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The skinny on overweight dogs

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's


More than half the dogs in our country have a weight problem. And nearly a quarter of puppies are already overweight by 6 months of age! Puppy fat may be adorable, but it can be dangerous. Even five extra pounds can reduce our fur friends’ life expectancy, diminish their quality of life and put them at risk for serious medical conditions.

Vets say excess weight is one of the most common canine medical disorders. Fortunately, it’s also highly treatable, and experts agree the best way is through a high-quality diet. Dogs can’t open the fridge themselves, so it’s up to pet parents to do their homework and choose wisely.

Feed your pup a junk food diet and he or she will have a junk food body, plain and simple. It’s like Dr. Harvey always says: Fresh is best! That’s because most dry pet food contains a high amount of poor quality, highly processed starches and fillers. Even “grain-free kibble.” Dogs that are consistently fed a processed kibble diet are unable to digest properly so they store these empty calories as fat. And studies suggest that imbalances in gut health might make it even harder than it already is to slim down.

When it comes to weight loss, it is critical to choose your dog’s diet based on nutrients. Natural whole foods work with a dog’s natural digestive system, enabling vital nutrition to be absorbed and utilized. Feed your dog a diet rich in superfoods that support gut health and protect against inflammation, something with prebiotics and probiotics which can improve digestion and promote weight loss.

Dogs who eat clean are naturally more lean. And feeding fresh whole foods that are proven to nourish, fuel and heal won’t just ease your dog’s weight struggle, it will make a real and noticeable difference in your pup’s health and vitality!