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IMHO-Why Our Companion Animals are So Sick?

Posted By Dr. Harvey

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My View from The Soapbox

I have been on a soapbox for a very long time now. For over 30 years I have taught guardians to avoid commercial pet food for their companion animals. And while I don’t mind, standing on my soapbox sending out the message. I feel sad and frustrated to see so many companion animals that are still so sick. Much of this illness CAN BE AVOIDED.

The Educated Guardian-Why Not Everyone?

Gratefully, many people have listened and have found health for their companions. The sadness for me is that so many people have not heard the message. The Internet has been amazing in helping guardians find good information about the optimal way to feed their companions, but they have had to battle the world of advertising and unfortunately the veterinary community, which for the most part continue to mimic the claims of the commercial pet food companies. The number of educated and informed consumers has grown enormously over the past 30 years and while this is wonderful to see, there are still so many guardians who innocently continue to feed commercial pet food and regrettably only realize how detrimental this is to their pet when their beloved companion becomes ill.

The Incidence of Disease is Rising

Image DescriptionThe incidence of acquired disease in animals continues to grow.
The message that I have taught for 30 years has not changed, but the message has intensified as I have seen the commercial pet food world continue to provide inferior foods for companion animals that have caused immeasurable suffering in our companion animal community.

Real Food for Real Pets

For 30 years I have taught that the use of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and poor quality protein in commercial pet foods is detrimental to the health of our pets. I find that I must continue to speak on behalf of companion animals and their loving guardians. Rather than seeing an improvement in the foods that are available to our companions,the foods that are available today are far worse than even 30 years ago.

Why This Epidemic?

Every single day I receive emails about dogs that are suffering from renal failure or cancer. This is somewhat crazy. Why are we seeing this epidemic rise in kidney disease, allergies, joint disease and cancer in dogs? There is no question in my mind that the diet is the number one reason for this. Everyone is worried about calcium/phosphorous ratios and they forget to look at the big picture. You can balance the calcium, you can lower the protein, but if you fail to consider the quality of the protein and all of the adulterated and synthetic ingredients, you have failed to understand the way diet actually affects the health of companion animals.

Change Their Diet, Change Their Lives

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It is the quality of the food that matters. Is the food tainted with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, flavoring, salt, sugar and dyes? Additives and synthetic ingredients-animals need REAL food. That IMHO is the reason that we are seeing such degenerative disease in our companion animal population. It has been my life’s work to impart this knowledge to animal guardians. I have spoken to thousands of you and I know there are thousands more with whom I have not spoken who are looking for answers for their beloved companions.

See Miraculous Changes

I want all of you to know that I have seen truly miraculous changes in animals whose guardians seek a different path and are willing to change their diet to a REAL all-natural diet. So if I have had any impact in my life’s work, it is that I have spoken out to let others know that animals are very sensitive beings and that their health is in the hands of their guardians. I know that feeding a commercial dog food for life will be a major to contributory factor to the long-term health of companion animals. I hope that my words will help many of you make better choices for your companions.

Health Begins in The Kitchen

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Feeding real food that is unadulterated and pure is the key to good health. Do not be fooled by labels that say “all-natural” when they are not. Read labels. Be careful. Be vigilant. You must find food for your dogs and cats that have no additives, no dyes, no coloring agents and no preservatives. This is my message, because I wish your companion animals the best of health always.

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