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Eye Stains Gone-Health Regained. Thank you!

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

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MeMe’s Story

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I have a long story about MeMe and I am glad to share.

It took Dr. Harvey, a doctor in India, and a doctor in London, to help me save her.

*I know I will always be grateful for Dr. Harvey’s voice at such a scary time for me. After $4,000 in Vet bills, all I needed was SBL’s Liv-T, and Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl to save my dog!

I no longer test her ALT numbers. But with Vets treatments they were climbing, last count… Bile Acid Test was 986. (normal 10-100) That was the day I called Dr. Harvey.

We Thought We Were Losing Her

I remember Dr. Harvey telling me “your dog has a greater chance of having a black bear and a polar bear over for lunch, than getting Heartworm” One pill of Trifexis and she was down for the count.

Liver Damage

By the time it had done its total damage MeMe’s liver had enlarged 3 fold, her gallbladder was filled with sludge, and she had severe pancreatitis.

So, after the antibiotics and RX Vet food (God help us all) The numbers continued to climb. Her eyes were dull, draining, and she was blowing her coat. She went from show dog to pound puppy in 3 months.

Kefir and Veg-to-Bowl to the Rescue

Dr Harvey suggested Kefir, Veg to Bowl and cooking Chicken slightly. I just couldn’t get her to eat. She was so ill. A Vet in India, suggested SBL’s Liv-T and continue with Kefir and Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl with chicken.

Her Eye-Staining Clears Up

Two months later after keeping her on this diet, MeMe had lost her eye staining, was growing her coat, and begging for food. By 6 months she was eating raw. * I have not seen a Vet in nearly a year.*

No More Chemicals for MeMe

I won’t go back again. Homeopathic, natural or nothing is my only way from now on. I can no longer continue on with traditional veterinarian’s, they believe in the chemicals that do harm.

I Tell Everyone About Dr. Harvey’s

I will always recommend Dr. Harvey, and will continue to search for his products locally. Here are some photos of her eyes before and after.

Meme’s Eyes Before…

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Here you can see the staining.

MeMe After A New Diet

Her eyes are clean and the staining is gone!

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Today She looks even better!

In addition she is healthy and that’s the best part!

Thank you!

Happy Holidays to all of you…

Salli and MeMe

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