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Discover Barkotti for Your Dog

Posted By Wendy Shankin-Cohen

barkotti photo Barkotti are the first handmade, vegetarian, and preservative-free biscotti for dogs made with organic ingredients
Dr. Harvey’s, a longtime leader in the natural and organic pet products world, has just released an all-natural and organic biscotti for dogs. Named Barkotti, these biscotti treats are made with 100% human grade ingredients to promote good health and strong teeth and gums. The company has worked on developing this health bar giving it a taste that is irresistible for dogs. Barkotti contain no preservatives, chemical dyes or additives. Barkotti, contain no wheat, corn or soy, added salt or refined sugar and contain no wheat gluten or rice gluten. Barkotti, are filled with a variety of vegetables, apple and herbs and mixed with organic flours and bee pollen, providing a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in each treat. Barkotti, encourage healthy teeth and gums and can be used as training treats.

Dr. Harvey’s Goes Green

dog_green_bone Dr. Harvey’s has packaged the Barkotti in new green packaging using recycled and recyclable materials that are printed with soy ink. The company is making a serious effort to use environmentally sound choices for both their packaging and packing. Dr. Harvey’s has long been a proponent of using organic and chemical-free ingredients in the production of their pet products for companion animals. The company wants to reflect its use of these high quality ingredients in its packaging.
" I couldn’t be more excited", said Dr. Harvey, founder of Dr. Harvey’s, "this has been a challenging and wonderful project for us. The biscotti look great and they smell incredible. I could not be happier with the results. These treats are going to make for lots of happy and healthy dogs. I fought to make them in the US in a human bakery, I fought to make the packaging “green”, and I fought to make a treat that is truly healthy for dogs, without chemicals and I won." he said last Wednesday as he watched the first boxes of Barkotti be packaged for shipment.

Barkotti are handmade in the US in a human bakery, using only organic and 100% human grade ingredients from the US. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our company taste testers, Dane Cohen and Sasha Basset Cohen, both of whom found Barkotti to be irresistible." stated company president and CEO, Wendy Shankin-Cohen. “We couldn’t be prouder of this health treat and it’s packaging. They are so beautiful. We expect Barkotti, to set the bar quite high, when it comes to quality products for companion animals. Barkotti are a wonderful addition to all of the high quality products that Dr. Harvey has created for us.”
Dr. Harvey has been making the finest all natural and organic products for companion animals for over 25 years. His mission has been to educate guardians about why animals need to eat fresh wholesome foods, avoid chemical additives, avoid salt and sugar and rotate proteins in the daily diet. Education continues to be Dr. Harvey’s mission. Known worldwide for the quality of the ingredients he uses in every product. Barkotti, is his most recent creation, adding to the over 100 unique health products he manufactures for companion animals. Barkotti are available in fine retail pet shops, pet boutiques, health food stores and all- natural pet stores throughout the US and Canada, Hong Kong and Japan and from many fine online retailers.

PLEASE NOTE: Barkotti are available in 1 pound boxes in 2 sizes FOR SMALL DOGS and for MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS

About Dr Harvey’s A pioneer corporation in the manufacturing of all- natural and organic foods, treats and supplements for dogs, cats birds and horses. Dr. Harvey’s supports animal rescue and champions the humane treatment of all animals on our planet.

So much excitement around here!

Posted By Dr. Harvey


This has been a very busy time for us filled with so much excitement. Launching this new website is particularly important to me, because I finally have a vehicle to speak to you. These days, I spend much of my time speaking to individuals on the phone about their companions needs. I have spent close to 30 years teaching people the benefits of feeding our companions an all-natural diet and the dangers of allowing our companions to ingest preservatives, chemical additives and coloring agents.
Now with the internet and our new website I have a forum to speak to all of you about all the things that are on my mind.
I want you all to know the reasons that I believe the things that I teach. I will be commenting often about things that you can do to improve the health and longevity of your companion dog, cat, bird or horse. Welcome and stay tuned!

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