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"Dr. Harvey's Food Saved My Booker

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

This Story Has to Be Told

This is truly one of the worst cases of abuse that we have ever seen, but it is also a magical story that is filled with hope and love. We continue to believe that we need to share this type of story with you. as people share them with us. We know that this story will anger and then inspire you.

True Courage

The courage of this little dog is remarkable and is only matched by the courage of the people who took him into their lives and gave him a home filled with love. Christina shared with us that Booker was abused for the first 10 years of his life. He was scheduled to be put down the day that Christina and her husband, Frank, found him and took him home with them. Amazing and wonderful…

“Dear Dr. Harvey,

After sharing Donny’s story I can’t believe I forgot to share the story of my other Italian Greyhound, Booker!

You Have to See Him Before and After

Image Description Dr. Harveys food actually saved this old dog’s life! even his toenails are bright white once again! You have to see his entire photostory to get the jist of what THIS poor dog went through. He loves Dr Harvey’s food! I have photos here of him before and after your food!

Booker’s Unbearable Suffering

Image Description The owner was not making sure he ate his meals! It is hard for him to get food INTO his mouth since his bottom jaw does not work! Because of this his mouth doesn’t close and his tongue hangs out.

Booker’s teeth rotted horribly and painfully out of his mouth. at one point, the vet’s said that the stench was unreal. His head swelled from infection until they all fell out. He was made to stay in that condition for years.salivary gland tumor that was removed after his life was saved.

I did not take this photo…i wanted everyone to see where this little guy came from

Image Description This photo was taken the day before his scheduled death..

Booker Gets a Forever Home

Image Description Brothers rescued—-only a day before death at the shelter.

Canine Health and Ortho Flex

We rescued him from Wisconsin in December and within the 6 months I have now had him he has gotten so much better. He is a miracle dog!
I use the *Ortho-Flex Powdered Supplement from

Dr. Harvey and Booker does not limp anymore on his old crooked legs! I have videos of this little old guy RUNNING and playing!

Booker was so abused the first 10 years of his life, it is unbelievable!"

Look At Our Baby Booker Now

Image Description

We love him so much. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you Dr. Harvey!

Christina Linsalata

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