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In Memory of Yogi-A Heartfelt Story

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

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We received this amazing letter and wonderful photos from Yogi’s mom, Wendy. We wanted to share her thoughts and these photos with you as a tribute to Yogi and his devoted family.

We are honored to have been able to support them during their struggle with Yogi’s illness. Yogi was a lucky dog to have had so much love around him. He will be missed…

Dear Dr. Harvey,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that our sweet Yogi died on September 6. He died very peacefully, in my lap, surrounded by
candles and soft music and entrenched in an enormous amount of love.

Image Description On behalf of my daughters and me (as well as Max, Albus, Puck and Lilly), I also want extend our tremendous gratitude for the help and long-distance support that you so generously extended to us during his battle with lymphoma.

Your guidance has effected our lives forever in helping us to provide the best care possible for the animals that we love. We cannot thank enough for your expertise, your compassion, and your support.

Image Description Your name became a familiarity in our family, at dinner time conversations, "You know, Dr. Harvey is a genius. I had to pay him over 10 grand for this advice!!! (sarcasm of course) in times of uncertainty, “Mom, did you call Dr. Harvey today? What did he say?” and in our prayers, “…and thank you for connecting us with Dr. Harvey.”

Because our paths crossed at such a late stage of Yogi’s life here with us, we thought we would share with you a few of our favorite memories in pictures.

Image DescriptionWe hope you enjoy them, but even more, we hope you know the incredible positive impact you’ve made all of the way here in central Texas. We cannot thank enough for your expertise, your compassion, and your support.

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Love and peace,

Wendy, Madeleine,

Natalie, Max, Albus, Puck

and Lilly

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