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Fatty Tumors Disappear with Diet Change

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

Sharing the Knowledge

Sometimes we receive an email that we need to share with the world. Below is just such an email. The email is from a guardian who did not realize how a change in diet could help in such a wonderful and dramatic way. We like to share these types of stories with others so that guardians may be helped with their own companions. Diet makes such a difference in so many ways.

Hello Dr. Harvey and Staff,

I just wanted to drop you a message about how my dogs are doing on their new food. We are using Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food. My almost 10 year Schnauzer was full of fatty tumors. I have had them all checked at the vets to be sure that it wasn’t cancer. Because of his age we decided not to mess with them as the surgery would have most certainly been very dangerous at his age. I could not take that after having just lost his brother on 11/20/11. Our intentions were to put him on this food too but it was too late and we never had the chance. A specialty vet clinic administered medications without discussions with us as to what the medications were for,the side effects and so forth. Thus taking my dogs life.

My Torre

Image Description

Anyway back to the food and my Torre, the mini Schnauzer. He had one lump the size of a golf ball near his breast bone. We had to leave his harness large so it wouldn’t rub.

The Lump is Almost Gone!

After about 8 weeks of feeding him this food from Dr. Harvey’s, the lump is almost gone. As a matter a fact they are ALL almost gone. He had them in his groin area. Those have shrunken to pea size now. I am amazed and know just how BAD even the high-end dog foods, which I was using, with no by-products,are for dogs. He goes for blood and urine testing for his kidneys the first of February. We hope that the diet change will impact this for him too. I thank you for all of your help and for making a fine product for my fur babies.