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A Story of Love, Survival, and Gratitude

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

With Love From Pumpkin

Pumpkin’s mom, Sue, reached out to us to tell us that Pumpkin wanted to tell her story “in her own words”. We were so touched when we received the story of Pumpkin’s journey and how Canine Health was the miracle she needed. Here is Pumpkin’s story.

My Name is Pumpkin

My name is Pumpkin and I am a most loved and spoiled, happy, and very grateful 10 year old Golden Retriever! I am so inspired to share my story of love, survival, and gratitude with you! Let’s wind back the clock 6 years ago to when I was 4 years old…

Pumpkin 2

How My Troubles Began

It was Good Friday 2010, a beautiful Spring day! I enjoyed a long afternoon walk with Mom and Grandma! We came home and I got a refreshing drink and snack. I proceeded to take a nap as Mom and Grandma enjoyed lunch and good conversation. They said their goodbyes after a nice visit, and then Mom ran some errands. When she returned home after a few hours, she took me for a quick walk and then fed me my dry kibble and then BOOM…..I was out…. Literally passed out for about 2 minutes. I didn’t know what hit me! Before I knew it, I came to…in none other than, the dreaded vets office!!! I heard him speaking in hushed tones to Mom something about a Grand mal seizure…and as I understand it….that is why I was out cold….some kind of short circuit happened in my brain!!! The vet drew blood from my arm and ruled out many possibilities as to why I had this terribly scary seizure. He concluded it was of "idiopathic"origins; meaning he just didn’t know why it happened. He suggested Mom and Dad keep a watchful eye on me for any more seizures and that if they became more frequent, to perhaps, put me on medicine.

Things Get Worse

The very next day I started having diarrhea and vomiting. My Mom and Dad withheld food for 24 hours as advised by my doctor. After that 24 hour period, which felt like an eternity, I was allowed to eat small portions of boiled chicken and rice. As good as it tasted going down, I just couldn’t keep it down…if you know what I mean! So this is where my spiral downward begins to pick up speed! My poor Mom and Dad! They tried EVERYTHING….every commercial dog food on the market that sounded heathy…they gave me. Nothing worked…. I still had terrible diarrhea and vomiting! Many trips to my vet getting one test after another….more blood work, x-rays, exams, looking for blockages…nothing, negative, nada! My vet did ask for a stool sample and discovered I had hookworm and roundworm despite my being given an Ivermectin heart worm medicine….it failed me!!! My parents immediately switched me over to Milbemycin, another kind of heart worm medicine that kicked my worm issue, but not my diarrhea and vomiting. And my seizures were occurring weekly!


My Mom and Dad Never Gave Up

To our dismay, this continued for approximately 8 months! Mom and Dad were steadfast in their quest for a diagnosis and cure! I was truly fed up at this point and felt like I was dying….in that time period, I went from a healthy 86 pound Golden to a 60 pound shadow of my former self! People around us were suggesting they end my misery….if you know what I mean! Mom and Dad wouldn’t even consider that as an alternative. No, they KNEW in their hearts there was a cure for me and they NEVER stopped searching… And I am eternally grateful to them and love them forever for not giving up on me. And not to mention I am one tough cookie! I put up a good fight! But I must say, this whole journey was a labor of LOVE between me, Mom, and Dad!

No Prescription Diet for Me!

My vet recommended I start a course of anti-seizure medicine along with a prescription food diet. Mom and Dad refused to feed me the Rx vet prescribed food which its first ingredient was CORN!!!!! Please don’t get me started down that road!!!! Suffice it to say, it was nothing more than a bunch of processed filler ingredients with a fancy name and price tag to match! Just like every other commercial dog food, I know it wouldn’t have helped me at all.

It’s Called The Miracle Dog Food for a Reason!

So, that very same day, Mom and Dad turned to the internet and did an all out search for a natural, healthy dog food. That’s when they found Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food They ordered my first bag and after my first DELICIOUS meal, my diarrhea and vomiting stopped!!!! It was my miracle elixir!!! I have been eating and loving my 3 squares a day ever since and I have been diarrhea and vomit free!!!

Pumpkin 3

Thank you Dr. Harvey’s… You Saved My Life!

That was 6 years ago…in that time I have put weight back on, I feel great, I am so happy, and am so excited to celebrate my 10th birthday on the 31st of this month! Life is good; in fact it’s delicious all thanks to you, Dr. Harvey! I have survived against all odds and I am forever grateful for the love and steadfast determination of my Mom and Dad to restore my health, and to you, Dr. Harvey’s! You saved my life!

With my Love and Gratitude,

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