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The Miracle Dog Food is Just That

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

We Wanted to Share This Story with You

This email came into our inbox today and we thought we needed to share the story of this adorable Dachshund, OliveOyl, and her parents. Their journey to health is very touching and Olive’s pictures are so adorable, we just had to post them and the lovely email that Karl and Kate sent to Dr.Harvey. Enjoy!

Dear Dr.Harvey,

We had to say "Thank You!

I am writing to you to say thank you. My wife and I are the
parents of a beloved 5-year-old mini-dachshund named OliveOyl.

Image Description

At around 2 years of age Olive began to have seizures. As time went on they became more frequent and more severe with numerous trips to the emergency vet and thousands spent on bills as well as a daily medication that made Olive tired and fat with only minimal success of epileptic control.

I Finally Did My Research

This past January she went into a cluster seizure and at that point I had had enough. I did my research about what could cause epilepsy in dogs and the one thing in common throughout all the articles I read was low quality dog food. Being a
“fitness/health freak” I immediately regretted feeding my dog something I would never eat myself.

The very next day my wife and I made the switch to Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Dog Food from a store owner’s recommendation and needless to say we could not be more thrilled.

The Miracle Dog Food is Just That!

Image DescriptionOlive is now 6 months episode free, is on a lowered dose of medication(with the end goal to be completely off by year end), has lost all the weight gained from the medication and has more energy than she knows what to do with. Canine Health- The Miracle Dog Food is just that, a miracle.

Sincerely, thank you again!
Karl, Kate & OliveOyl

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