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Bella Bounces Back from Recurring UTI’s

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Bella Was Having Terrible Problems

My dog, Bella, is very kind, independent, and loves attention. She will be 12 years this fall.
She happens to have a form of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease)
and had surgery with prior owners. (I believe two discs are fused).
They (former family) always check in. Bella wears diapers and a diaper cover. She needs to be urged to drink. For a year or so, it seemed like she was having frequent UTI’s. (urinary tract infections)

Bella Kidney Health 1

Kidney Health Supplement to the Rescue

I started the Dr. Harvey’s Kidney Health supplement in August.
She (paws crossed) has been UTI free since then.
I don’t know how the product works; however, I am a very satisfied customer.

Bella Kidney Health 2

Kudos for the cruelty free mention on the container of Kidney Health Supplement.

Thank you,

Jen Weinstein and Bella

Aspen Regains Appetite & Kidney Health

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

I Can’t Say Thank You Enough

I wanted to share a testimonial with you because I am so grateful that I discovered Dr. Harveys and called you for your guidance and support to help me at a crucial time in our lives. You have truly been phenomenal I will always be thankful for your engagement, genuine support, and passion!!! Thank you!

Aspen Testimonial 1

Aspen Had Chronic Pancreatitis

Aspen is an 8 year old Golden Retriever that was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis at 3 years old. For the past 5 years, we have been following a vet low-fat prescription diet to contend with the chronic pancreatitis. We have switched prescription foods 3 times because they seem to work for awhile and then things would go south for us.

Then She Developed Kidney Disease

In July 2019, she developed a UTI which led her into kidney disease so we maintained the prescription pancreatitis diet but her kidney lab values were compromised so it continued to spiral downward for a few months and she started to eat 1/3 of her expected daily intake coupled with cycles of not eating or less than 1/3 of expected daily intake with upswings of close to normal.

She Stopped Eating and I Panicked

She became sick in late October 2019 which spiraled into a sickness where she was on antibiotics and not eating at all for 2 day periods and down in her daily nutrition consistently. At this time, the vet asked me to consider a homemade diet with rice and chicken which followed with other recipes where I was spending a lot of money and she stopped responding quickly. This followed with a hospital visit because she was severely lethargic and not eating at all which led me into a panicked state of feeling helpless. I started down a serious path of research because I was worried this was the end! I was so frustrated, helpless, and felt so alone. Aspen would look at me and whine and stare. I was trying to hand feed her, add broth, play games with her to eat, changing food to floor to bowl, etc… I was exhausted and so was she!!!!

I Reached Out for Help and Dr. Harvey’s Was There

This led us into a helpless state so I went to a local pet specialty store, Pet Purveyor in Tampa, Florida, that carries Dr. Harveys and the staff told me to check out Dr. Harveys and call for guidance. This led me to my Facebook pancreatitis support group where I searched various terms to find out how many canine parents with dogs diagnosed with pancreatitis and kidney issues were using a homemade product or specifically your brand. I saw the most reviews on Dr. Harveys Canine Health so I decided to call, because this made me comfortable since my vet does not recommend any products not produced outside of a vet product. I reached out to customer support and Lori was there to ask questions and answer all of mine. I immediately felt better because she was thorough and asked great questions and she helped me navigate this critical time in Aspen’s life.

She Started Eating Again!

Aspen graduated from a state of hiding from me when she saw me with her bowl and not wanting to eat, to demanding to eat in a few short days! She wakes me up and rushes to the kitchen and anxiously waits for her food and eats every bit down to licking the bowl clean. It is so refreshing and she is so happy and her normal self and her coat looks amazing!!

Aspen Testimonial 2

And After Just 4 Weeks Her Kidney Values Are Normal

After 4 weeks of being on Dr. Harveys Canine Health, I had her lab values checked and her kidney values were AMAZING!! She went from moderate kidney disease to borderline normal in 4 short weeks!! More importantly, she is back to her spunky “self” and loves life!! I have since recommended this food to two other canine parents and they have the same response with their dogs! I cannot say enough to thank you and I fully back your products!!

Best Regards,
Bridget Mace and Aspen

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