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Dr. Harvey's Rocks!

Posted By Wendy Shankin-Cohen and The Team

Much of the time the emails that we receive are from guardians that are having problems with their dogs.
Or they are from guardians who want to share their success stories with us. We love to receive these and are always happy to help and hear about success with our products.

One Great Customer

But every once in a while we get an email that is just joyful and the guardian is thrilled to share their story and loves the banter as they find out that we are indeed real people! The following is the actual email from one of those great joyful customers and the back and forth emails that we exchanged. Just for the fun of loving our animals and sharing the joy of that love.

Dr. Harvey’s You Rock

Dear Everyone at Dr. Harvey’s~

Image DescriptionDowntown Lucy Brown and Louie the Face, otherwise known as Lucy and Louie, are very happy doggies thanks to you! I’ve been searching far and wide for a dog food that was good for my dogs and good enough for them to eat, only to be disappointed every time. I was exhausted and disheartened by the time I found you, but found you I did, and now I’m the happiest doggie momma on the planet!

Thank You, Thank You!

Both dogs ate every bite the first time and have since licked their bowls clean. I was so overwhelmed with relief and gratitude that I had to email you and tell you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Now I have them on Health and Shine and Ortho-Flex. Louie’s old and on meds for a bad back, but the day after I gave these supplements to him he was running up the stairs, rolling around and wanting to play. Louie doesn’t do this. Ever. Now we have our boy back thanks to your amazing products. And Lucy’s hot spot has completely cleared up and she doesn’t drag her fanny on the rugs anymore!

You Totally Rock…

Long email, I know, but I am so impressed with your business and your philosophy that I had to write! You totally rock…

One Thrilled Customer, Gwynn Beatty

Our Response

Dear Gwynne,

What a fantastic email! Although we get many emails from guardians who are happy to have found our products, yours is indeed quite unique.

You rock! Lucy and Louie rock too. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know.

I would love to post your email on our website if you are okay with that.

Do you possibly have a digital photo of your babies that you could email to me? I would then post it on our website for other guardians to see and maybe they would find the solution that you did.

Thanks again for making my day. I will show this to Dr. Harvey tomorrow. Even after all these years he still loves to know that he has made the animals happy!

Let me know and thanks again.

Wendy Shankin-Cohen
Dr. Harvey’s

Gywnn Writes Back (she is so funny!)

Hi Wendy~

It was so nice to hear from you! I’m still giggling over your email regarding mine. I just had to let you know how much easier our lives our with these products. So you made my day as well by responding and asking for a photo of my 2 fabulous kids. I read the email aloud to them, and they promptly went to lie down from the excitement. They never underestimate a special occasion!

(love that she read it to the dogs- my comment not hers)

I’ve attached a photo of the 2 happy doggies. I love reading about customer reviews and learning about others’ pets, so this is fabulous that maybe Lucy’s and Louie’s issues can help some other doggies out there.

Thanks so much, Wendy! I love rocking with you =-)

I Thank Her


You’re the best. And Lucy and Louie are pretty terrific too! Please thank them for allowing us to use their photo!

I will send you the link as soon as your email is live and you will be able to see your stars in living color!

I’ll rock with you and your pups anytime!

Thanks again.


and the Team at Dr. Harvey’s

Gwynn Rocks! Her Response:

You’re my kind of chick, Wendy! Looking forward to the link and seeing my kids live and in living color!!

And Here Is the Link!

Click here to see Lucy and Louie and to read other amazing emails that we are so happy to receive:

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