, plus they keep for a long time. We recommend making sure the ingredients are sourced in the USA and that the food in made in the US.

Dr. Harvey’s Oracle-When You Want Serious Nutrition for Companions

Image DescriptionIn 2013 Dr. Harvey’s launched Oracle, a unique line of freeze-dried foods for dogs and cats. Freeze-dried foods are a great alternative for people who want to feed a raw diet but do not want to deal with frozen foods. Dogs get the same nutritional benefits of eating raw without the mess. Oracle is nutritionally balanced and high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Oracle for dogs and cats is easy to handle and store and it keeps at room temperature for a long time.
Made in the USAThe reception for this unique food has been overwhelmingly positive. Pet parents are thrilled to find the Dr. Harvey’s quality in a complete food. Oracle provides the perfect diet for the pickiest of eaters and for the most discerning of pet parents. Made with freeze-dried antibiotic and hormone free proteins, Oracle provides the highest quality nutrition for dogs and cats. Oracle’s special blend of protein, vegetables and herbs makes this “just add water” diet the perfect solution for guardians who want the best diet and do not have the time to prepare homemade raw food from scratch. Oracle has become very popular for dogs suffering from allergies, obesity and other health issues and is especially helpful with dogs and cats that are extremely finicky.
Dr. Harvey’s is proud to have made such a fine and convenient food that is so close to the fresh foods that we have offered to pet parents for over a quarter century. Oracle is seeing the future of animal nutrition.

The Scoop on Poop

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This Subject Is Taboo…

But We’re Going to Talk about It

Image DescriptionThis is never an easy subject. No one wants to talk about it. But if your dog has problems with loose stools you want to read on. Chances are you feel you have tried everything. You have probably looked and looked for answers. You probably have tried many different foods, various home remedies and you have certainly consulted your vet. You may be terribly frustrated because you feel there are no real answers.

More Common Than You Can Imagine

Nothing is quite as difficult to deal with, in terms of living a happy and peaceful life with your dog, as living with chronic diarrhea. And yet this is an all too common problem. We get calls and emails about this problem every single day. Yet, as common as the problem is, there are very few solutions that really work, but we have one that does!

The Miracle Dog Food

Image Description Canine Health got its name, The Miracle Dog Food ,when we had so many guardians call us to tell us that they and their dog had experienced a miracle! Chronic diarrhea, sometimes a problem that had persisted for years, was all but gone after just a few days on Canine Health. After hearing “it’s a Miracle!” so many times from those callers, we decided it should be called The Miracle Dog Food for its ability to change a dogs digestion in a matter of days!

The Formula Works to Aid Digestion

Canine Health is a mixture of 6 organic grains and 9 vegetables and herbs to aid with digestion. When rehydrated and mixed with fresh meat this complete, fresh and healthy meal will balance a dog’s intestinal tract and produce formed stools in a matter of days, even in the most difficult cases. We have seen dogs with a history of years of chronic diarrhea have a complete turnaround in just days when switched to this highly nutritious way of feeding.

Our Personal Experience

Many of us at Dr Harvey’s rescue and foster dogs, some of these dogs come to us having been passed from shelter to shelter. They often arrive with explosive diarrhea. We immediately get them started on Canine Health and within just a few days our rescues have formed stools and never have diarrhea again.

Why Does it Work?

It is the combination of the soothing herbs, the organic and unique grains, no preservatives and fresh meats that makes all the difference. For over 30 years now this combination has helped guardians to live a happier life with their companions by helping dogs digest their food properly and produce less waste and formed stools. Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food has been the answer for thousands of dogs.
These highly absorbable “noble” grains in combination with the proprietary herbal formula works in almost every case!

There is a Solution!

Image DescriptionCanine Health can help to stop chronic diarrhea in dogs. It has helped thousands of dogs to have normal digestion and normal stools. It is wonderful and healthful way to feed your dog and what a wonderful relief to not have to worry about constantly cleaning up a mess. And though no one really likes to talk about it, there is great beauty and relief in a formed stool!
If you have been dealing with this problem, you will know exactly what that means!

