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Read What the Natural Dog Blog Has to Say

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

New! Read What Neil Sattin Has to Say

Renowned dog trainer, Neil Sattin, has written about his own personal experience with Canine Health on his Natural Dog Blog
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The Green Connoisseur

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

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They found us and now we have found them!

The Green Connoisseur, subtitled " Your Escort to a Luxurious and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle" is an extremely informative website for all things green. Recently we were approached by one of the staff writers from the Green Connoisseur asking if she could write an article about Dr. Harvey’s.

Below is the lovely article that Lucy Brake wrote and posted about Dr. Harvey’s products. After reading, please take a moment to visit The Green Connoisseur
to discover insightful info on health, nutrition and living an ecologically responsible life.

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Treat Your Pet!

Feathered and Furry Eco-Luxury

For many of us, our family pet is a really important member of our home. We want to make sure our dog, cat or bird is getting the best nutrition available without compromising the environment. Dr. Harvey’s has created nutritional food and grooming treatments for our pets that are kind to the planet. You don’t have to compromise your furry and feathered friend’s diet and health in order to treat them to a bit of green luxury.

The Vision Behind the Finest Green Pet Nutrition

Over 30 years ago, a successful nutritionist and animal lover, Dr Harvey, came to the realisation that we were feeding our pets blatantly unhealthy diets. These traditional pet foods contained lots of nasty chemicals, preservatives, dyes and colouring agents. He was concerned that these sub-optimal diets meant that our animals were becoming unnecessarily ill, lowering their quality of life and shortening their life spans. From this concern, came the concept of all-natural food for pets.
The team at Dr Harvey’s believes that feeding animals food made from chemical-laden ingredients is the number one reason for the rapid rise in degenerative diseases. Healthy products for pets means that they can maintain a strong immune system, avoid diseases and aliments caused by pet food filled with chemicals and also achieve optimal health throughout their lives. Dr Harvey’s champions healthy, natural and chemical-free food for our pets. They also make all their products locally in the USA and are therefore able to keep transportation-related emissions to a minimum. “Our team is committed to helping guardians give their companion animals the very best food there is, made from the best ingredients, and using the best processes.” says Dr Harvey’s.

Food Fit for a King

All of their product lines are prepared with fresh, organic and natural principles in mind. This means that only the highest quality ingredients are used without any processed elements to be seen anywhere on the menu. The Healthy Formulations created by Dr Harvey’s offers fine healthy food as well as safe all-natural products for dogs, cats, birds and horses. These formulations are also kind to the environment. To keep animal companions happy and healthy, the team at Dr Harvey’s develops products which include chemical-free grooming solutions, essential supplements and vitamins as well as nutritious chews and treats. Their yummy looking freeze dried treats for dogs and cats contain no dyes, colouring agents or preservatives. Additionally, they are free or any fillers with no extra salt or sugar.
Dr Harvey’s has been producing luxury all-natural companion food for many years. They package their food and grooming products in eco-friendly containers and have managed to do this without compromising on the ease of use or the ability to keep the product fresh.
The Dr Harvey’s range of nutrition and grooming products means your pets can have a longer, happier and healthier life with less impact on the environment. You can now take even more pleasure in the joy they bring to your life.

The Green Connoisseur

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