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Easy Ordering-Direct to You

Ordering direct from Dr. Harvey’s is easy! Our online ordering system will help you to order exactly what you need when you need it.
The system is user friendly (really) and it will keep a record of your account and order history, making reorders a breeze.

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Dr.Harvey’s -When Quality Matters

We are proud do be in over 1000 independent retailers throughout the US. Our stores understand that our products are special. Our stores understand the difference that our products can make in the lives of their customers companions and are proud to offer our high quality products for the most discerning pet parents.

When Your Customers Demand the Best

We have spent over 30 years making the highest quality products for companion animals. Our stores understand the integrity and honesty that Dr.Harvey’s represents. We are pleased that you can recommend our products with confidence. This is why we have chosen to have a direct relationship with our independent retailers. We know that you understand the difference and that by carrying Dr. Harvey’s that you want to offer the very best to your customers.

There are so many benefits from ordering direct:

  • We will be in direct contact with you. We really appreciate having a personal relationship with our stores.
  • We will be able to ship you the freshest product directly from our facility to your store.
  • We can be in direct contact with you to help you educate your staff as well as your customers.
  • We can offer you free shipping on all orders over $150 (within continental US).
  • There is no minimum order.

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