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Our bird foods now look as good as they taste!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's


Bird lovers, rejoice! We’re giving our feathered friends something to tweet about! Our amazing design team just updated our avian foods line with fresh new packaging that’s as colorful as the birds who eat them. The new bags look pretty snazzy, don’t they? But don’t worry, what’s inside is still the same healthy recipe and im-peck-able taste.

Got a parrot, cockatiel, finch, parakeet or canary? Dr. Harvey’s Avian Blends is a fresh, all natural mix of the foods they’d find in the wild – with nothing artificial whatsoever. This complete, premium mix of gourmet goodness gives birds the variety they crave, with the nutrients they need to thrive – and to keep their plumage vibrant.

It’s like we always say. The brightest birds eat Dr. Harvey’s

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