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Bee Pollen

A Gift From Bees

Dr. Harvey believes that the best way for animals to get vitamins, minerals,enzymes and protein is through the foods that they eat. Bee Pollen is the ultimate multi-vitamin.

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What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen comes from flower pollen that is gathered by honeybees and brought back to the hive. Since this natural substance contains so many essential nutrients, it has become known as a powerful food supplement, providing super-nutrition when added to the daily diet.

A Natural Boost of Energy for Your Dog

Bee Pollen is used by many breeders for the health of pregnant animals, for obedience and coursing dogs and for show dogs.
The stresses of these activities call for an increase in stamina.

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Bee Pollen–Whole Food–Super Food

Image Description Bee Pollen is wonderful way to get all the nutrition that is needed for life. Dr. Harvey calls Bee Pollen a “whole food/ superfood”, which mean that it contains all of the nutrients that are essential for life.

Natural Treat for Dogs filled with Antioxidants

Bee Pollen also contains natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to help in the prevention of early onset of heart disease and arthritis as well as many other degenerative diseases.

Just A Small Amount Daily Makes a Big Difference

Giving your companion dog a small amount of Bee Pollen daily can enhance general health and well-being as well as increase energy and stamina.

For Show Dogs-Obedience–Coursing Dogs or Your Dog

Many breeders rave about the amazing benefits of Bee Pollen for the dogs that they show. When used in combination with Dr. Harvey’s Health and Shine, they tell us that they see tremendous improvement in skin and coat, endurance and performance. We hear the same thing from guardians the do obedience or course their dogs. But your dog doesn’t have to be in ring to benefit from this all-natural supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use bee pollen?

It can be given daily as a treat or added to food.

How much do I give my dog?

Since bee pollen is a food it can be given liberally without concern. Depending on the activity level, age weight and size of your dog, one teaspoon to several
tablespoons can mixed in food daily. For dogs that are under stress or recovering from surgery or illness, bee pollen can be given several times daily.