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Cleopatra's Story- So Impressive- We had to Post it.

Posted By The Staff at Dr. Harvey's

We recently received this email and were so moved when we read Cleo’s story that we wrote to Judi to ask her if we could post the story. Judi was kind enough to agree to sharing her story with others. We know that Judi understands the power that this type of story can have. We normally only post emails in our “What People are Saying” section, but this was so important we decided to post it on our blog.

Our hope is that when guardians share their experiences in this way that their experience may to help another guardian to find an answer for their companion.

Terminals Are For Buses

We know that not everyone will have such a wonderful outcome, but we also believe that “terminals are for buses”.
If one companion animal gets better from this story, then we have done a good job and Judi has done a great thing by sharing her story with others.

Getting a Cancer Diagnosis
Helped by Dr. Harvey's

Six years ago, my Great Pyrenees was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at the age of 5.
Cleo is an exceptional member of our family. She has a vocabulary of over 275 words and is a very intuitive and sensitive friend and companion! To look into her deep and doleful eyes takes your breath away. She is indeed a great, Great Pyrenees and we are very attached to each each other and truly appreciate one another.

We Found a Tumor

At the time I discovered the small cancerous tumor on her nose, I was in the middle of a bitter divorce and my ex-husband wanted to put her down. Cleo’s first set of “parents” divorced and didn’t want to keep their 2 Pyrenees, Caesar and Cleopatra. We rescued her when she was 3. I was beside myself with the thought of losing her now, in addition to the break-up of our marriage, as well as the sudden death of my mother at the age of 96. This all happened at the same time.

Finding Dr. Harvey

My cousin, Dana, advised me to call Dr. Harvey and he told me that Cleo’s cancer didn’t have to be a death sentence. His advice lead me to his website which is filled with specific information on food preparation for dogs and cats. In addition to his dog food alternative, “canine health” – which is human grade food, there is a ton of info on nutrients that are vital for good health for pets and for we humans.

I Immediately Stopped Feeding “Dog Food”

First thing I did was to stop feeding Cleo regular dog food which is loaded with things that are bad for dogs. Good health for everyone begins in the kitchen. It’s Dr. Harvey’s philosophy and my family has always felt strongly about the fact that you are what you eat. From what I learned on Dr. Harvey’s site.

She Is Now 12-Years old!

I chose to give Cleo (who is now going on 12 and looks great and feels good): ester c, manganese, alfalfa for her joints, as well as CoQ-10, which I also take, and alpha lipoic acid and pycnogenol.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Finding Dr. Harvey and learning from him how to blend foods for my dog as well as what nutrients are vital to good health has truly been a blessing!

Thank you so very much,"

Judi B and Cleo

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