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Enix, "The Precious", is Eating...Finally!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

You Must Read This from a Very Happy Dog Mom!

June Evans was syringe and hand feeding Enix, because he wouldn’t eat! Read her wonderful success story after feeding her beloved pup Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health.

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I was Syringe and Hand Feeding for a Month!

Enix loves the Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health! I’ve been syringe and hand feeding him for about a month. The prescription food from the vet made him so nauseous an hour after he would eat it, that he could hardly breathe. I found your dog food online doing a search. I have used the trial package for about 3 days now. The Canine Health gives him no nausea at all! (Except for this morning when he just ate it too quickly).

His Appetite has Improved So Much!

I just put the food down now and he eats it all on his own. I’ve already ordered another 5-pound bag and it should arrive today. I’m switching my other dog over too. Enix’s appetite has improved so much he’s looking all over for dropped crumbs of anything -this from a dog I’ve had to coax to eat since puppyhood.

He is Happier and Calmer

I haven’t had his values rechecked yet. He is due to return to the vet in about another two weeks. I know my veterinarian will not like the fact I’ve switched his diet from the prescription food, but it was either that or put him to sleep, I couldn’t stand to see him suffer. The Canine Health seems to make him comfortable too like the complex carbs have a calming effect? I don’t know if that’s it, but he simply seems a lot calmer and happier, with very little to no nausea.
Thanks again for your inquiry into Enix’s health and for your product!

I’m Telling All My Friends

I’ve already told many of my friends about Dr. Harvey’s, and urged them to get a trial sample for their pets’.
Barbara “June” Evans

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