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Ingredients Are Everything-Our Commitment-Our Mission

March 14, 2015 - 3 minute read by The Team at Dr. Harvey's


We have always been about education. Over 30 years ago, when Dr. Harvey started to teach people about feeding real food to animals, most people thought he was crazy. He knew he was right and he kept telling people the truth about pet foods~Ingredients are everything!

The Educated Animal

It’s great for the animals and it is also very good for a company like ours. People who look for great ingredients and pure, real foods for their companion animals, can see that we take great care in what we put into all of our products. The caring pet parent can see that we are different from other pet food companies. The educated consumer is our best customer.

It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

Our concern for finding and using only the best ingredients keeps us very busy. Finding the best ingredients that can be freeze-dried and dehydrated is never an easy task, but we believe there is no other way. We are passionate about the purity of our ingredients. We know this is about the health of your animals and ours! We fight to find the very best!

No Additives, No Chemicals, No Preservatives

Dehydration and freeze-drying allows us to use these pure ingredients without using toxic preservatives. Leaving out preservatives and any synthetic additives is critical to our process. Our pledge to our customers is that we use only the best ingredients and keep them pure, safe and simple. This allows us to offer only the very best to your best friend.

Our ingredients are:

  • Sourced in the USA
  • Manufactured and Packaged in our own facility in the USA
  • 100% Human Grade
  • Not from China
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Free of All Chemical Additives
  • Free of Dyes and Coloring Agents
  • Free of Salt and Sugar
  • Free of All Fillers
  • Free from any By-Products
  • Free of Synthetic Ingredients
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Made with meats that are Free-Range USDA
  • Only non-GMO ingredients
for dogs are USDA Certified Organic.

What This Means to You and Your Family

This is our commitment to you and to our mission; to provide only the very best, truly healthy products made with only the finest ingredients for our companion animals.