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Kobe is just 1 Year-Old and Had Kidney Disease

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We are always so happy to know when a very sad and frightened pet parent discovers us, reaches out for help and finds it. And then, with just a bit of guidance, they find answers that they were in search of that give them happy and amazing results for their companion! This is Kobe and his family’s story. They want us to share it, because they hope that their story, “in their own words”, will help other pet parents to find health for their beloved companion.

Kobe Was So Young-We Called Dr. Harvey

Image DescriptionKobe had just turned 1 year-old, and had kidney disease! We were told about Dr. Harvey. So we sent an email, and we were told to please contact Dr. Harvey directly. We have spoken to Dr. Harvey many times on the phone and with his help and suggestion to put Kobe on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food, cooked protein, and oil, Kobe is doing great. Not only does Kobe love his new food, it’s so very healthy for him.

After Just 3 Weeks-Normal Blood Work!

We had blood work done after 3 weeks on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food , and his BUN dropped 10 points-to a normal range. This is so easy to prepare anyone can do this for the health of their beloved pet.

Thank you Dr. Harvey!

Thank you Dr. Harvey and staff for caring about all our four legged family. Kobe will never eat anything but Canine Health again.

The Vet Gave Up on Kobe But We Didn’t and Neither Did You!

My vet gave up on him and said he only had about 6 months to live, and just give dry Hills K/D food. In just 3 weeks Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food and his love of helping us learn how easy it is to keep our pup healthy is working! Needless to say we start with a new vet next week, who supports feeding Kobe a healthy diet of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food , which is a must as Kobe will never eat anything other than products from Dr. Harvey.
We will update you on Kobe while he is enjoying his new healthy, happy, long life!

Please Share Our Story

Image DescriptionIt would make The Kobe Family very happy if you shared our story on your website. We want everyone to know this is a very true story about Kobe.

Thankful Pet Parents

Again, Thank you Dr Harvey, Wendy, (who never sleeps), and all your great staff for caring and loving my little Kobe, and so many others.

Deb Horrocks “The Kobe Family”

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