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Dr. Harvey's Equine Line–Health For Horses

Posted By The Staff of Dr. Harvey's

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Dr. Harvey’s for Horses

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Harvey’s has launched a complete line of Herbal Essentials for Horses. Dr. Harvey has created an entirely natural, chemical–free line of products for horses. Using the finest organic and 100% all natural ingredients, Dr. Harvey has formulated Organic Hoof Cream, Herbal Liniment,Organic Healing Cream, Herbal Protection Spray, Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Protection Shampoo all designed to protect horse and rider from the dangerous toxins used in chemically based horse products.

A Dream Realized

Image Description For many years, Dr. Harvey has been troubled by the amount of chemicals that are routinely used as a frequent part of equine care. He wanted to create products that would spare horses as well as humans from the dangers of toxic products. From fly sprays to topical treatments, Dr. Harvey believes that too many horses and their people are exposed to toxins from inhaling chemical sprays and from topical treatments that are absorbed through the skin. These types of chemical laden products put animals and humans at risk for serious systemic health issues and can be harmful to long-term good health.

Herbs–All–Natural and Organic

Dr. Harvey wanted to find the very best in nature to create the Equine Line bearing his name. These safe and effective products are the first of their kind using herbs to promote healing and optimal health in horses and to protect them from the use of products containing harmful toxic chemicals.

How Chemicals Can Effect Equine Health

Toxic Sprays and treatments that are absorbed through the skin and inhaled into the lungs of horses and humans can cause severe allergic reactions as well as long-term health problems. These consequences can be entirely avoided by using products that are pure gentle and chemical-free.

One Happy Doctor

Dr. Harvey is very pleased to have created The Equine Line. The realization of this quest, to make the finest all-natural products for horses has been very fulfilling for him and our entire team. Dr. Harvey is sincerely happy to offer these healthful products for horses.

Playing Favorites

While Dr. Harvey loves the entire Equine line, he says his favorites are the Organic Hoof Cream and the Herbal Liniment. We think the Herbal Protection Spray is great and we have all used the Healing Cream for our dogs for years.

Herbal Shampoos Without SLS

We also think both the Herbal Shampoo and the Herbal Protection Shampoo are truly superb. Our shampoos do not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate or SLS often used in shampoos and known to be a toxic ingredient.

One of a Kind–Herbal Ear Wash for Horses

This is the first product of its kind. This formula is made with antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic herbs in a base of Witch Hazel. Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash will not only clean your horse’s ears, it will help heal abrasions and protect against infection.

Only the Best for You and Your Horse

Image Description We, at Dr. Harvey’s, are happy to make this contribution to equine care, knowing that it will help to make a difference in the health of horses, people and the planet.

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