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Dr. Harvey’s to Launch “Oracle” Revolutionary Complete Foods for Cats and Dogs

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

I was walking down a path when I came upon a fork in the road.
I had to make a choice to take the road to the left or the road to the right. Fortunately, there was an Oracle there and he told me to take the path leading to health…I never looked back…

Such Excitement Here

Chicken We here at Dr.Harvey’s could not be more excited that we are finally ready to share this news with you.
We know that so many of you have been waiting for a long time for these new foods to become available.

After 2 years of preparation and research Oracle Complete Foods for Dogs and Cats are ready to be revealed!

What’s an Oracle?

In antiquity, an Oracle was someone who was a source of wise counsel, gave prophetic predictions and could see the future.
With Dr. Harvey’s Oracle we are looking into the future of animal nutrition.

Oracle Complete Foods for Dogs and Cats are freeze-dried and dehydrated highly nutritious meals that have been formulated by Dr. Harvey to be species specific diets for companion animals. This high level of balanced nutrition comes from using the finest human grade protein sources. The protein is then freeze-dried and dehydrated to be preserved without the use of any chemical preservatives of any kind. When rehydrated these proteins provide the building blocks of nutrition that are so critical to the health of dogs and cats. We then add dehydrated, sun-ripened vegetables and farm fresh eggs to make sure that all the necessary vitamins and minerals are present in abundance.

Homemade with Ease

Oracle Complete Foods are truly revolutionary because they have all the goodness and integrity that you have come to expect from Dr. Harvey’s, but these foods are complete,meaning the meat is already in the mix. Oracle Complete Foods are total and complete diets for cats and dogs that are incredibly easy to prepare. In fact, with Oracle Complete Foods, all you do is add water and watch your very happy companions enjoy the healthiest meals available anywhere. Just like homemade meals, Oracle makes a fresh healthful meal in just minutes. Oracle allows guardians to continue to feed the very best in even less time.


How to Choose The Right Food

Choosing the appropriate food for your dog or cat can be difficult and confusing.
Dr. Harvey’s has always been a leader in bringing the truth to guardians about how to feed their companions the foods that provide optimal health and wellness. Thousands of guardians over 30 years, have seen the wonderful results that may have turned their pet’s health around, just by switching to a whole food, chemical-free, all-natural diet.

“I Wish I Had Known Earlier”

Those of you who have experienced these changes know the wonderful feeling of seeing your companion’s health improve dramatically after starting a new truly all-natural diet. Over the years, so many guardians have said to us “if I had only known sooner!”

Dr. Harvey’s is proud that our mission to improve the health of companion animals through diet has made such a difference for so many. Oracle is the future of superior animal nutrition.

Oracle for Dogs

Oracle for Dogs will be available in 4 varieties- Beef with Vegetables and Organic Grains, Chicken and Vegetables with Organic Grains, Grain-Free Beef and Vegetable and Grain-Free Chicken and Vegetable.

Oracle for Cats

Cat guardians have waited for many years for Dr. Harvey to perfect this all-natural balanced blend for our feline friends.

Oracle for Cats will come in 3 grain-free varieties Beef, Fish and Chicken. These delicious diets for cats are formulated to contain the higher amounts of protein that cats require plus all of the vitamins and minerals that cats need to maintain optimal health. The most amazing thing is that cats really love Oracle and cat lovers know how wonderful it is to find a really healthy food that cats will love! You actually won’t believe it. Taste tasted by hundreds of cats and “certified delicious” , Oracle is a total breakthrough in feline nutrition.

Oracle is a Win-Win

Oracle Complete Foods are unlike any food you have ever tried for your companion. Oracle is easy to make and ready in just minutes. But the most important thing is that you will feel confident that by feeding Oracle, you are providing the very best nutrition available for your companion. What could be better? Healthy and Easy. Easy for you, healthy for them-that’s what we call a win-win!

Only The Best Ingredients-Of course…

Oracle Complete Foods contain no wheat, soy, corn, meat meal or by-products. And as with all of Dr. Harvey’s products, Oracle contains no added salt or sugar and no synthetic ingredients, dyes, coloring agents or chemicals of any kind.

Dr. Harvey’s uses only the finest human grade ingredients including USDA beef, antibiotic free and free-range chicken and farm fresh eggs to make Oracle for your best friends.

Oracle Complete Foods will be available to purchase from Dr. Harvey’s after the official launch at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in February 2013.

Check back frequently for updates and news about the Oracle launch.
We wanted to give you a sneak peak. We had to tell you what we have been working on to continue the Dr. Harvey’s tradition of bringing you the very best for your companions.

For over 30 years Dr. Harvey’s has been at the forefront of innovation in holistic nutrition. We are proud to continue our tradition of making only the healthiest products by bringing Oracle Complete Foods to guardians and their companion animals.

It won’t be long now! Get ready to make your companions very, very happy!

And don’t forget to tell a friend. They will be grateful that you did!

Consult the Oracle


Dr. Harvey’s is seeing the future…

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