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Bella Bounces Back from Recurring UTI’s

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Bella Was Having Terrible Problems

My dog, Bella, is very kind, independent, and loves attention. She will be 12 years this fall.
She happens to have a form of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease)
and had surgery with prior owners. (I believe two discs are fused).
They (former family) always check in. Bella wears diapers and a diaper cover. She needs to be urged to drink. For a year or so, it seemed like she was having frequent UTI’s. (urinary tract infections)

Bella Kidney Health 1

Kidney Health Supplement to the Rescue

I started the Dr. Harvey’s Kidney Health supplement in August.
She (paws crossed) has been UTI free since then.
I don’t know how the product works; however, I am a very satisfied customer.

Bella Kidney Health 2

Kudos for the cruelty free mention on the container of Kidney Health Supplement.

Thank you,

Jen Weinstein and Bella

The Vet was Amazed! All of Her Numbers are Now NORMAL!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Dora Testimonial 1

Early Renal Failure at 18 Months

I wanted you to know about the journey of my silly St. Bernard, Dora the Explorer, who has a funny smaller nostril on one side. At only 18 months old, I thought the elective surgery to open it up so she could breathe better (and so I would not have to pick so many boogers!) would be a great idea. I asked the Vet to do the pre-surgery blood work so I would “have a base line.” Before I even got home, I received a call stating that she has “early renal failure.” To say I was shocked is an understatement. Of course, she still has her tiny nostril, as a side note!

All Roads Led Me to Dr. Harvey’s

The Vet immediately put her on fluids to cleanse her kidneys and recommended I put her on the Hills Prescription Diet immediately to help her kidneys. I did that and in the meantime, I began researching canine kidney disease. All roads led me to Dr. Harvey! I called him. He requested the test results so we could discuss her best nutritional options. Of course, I was impressed that he called me, he wanted to see the results (not just sell a product) and then took time more than once to fine tune her diet!

Kidney Health Supplement

He recommended that I read and learn. I did! He told me to study Rehmannia. I slowly moved Dora off the Hills and onto the Canine Health Diet with cooked protein, wild Salmon Oil, and Rehmannia capsules in the doses Dr. Harvey recommended for her weight and test results. After 30 days, all measures but her Creatinine came into the normal range. That measure went up just a little. At that point, Dr. Harvey recommended I study Raw Green Tripe and start to feed that to Dora as well. I have added that into a mostly raw diet switching here and there since it is quite expensive. A few weeks later, his Kidney Health Supplement which contains Rehmannia, was available. I switched her from the capsules to that powder.

Dora Testimonial 2

The Vet is Amazed! Today all of her numbers are NORMAL

At our Vet appointment today, my Vet was amazed that ALL of her numbers are now in the NORMAL zone and he actually asked me what I as feeding her. Many measures were high in August. Creatinine was a little higher in October (everything else normal.) It is now November and everything is normal! I will continue to do what I am doing and praise God and Dr. Harvey for their love and concern for our pet! Dora seems happy, healthy, energetic, and more! She runs the hills on our property nearly daily and puts on way more miles on our hikes than I do! Thank you!
Sincerely, Jenny Lance and Dora

Dora Testimonial 3

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How to Help Your Dog with Kidney Problems

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

We are a Solutions Company

It is actually overwhelming how many stories we have heard from frightened pet parents looking for a solution to help their companion. Over the 30 years that we have been helping dogs with health problems through diet and nutrition, we have become known as the solutions company. We are the place where many guardians turn for a solution to help their companion regain their health and live a long and healthy life.

Kidney Problems-Solutions and Prevention

Unfortunately, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive concerns dogs with kidney problems. This is particularly sad, as we know that so many of these problems could have been avoided with proper nutrition. Over the many years that we have been helping dogs with kidney problems we have had many success stories. Some of the stories are so compelling that we have shared them with you in hopes that these successes would help other pet parents to discover a solution that will help their companion.

Kobe’s Story-
A Young Dog with Kidney Problems
Normal Blood Work After Just 3 Weeks

See Kobe’s Full Story. Just Click Here

Image DescriptionKobe had just turned 1 year-old, and had kidney disease! We were told about Dr. Harvey. So we sent an email, and we were told to please contact Dr. Harvey directly. We have spoken to Dr. Harvey many times on the phone and with his help and suggestion to put Kobe on Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food, cooked protein, and oil, Kobe is doing great. Not only does Kobe love his new food, it’s so very healthy for him.

To See Kobe’s Full Story Click Here

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