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The "Book of Miracles"-Real Stories from Real Customers

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Image Description I am so pleased to offer this wonderful little “Book of Miracles” to you! It contains true stories of healing. All of the stories and photos have been sent to us in emails and letters by thankful guardians.

These grateful pet parents want to tell us how
our foods and supplements have helped them to heal their companion dogs when they were desperate for answers.
They want to say thank you and to tell us about their “miracle”. Hearing from these guardians is the most rewarding part of our work.

The book shows how Dr. Harvey’s foods are the best alternative to “prescription diets” and how hopeless many of these pet parents felt before finding a “miracle” by using our products.

These thankful pet parents also want to share their stories in hopes that their experiences will help others who may be desperately looking for answers for their companion.

We are honored to share these stories with you in this informative little booklet. It is our hope that you will read it and share it with your pet parent friends.

There are some people who may not know about the healing properties of eating highly nutritional chemical-free foods and how powerful a small change can be!

This is the message that we have shared for over 30 years. We continue to make this information available to all pet parents and hope that you will help us by sharing this book with others.

Image DescriptionYou can get a FREE copy of “The Book of Miracles” by emailing us at with your name and mailing address. We will mail you a copy or send you a digital copy if you are outside the US.

We know you will enjoy the read and will be happy to help someone else by passing it on.

Thank you always,
Dr. Harvey

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