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Canine Cancer Survivor Has New Leash on Life

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

From Puppy Mill to Loving Home

Dear Dr. Harvey,

I wanted to share Sophie’s incredible story with you.
I adopted Sophie in August of 2013. She was a puppy mill breeder.
I rescued her after the puppy mill was shut down in Arkansas. She had never been out of the puppy mill, had puppies for almost 4 years and was possibly 5 years old based on a vet’s assumption. I got her from a local rescue who had her in foster care.

Sophie Testimonial 3

The Vet Gives Me Devastating News

Last March 2019 I felt a strange lump on one of her mammary glands. I took her to the vet and it was biopsied and came back as possibly cancerous.
She had an enlarged heart condition and had to go to OK STATE UNIV for a heart evaluation before we could do surgery. Once she was cleared for surgery, it was done in April of 2019. The tumor came back malignant and had long tentacles the vet could not find the source of origin. Things didn’t seem very hopeful.

Sophie Testimonial 2

My Research Led Me to Dr. Harvey’s

There was not going to be any chemotherapy due to her being perhaps 11 years old and having an enlarged heart.
I was told she could take Previcox a high dosage anti-inflammatory and that she probably had about six months or so to live. I started researching a new diet for her and came across Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm . I called to ask about it and Dr. Harvey not only called me back but discussed the results from the vet of Sophie’s blood and urine lab results. When he called me and we discussed the regimen of Paradigm, Solaris Supplement, Sunrise, Sunset and the Health and Shine oils or a high-quality salmon oil and CoQ10.
He explained to me about carbs and how dangerous they are for cancer patients. I took his opinions to my vet and the nutritional info from the product line and received my vet’s okay to feed her that regimen. She began eating the food and the supplements in April of 2019. I avoid giving her anything for treats other than a little piece of cooked chicken every now and then.

She is Doing So Well

When tested in August her lymph nodes were not swollen and there were no cancer cells in the fluid drawn from them. An X-ray of her did not show any tumors anywhere. She will go back next month for another fluid test and X-ray.

She has more energy than she did before. She skips to go outside and although she’s always been a very quiet dog due to her forced caged lifestyle until she was rescued, she is very excited to eat, and she loves Paradigm. I do the protein rotation as suggested. Salmon, Chicken, Beef and Turkey are the proteins I use.

Sophie Testimonial 1

Thank You So Much Dr. Harvey

I don’t know how long she will be able to fight off the cancer, but I do know this… she has had an excellent quality of life on this regimen and she is a very happy little dog. I feel I have done the best by her to make her days worthwhile and I attribute a large part of it to the fact that she is eating a high-quality food that is helping her immune system. I am grateful that Dr. Harvey cared.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Cyndy West


Update! Extra good news!

Sophie was tested again today 7 months post op
No tumors on the full body x-ray!
And her lymph nodes are tiny, not swollen and they don’t believe there will be any
cancer cells in the fluid taken.

I believe Dr Harvey’s Paradigm and Solaris are to be highly recommended for cancer dogs.

I am going to give Solaris to my dog who is suspected for Cushing’s now.

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