Why Choose Oracle?

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's


Oracle is an exceptional food for dogs and cats.

But why is it so different than other alternative foods?

Why is it that much better than any other pet food?

We know that Oracle is made with real whole foods and that our ingredients are pure and healthy and “just like home made”.

Here are the facts:

First ingredient is meat.

Freeze-dried raw meats are superior to dehydrated meats.

*Contains 65–75% meat in Oracle for Dogs. 90% meat in Oracle for Cats.

*Easiest and safest way to feed a raw diet!

*Made with only with pure, whole foods.

Thick, chunky texture. Just like a real home-cooked meal. *Not a gruel or soupy mix.

*Minimally processed to maintain nutrition.

*Our proprietary herbal supplement promotes good digestion, health and longevity.

Ingredients sourced in USA. *Absolutely no ingredients from China.

Contains *no organ meat – no cheap filler meats and no meat by-products.

No artificial ingredients, preservatives or dyes. No added salt or sugar either!

*Protein content is 30%-70% higher than other alternative foods.

*USDA Organic grains and USDA free range antibiotic-free meat.

*Improves health within the first few weeks of use.

Helps dogs and cats with *allergies, skin ailments, chronic loose stools, digestive issues, itching.

*Picky eaters love Oracle!

We use *Calcium Citrate – the most biologically absorbable form of calcium. Other alternative foods use cheaper forms of calcium.

*All of Dr. Harvey’s products are made fresh daily, in our own facility in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Image Description

Oracle when you want the very best for your pets.

Talk to Dr. Harvey...Yes! You Can Call Him!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Dr. Harvey and Daner

Our Mission

We make wonderful products for companion animals, but our real mission is education and our main educator is Dr. Harvey. He has been teaching guardians about holistic animal nutrition for over 30 years and this is the part of his job that he likes best!

Some People Are Shocked…
There Really Is A Dr. Harvey!

It’s not just our name. He is our founder and yes, he is real and sometimes he even answers our phones himself! If you have ever had the experience of having him answer the phone when you called our company, you may have been shocked to find out that you were speaking to the “big man” himself. When the caller asks, “is this really Dr. Harvey?” they may hear, “my mother thinks so” or “no it’s Dr. Harvey’s evil twin brother”. Most of us are not used to calling a company and getting to speak directly with the company’s namesake, but this is what we are all about.

A Caring and Educated Response

If you have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a call with Dr. Harvey, you will know how rare it is to get so much information delivered in such a caring way. Many people who call our company are looking for answers to health questions for their beloved companion.

Yes! You Can Call Dr. Harvey

This is a truly unique part of our company. Not only have we made chemical and preservative-free health foods, herbal supplements and organic grooming aids for animals for over 30 years, but you can call our company and speak directly with Dr. Harvey! In fact, these days, Dr. Harvey spends most of his time speaking to guardians about their companions. Another wonderful part of this service: There is never any charge to speak with him.
Dr. Harvey loves having direct contact with guardians and offers guardians a compassionate “ear” as well as a wealth of information about health and well-being.

A Joke from a Sage

And for those who have experienced one of these conversations, you know, there is more often than not, a joke or two. But most importantly there is the wisdom that comes from years of watching animals heal and our customers are the beneficiaries of this amazing service. We are so happy to be able to offer this to everyone who loves animals, just like all of us at Dr. Harvey’s.

Thank You Dr. Harvey!

The best part of our work is hearing from those who have benefited from learning about how to help their companions naturally after having spoken to Dr. Harvey. We hear from concerned, confused and often distraught guardians who need real answers in order to help their beloved pets. The joy for us, of course, is when they take Dr. Harvey’s advice and find renewed health for their companions. We love getting those follow-up calls and emails! “My Fluffy is better! It’s a Miracle! Thank you, thank you Dr. Harvey! Thank you for talking to me!” You’re welcome!

We Are Only a Call Away

You too can reach Dr. Harvey. Just call our toll free number 1-866-362-4123-Monday through Friday 11AM until 3PM and ask for Dr. Harvey! You will be glad you did!

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