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Customer Service- Just a few thoughts

Posted By The Staff of Dr. Harvey's

Dr. Harvey and DanerWe get lots of “compliments” on our customer service. Our customers often comment on the speed with which we respond to
email, how quickly we get our orders to them, how we return phone messages and how we answer our own phones!

Of course the feedback we get most often is “Dr. Harvey actually spoke to me on the phone!”
Although we love to hear from you, we often are a bit surprised at these comments, because we couldn’t do it any other way!

We too are consumers and we know the frustration of dealing with a company that doesn’t respond, doesn’t answer their phone or takes weeks to respond to an email. If we hear one more" please listen carefully as our options have changed" we think we may scream.
In short, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated and we really find it hard to believe that other companies don’t do the same. We were well brought up. Our mothers told us treat others the way that you want to be treated and we took it to heart.
So keep telling us that we are doing a good job, but know that you should expect that same respect from every company that you contact.
Our mission is to educate and to help the animals. We know how important each and every one of your companions is to you. We know when you contact us, ask us a question or order a product that you want a quick response. We want you to be part of our Dr. Harvey’s family and we will always strive to treat you like family.
That’s how much we care and that’s the way it should be.
And yes, there really is a Dr. Harvey and you can call him and speak to him!

For us, it’s not customer service, it’s family service. And you are always welcome!

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