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Introducing Coconut Smiles - An Organic Coconut Treat for Dog

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

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Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Dr. Harvey’s will be launching our Organic Coconut Smiles next week! These treats are sure to become a special in your home.

Ask Your Local Pet Shop

Your local store can order Coconut Smiles for you. They are now ready to ship!

Why is Coconut So Healthy?

Coconut Smiles are made of USDA organic dried coconut. Our dried Coconut Smiles offer the same dietary benefits as coconut oil and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Dogs go crazy for this super-healthy, nutty treat!

Coconut is Truly a Superfood

According to its advocates, when taken internally, coconut may:
  • Improve skin and coat in dogs
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
  • Improve cholesterol levels and help fight heart disease
  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Help Relieve arthritis
  • Help Prevent and treat yeast and fungal infections
  • Help Prevent and treat viral infections
  • Help balance the body’s metabolism and hormones
  • Help prevent or control diabetes
  • Reduce allergic reactions

Coconut Smiles - Loose

Dr. Harvey’s Coconut Smiles are not only a great treat that dogs love, but they are made from pure, organic, dehydrated coconut which many researchers believe to be a “superfood”.

Now you can offer your customers a great new healthy treat from Dr. Harvey’s!

What The Experts Say About Coconuts

According to Dr. Mary Enig, a Ph.D. nutritionist and biochemist and a world leading expert on fats and oils, coconut contains lauric acid that forms into monolaurin, an antiviral and antibacterial substance.

Dr. Enig found coconut oil to be rich in lauric acid, a health-promoting fatty acid with anti-microbial properties that is being used in trials with AIDS patients and others suffering from compromised immune systems. Dr. Enig’s theories about “conditionally essential” saturated fats are already proving to be one of the missing links to the development of effective anti-aging therapies as well as many other therapies for better health.

Now Ready for You and Your Best Friend!

Coconut Smiles are available. You can order them here now! Click Here to Order