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Allergies Be Gone- It Can Be Done

dog allergyCanine Health and Veg-to-Bowl are formulated to help eliminate even the most difficult food allergies. If your companion has allergies Dr. Harvey’s foods could be the answer.

Change To An All-Natural Dog Food and Stop Allergies

Yes. It is true. Most allergies can be completely cured just by changing foods.
We have seen the remarkable improvement when preservatives and chemicals are removed from animal diets.

Allergies in Dogs are More and More Common

Allergies in dogs have become a very common problem. Many guardians are perplexed to find that their companions become reactive to many different foods. It is difficult to find a daily food that eliminates the problems while still providing the essential nutrition that is necessary for optimal health.

First Eliminate ALL Preservatives and Chemical Additives

We have found that feeding an all-natural diet, that is totally free of dyes and preservatives, is the most important thing in eliminating food allergies. Many times dogs become far less reactive when these additives are eliminated. This means totally removing ALL preservatives from the diet including those in food, treats and supplements. In addition, with Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl, you have total control over the type of protein that you add and can avoid certain meats that may cause a reaction in your dog.

The Holistic Approach to Eliminating Allergies-Feeding All-Natural Dog Food

Dr. Harvey believes that health issues should be addressed with a holistic approach. That means to look at the whole body, diet, environment, mental and emotional issues. When it comes to allergies we have seen this holistic approach work wonders. Start by eliminating the obvious toxins in your dog’s food and environment and feed your dog healthy, fresh, preservative-free foods without dyes or coloring agents. Eliminate ALL preservatives from your dog’s diet. Give the new diet a few weeks to change the allergic reaction in the body.
Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl are the perfect foods to use for an overall holistic approach to allergy elimination. Remember to give fresh spring or distilled water at all times. Be sure that all treats and supplements are also totally preservative-free.

Try Canine Health or Veg-to-Bowl First

Try one of our foods for a week or two and you will see the difference it will make in your dog, Skin reactions subside, digestive issues improve and energy returns, just by changing the diet and eliminating harmful additives in the food.